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Accidental First Time Masturbation

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accidental first time masturbation
When I came for the first time I was 14yrs old and I had no intentions of doing it. I knew what masturbating was. Sort of. My family isn't very open about sex and I was so shy that I never talked about it with any of my friends. So I only vaguely knew what it was. Anyway, I was home alone and I was watching a movie on HBO. It was during the early afternoon and a I was watching this movie that had a little nudity in it. Not much but a little. Enough to get me excited. I was completely alone in the house so I took off my clothes and started simulating having sex with one of those girls on the movie who had this great looking ass. I pretended I had her on the dining room table. With how our house was design I could still see the t.v. I was on the middle of the table with my dick pointing straight up and rock hard. I wasn't thinking about getting off or anything I was just thinking about what It would be like to be with a girl. Especially one with with an ass like that girl on t.v. It was so big and firm looking.
I was pressing down on my dick. Pretending to fuck her pussy when all of a sudden this strange feeling came over me (strange at the time anyway) from down there. I wasn't really sure what was going on but I didn't stop pressing down until it was over. Then I sat up and looked at the cum that was on the table. I kind of knew what it was, but I was so shocked that it had happened that I just sat there looking at it for a few seconds before cleaning it up.
After this I started doing it on a regular basis. I'm glad that it happened this way because doing it in this way on a flat service is a lot better than using my hand. I later learned, because using my hand is messy and this way I only have to clean off of whatever I'm on and not off myself. And I've never made myself sore doing it this way. I'v found that a bath tub is best. With my dick hanging off the side pointing down.
Ever since then I've also had a preference for big firm asses. Infact my first time with a girl was with one that had a ass like Jennifer Lopez. Too bad it was with my cousin though. Her ass was so nice I couldn't help it. But I'll tell that story later.



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