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Adult Masturbation Party

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Here is a fabulous experience, which I would like to share, involving an invitation to a party. Being told that it was an adult party, I was extremely intrigued. When I was told that this was going to be a masturbation party, I asked for the date of the party and accepted the invitation. The person, who invited me to the party, encouraged those invited to take a rest for the next four days, since there were supposed to be some really beautiful women present. Even though I would bring myself to orgasm every single day, I was willing to wait until the day of the party.

Four evenings later, I arrived at the party early and the host invited me to a warm reception room, with the right feel of an erotic atmosphere. A TV was on and an erotic soft core sex video was being played, as part of the background. I accepted a non-alcoholic drink and sat on one of the chairs, which were aligned in a circle around the room. More of the guests showed up, including two of the young women. They were attractive! There were other guys of a wide age range showing up. To my right there was a man who was about 60 years old. A few were in their 20s, but most were in their 30's. Two other women arrived and by the time everyone showed up, there were 10 men and 4 women.

The four women went into the bedroom where they undressed down to their thongs. The music was turned up, and as the four women re-emerged from the bedroom they began to dance, with all the men sitting in the chairs. The dancing continued for about five minutes and the women removed their thongs, so they were completely naked. Two of the women began to masturbate, as they were dancing. Then, I saw some of the men remove their clothes, including the 60-year old man sitting next to me. Shortly after I disrobed, feeling extremely comfortable, as I have been a nudist and have seen thousands of naked women and men in my life at nude beaches.

A tall brunette approached me, bent over dangling her boobs above my face and touched my penis. It became nice and hard. Then she stroked it a few times. The women were approaching all the men, so they all had an opportunity of some close contact. All the men were masturbating in the presence of the dancing women. The women would also get down on the floor, lie back and masturbate in the presence of the men.

Later everyone moved over to the bedroom. The women laid down on the bed and arm chairs, spreading their legs, with the men encircling the women. Everyone was masturbating and enjoying him or herself, being gripped within such immense erotic pleasure. Nothing else seemed to matter, as long as everyone was enjoying themselves. The women were exposing their genitals, rubbing away at their clits and pleasuring themselves. Fixing their eyes on all the cocks present in the room, which were all being stroked. The women were also moaning and groaning with delightful sexual excitement.

The erotic sound of the moaning women was intense and some of the guys couldn't hold back any longer. As they continued stroking they too began to ejaculate and like the women were also moaning and groaning with orgasmic pleasure. Of course, some good loads of semen began to fly through the air, with much of it landing on the women's' bodies. It excited one so much that she had a big orgasm and it was a screaming groaning orgasm. This in turn triggered my orgasm. I gave out one big groan and shot out my huge load of creamy sperm all over that brunette's breasts. As she saw my cock explode, she too had an orgasm. The 60-year old man ejaculated a nice huge load. I continued to masturbate and so did several others. Even the women that had experienced an orgasm continued to pleasure themselves. I had my second orgasm, squirting this load on to another woman's body. Three of the other guys also had two ejaculations.

The frenzy continued and I masturbated for another 20 minutes before having my third orgasm. One of the young guys and all the women also experienced three orgasms. The most important thing was that everyone was having erotic fun, a good time and pleasurable orgasms, in a mutually consensually safe environment. With the exception of the women touching the men's' genitals during the warm-up phase, there was minimal contact, since we were all stroking our own sex organs and working to fulfil our own sexual ecstasy, making a fantasy into a reality.

No one was afraid of expressing his or her sexuality and orgasmic pleasure! I am not embarrassed to masturbate in the presence of other people in a group! Also, I met some good, friendly, and non-pushy people. Since then, we have gotten together for more such masturbation parties, several times repeating and enjoy this mutually pleasurable experience. It's like a bunch of people at a nude beach, who want to take their clothes off. We just want to get together and masturbate in each other's presence. We share similar interests!



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