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Accidental Observation

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I saw this happen and it changed my life forever. I had just entered junior high school and will never forget this one particular afternoon.


I grew up in a female dominated house hold. My father was an accountant executive for an international accounting firm and was always traveling on company business. My mother and myself were home alone a lot due to his travel. When my father would travel internationally he would usually be gone for ten or twelve days. Then he would be home for four or five days and then gone again. As a result of his hard work we had a very large home in an exclusive neighborhood. All the homes were walled and gated. When I say walled some of the walls were twelve feet tall or higher. Most of the properties were well groomed and had tall trees around them. This allowed for a great deal of privacy.

Since our 'estate' was heavily wooded and allowed for privacy my mother and I were almost always nude. My mother was an aerobics instructor at a health club and she was in the best of shape. Since I grew up seeing her naked I really didn't think of her as a sexual person or even that she had ever engaged in sexual activity.

One day I was home from school early. The garage door was closed so I thought that my mother was at work and that meant that she would be home around five pm. I went to my room and got undressed. It was really hot on this day so I decided to go for a dip in the pool. Being on our estate was so nice. You didn't have to worry about any body seeing you at your pool nude or any thing like that. You were just free to do as you pleased. It was such a joy. I like to touch my self and I do it often. My self love is so pleasurable. I am always fingering myself and have a good orgasm when I do. I am getting ahead of my self, so back to the point.

Our house had a long hallway that had two entrances to it. The first entrance to the hallway was from the living room. The other entrance to the hallway was from the back side of the house that exited to the kitchen or the garden and the pool side. My routine at the time was to get home, go to my room, change clothes or no clothes 'nude' and then go to the pool. On this day I was going to go to the pool nude. I had planned on taking a quick dip and then lying at pool-side and add to my full body tan. I also had in my mind how I was going to pleasure myself in the process and could hardly wait.

As I was walking down the hallway toward the pool I noticed that my mother's bedroom door was half open and I could see her standing in front of her closet. I was standing frozen still and silent. I was surprised that she was home. I thought that I was 'home alone'.

Her room had several closets in it and all the doors and most of the walls had full-lenghth mirrors on them. My mother was a very meticulous dresser and she had to see every thread to be sure nothing was out of place. On this day she wasn't dressing. She was rubbing herself with lotion. She was rubbing herself in such a sensual way and putting lotion all over her body. I was suprprised to see her doing this. I had not seen her do this before. Well, I am sure she thought that she was 'home alone'. I watched her as she would fill her hands with lotion rub them together and then cover her tight body with lotion. She started with her feet. She bent straight down and rubbed her left foot and then the right. Each time she would bend down to spread her lotion her neatly shaved pussy would be framed by her legs. What a neat picture frame her legs made. She would look at the mirror to see herself. Each time she would bend over and I would see her pussy in the 'Picture', my own pussy would throb. My own juices would flow. I felt the need to cum but I was glued in the hall way and I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. I was breathing hard and trying to keep as quiet as I could. I didn't want to interrupt what I was seeing.

I watched intently as my mother covered her legs, her torso, shoulders, and neck. After she had a sheen of lotion on her body, she opend a flower covered box that was on her bed and brought out a long pink penis shaped vibrator. She first rubbed the vibator on her breasts in a circular motion around the areola of her breast. She did the right one first then the left. I could hear the low hum of the vibrator as she did this. I could see her areola tighten and her nipples get hard. Her nipples got hard and stayed that way. She then made large circles around bothe breasts and made the circle into a triangular motion down to her belly button. She would take in a deep breath and hold it and then exhale a large breath of air. As I watched I saw her get a squirt bottle of what I was to later learn was massaging oil and lubricant. She squeezed it firmly in her right hand and squirted the oil on her front torso. She dropped the bottle on her bed and proceeded to spread the oil all over her front and down to her pussy. Her entire front body was hot, oily, and shiny. She increased the hum of her vibrator and rubbed up and down her front body from between her breasts to her pelvis. She was using both hands one would pinch her nipples and the other would move the vibrator up and down her body. At first the vibrator moved very slowly and methodically. As time passed I could see an intense expression grow on her face. At the same time the vibrator would be moved lower and lower and faster. It was obvious that she could wait no longer. She lowered the vibrator to her pussy and moved it up and down her labia. On the first touch of her pussy she grunted a pleasurable grunt. A small climax. She did this a couple of times and then she turned slightly to where her rear was more directed toward the mirror. She bent over completely at the waist and reached between her legs one hand 'V' spread the lips of her pussy and the other hand pushed her vibrator into her hungry, throbbing pussy. As she was pushing the vibrator into her pussy she turned up the speed of the vibrator. When it was all the way in she let out a loud scream as she came. When she came creamy fluid squirted out of her pussy onto the mirror. She was pushing the vibe in and out. She squirted five or six times. Each squirt hit the mirror about a foot below her pussy. I watched and I thought of it as pumping the fluid out like a squirt gun. Seeing this was so neat. With each orgasm was a loud grunt. She grunted several times and then slowed down. After a while she stood straight up and turned the vibrator off. The vibrator was still in her pussy. She started to walk around her room and I had to go back to mine. I was so horny I had to jill immediately. It took me along time to get off by rubbing. I had a new experience in my mind and I was now very curious.

I was later able to do the same. It took a while. I would love to share it with you. Let me know in the comments section if interested in more of my self discovery.



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