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A Voyer's Educatin

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I like the stories about how guys learned about masturbation when they were young. I learned a lot from watching. Here's what happened.


I went to Boy Scout camp first when I was 12. I had been masturbating for two years, and had only recently started to ejaculate. One of my consuming desires was to know if other boys did it, too, and if so, how. Maybe I was awfully naive, but my thought process flipped between thinking I was the only one who found such pleasure and thinking that everybody must have the same feelings and do it, too. Just the thought of other boys doing it was a huge source of excitement for me.
Summer camp was the time of discovery. Each patrol of 8 had a large tent. With the sides rolled up for ventilation, there was just enough light inside at night to dimly see around the tent. Unlike some of the stories posted here, there was no open masturbation going on, but from the soft sounds the first night or two, I suspected several of the other boys were doing it, hidden under their blankets. I could see some movement, so was pretty sure of what was going on. That was very arousing to me, so I did it, too, very quietly and gently.
Around the third night, after everyone was settled down and apparently asleep, one of the boys got up very quietly and slipped out of the tent. A minute later another boy did the same thing, but he carried a large beach towel with him. I knew they were very close friends, and wondered what they were up to. I debated with myself whether to follow them and spy. One head (the big one) argued no, the other one (down below on the end of a very stiff little penis) said yes. The little one won out, and after a minute I slipped out of bed and sneaked out. There was a good moon out, so I could clearly see them slipping into the line of trees that separated the field where our camp was and the beach on the lake.
I followed into the trees, and kept very quiet. There was a small bluff just above the beach, and I crept up to the edge, and could see them, not more than 20 feet away, spreading out the towel. Then they stripped off their underwear so they were naked, and lay down together. I didn't know what they were going to do, but it was obvious they were going to do some sex play, a topic I'd only dreamed about. I settled down to watch.
I don't remember the exact order of events, but there was a lot of rolling around and rubbing of dicks on each other. They used their hands to jack each other, and ended up one laying on top of the other, face to face, humping their dicks together until they came. After relaxing a while and rubbing themselves around in the mess, they got up and took a dip in the lake to clean up, and I sneaked off.
I now knew other boys did things together, and it excited me a lot. I had just enough time to jack off in my bunk before they returned to the tent and went to sleep.
The next night was a repeat performance, only they spent quite a bit of time sucking each other off. I had never even thought of that, and the sight was something to behold. I came in my shorts watching them, and had to quickly change when I got back to the tent before they sneaked back in.
During the day you'd never think anything was going on. They acted perfectly normal, but when night came, they eagerly went to it. I watched them almost every night. The one exception was one night when it was raining. They couldn't go down to the beach, so I figured that was it. But they had other ideas. After it was clear everyone was asleep, including, they thought, me, one got out of bed and kneeled next to the other's bunk. They pulled the covers down and he sucked off his friend quietly. Then he went back to his bunk and his friend got up and did the same to him. I was able to see it all, and came hard into my shorts, making a big, wet mess that I had to sleep with.
I was a little jealous of their fun, wishing I knew someone I could do the same with, but that didn't happen until the next year, which is a different story.
By the way, they weren't gay. Both dated in high school and got married and had kids. The difference is that they knew how to have fun with each other, and in the process, taught me a lot.



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