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A Very Young Start

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I do not know why I am writing this. Perhaps because I enjoy reading the women's stories so much I think they must like reading the mens. I have two older brothers; we are all about a year and a half apart. My oldest brother and one of his friends had my other brother stroking his hard dong in the bathroom. I came in when it was already underway so I did not see how it started, but my oldest brother and his friend were encouraging him to continue. I did not know what he was doing and had no sexual thoughts or feeling about it. My brother did not indicate he enjoyed it, but later I found that he probably did.

It was probably several days to a week later when I was alone in bed thinking about it and tried it my self. Back in those days a boner felt really good. When I started stroking it, man what a feeling. When I reached orgasm it felt absolutely great but was immediately followed by intense pain. I was too young to cum. I did it again a few minutes later, regardless of the pain because the pleasure superseded the pain. I became hooked. I would whack off every chance I had. I am sure that I used to do it several times a day. I was ashamed of it and felt bad for years. Although I was a good looking kid I was very shy, and picked on quite a lot. I did not have any real friends until high school, but I was still picked on then also. Consequently, I did not have any girl friends in school and graduated to college a virgin. I was almost caught whacking off several times in college. I must have done it almost daily then. I wish I had a nickel for each time I did it because I would be wealthy if I did.

Now that I am over 40 I do not do it as much. It is more out of habit than desire, probably two or three times a week; although I did go for nearly five months with out it once. Then I figured I better do it to make sure I am okay. I started reading so much on the topic that I found that it is probably not unhealthy to do it unless you do it so often that you are avoiding life instead of enjoying it. These days I am not obsessed with it but merely enjoy myself.

When I do it I start off by thinking about a woman friend I have and imagine her masturbating in front of me and gently scratch my dick until it starts to get hard. Then I pull the head. I have heard a couple of women say they like a man to have a mushroom head, and I have to say, I have a nice big mushroom head. A shiny helmet. I used to be able to sustain the action for hours, but now I know that I must get to sleep and get the job done in ten minutes or so. Every once in a while I will let it go on for a while. Several years ago I was able to sustain the orgasm for quite some time. The trick is to stop just before Cumming and then start up again. This is how I was able to sustain my final release for hours. I do not like messes so I found that I can stick my member in a sock for the release. Dress socks work the best, because they are thinner and you get more a good feel.

It is a big fantasy of mine to watch a woman do it to herself. Hopefully it will happen for me some day.



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