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Acting With Mark

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This was one of my most amazing nights! enjoy!


Last year my highschool put on Les Miserables for the Fall play. One thing about my school's theater program is that it is beyond amazing. One of the best programs in the whole area. Anyway, I am usually on stage crew for the musicals and I like to be a part of the cast for the studio theater plays. Since I've been doing crew for a few years now, I asked if I could have a running job which is pretty easy compared to working lights or sound.

After a few months of prep, the show was ready to open. I had many many friends in the cast that year. Most of the main characters were good friends of mine. The boy who was playing Javert was not so much a good friend of mine but we had become friends during rehearsals and in the halls. His name was Mark, a senior, and a very good singer and actor. Also, very hot! For one of the productions it was my job to go down to the dressing rooms and tell all the actors and ensemble when they were on etc. etc. At one point during the show, I went down to Mark's dressing room to tell him that he was on soon. I knocked on the door and opened it right away. As many know it's not always the best thing to walk into a room right after knocking and not listening for the O.K. So there I was standing in the doorway looking at Mark with absolutely nothing on. I didn't know what to do other than stand there and stare. After a few minutes of shock, Mark grabbed a robe on the floor and put it on. He was shaking from embarrassment. Still staring at him I could feel the wetness between my legs and started to breathe deeply. I snapped out of it and told him he was on soon, while looking down at my feet. All I heard from him was a small thanks and I ran out of the room totally turned on.

All I could think about for the rest of the show was how amazing his body was! Everytime he would come on stage, I would watch from the side wings. After the show the whole cast, crew, and orchestra drove over to a club for an after party. It was fun and we all stayed till at least 1:30am. Me being a young sophomore, I didn't have my licence so I needed to find a ride home. I went around to all the juniors and seniors asking them if they could give rides. EVERYONE was full and I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't get home by my curfew which was 2:00am. Suddenly, I jumped. Someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. Of course it was Mark. He told me that he still had room in his car if I needed a ride. So I agreed. On the ride home everyone was screaming and yelling, the music was blasting and it was basically just plain fun. I lived the furthest so I was the last one to be dropped off.

After we had dropped off David, another actor from the play, I moved up to the more comfortable front seat. Once we watched David get in safely, Mark looked over to me, smiled, and started to drive. He turned the music down real low and drove on. We both sat there in silence for a minute of two, until he spoke up. 'So...Amy, How'd you like it?'. I got real nervous that he had brought it up. I didn't know what to say, if I should answer, or apologize or what ever. 'Um...I am sooo sorry Mark, I didn't mean to walk in on you, and all. I mean it was all my fault and I should have waited to hear you say it was ok for me to come in, and I didn't listen for that and it wasn't like you didn't have time or anything, I just needed to warn you but I...' 'AMY!...I meant the show.' My stomach dropped. I can't even explain how embarrassed I felt. 'Oh...good.' he let out a short airy laugh and said..'Well now that you broke the ice, let's talk about that.' 'Alright...well I am sorry about that.' I said quickly. 'Don't be..' he assured me. I looked down and I noticed that a small bulge formed under his pants. I became very horny right away. 'It wasn't that big of a deal..right?' his voice was shaking. 'I suppose so.' I answered.

There we were, sitting in the front of his car both breathing deeply and obviously both very very turned on. We both knew it, but no one spoke up. It had seemed like only a minute had passed, yet we found ourselves parked outside my house. 'Alright, this is me..' Though the car was already stopped. 'G'night Amy...' as he said this he leaned over and gave me a slow kiss on the forehead. I got a chill through my whole body and my mind went blank the minute his lips touched my skin. Almost instantly we started to kiss. He was an amazing kisser and every minute felt like heaven. After, it started to get a bit more aggressive, and he guided his hands towards my belt and undid it very quickly. He reached down my pants and started to rub my pussy very slowly. His hand was covered in juices. He lifted his hand up dripping and I sucked on all of his fingers while he moaned quietly. Under his breath he whispered that he was throbbing, so I stuck my hand down my pants and rubbed my pussy. After my hand was soaked, I took it out and released his cock. It was so hard and erect. With my wet hand, I grasped his cock and started to pump up and down real quickly. He was moaning so loudly and he started to squirm. 'I'm gonna cum' he spat out. Ropes of cum flew out from his dick and he layed back in his seat. He looked over at me and smiled. He sat up and started to kiss me. 'That was amazing.'. 'Yeah..I know.' I said while smiling.

I then got out of the car, waved goodbye, and walked into my house. The next day he asked me out in front of the whole cast and crew at the after party. It was so amazing and we went out till the end of the year. When he left for college, we both decided it would be too hard to stay together. Even though we visit each other and still have a bit of 'fun', We both have our seperate lives. Looking back on that year, Most of my memories were the ones with Mark. I will never EVER forget that one amazing night in Mark's car.



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