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A Toasty Sauna

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I have never had any kind of sexual encounter with another guy, but I was always curious. I wondered what it would be like to masturbate with another man, or to feel another man's cock in my hand. Growing up though I was shy about my body and about masturbation, so I never had the courage to do anything about my urges. Earlier tonight, though, I had an experience that will hopefully lead to my finding a jackoff buddy.

I decided to go to the sauna earlier to relax. The sauna is located in the sports center of my school inside the locker room. It's always nice to sit and sweat in a sauna for a good hour and then step out and take a shower. Normally I would take a towel in with me, but tonight I thought it would be fun to simply sit on my towel and lounge butt-ass naked in the sauna with my penis clearly visible to anyone who might walk past.

As it was a Sunday night, there wasn't much traffic coming through the locker room, and I sat alone for half an hour absentmindedly tugging on my cock. After a while I heard the door to the locker room open, and the bang of opening lockers and a few voices. A moment later, a guy I had seen around campus, but only knew vaguely popped his head in the door to say, 'Do you mind if we join you?'

'Please' I responded while my heart rate doubled at the prospect of being completely naked with two other men. The first guy, Marc, and his friend Keith entered and quickly shed their towels, giving me a nice view of their semi-flaccid penises.

We began to talk about this and that: campus clubs, the previous weekend, the upcoming break. But I wasn't thinking about anything other than how I could, with the least amount of awkward tension, coerce these two to jack off with me. I made no effort to hide my slowly growing penis, and every few minutes I could see Marc staring. I then grabbed my dick and, while continuing to carry on conversation as normal, began to stroke it slowly up and down.

By this time Keith said he had some work to do, so he went out to take a shower. Marc and I stayed, and there was a silence while I nonchalantly fondled my member. Marc eventually broke the silence with, 'So are you circumcised?'

'No,' I said as I pulled back my foreskin so he could see the whole pulsing head, 'Are you not?'

'No,' he replied.

I took this opportunity to spin the conversation in the direction I was hoping for and said, 'It makes masturbating great, because you don't even need to use lube.'


'Yeah, see the foreskin acts as a barrier between my hand and the head of my cock, so there's no friction and irritation. Of course, I still use lube, but it isn't mandatory.'

Now I had begun to stroke my cock from the base right up to the tip, allowing my foreskin to roll forward and back off the head and showing Marc what I meant. I was so turned on that this guy was staring at my dick as I stroked my hard penis. At this point I just wanted him to begin stroking his cock, or just to grab mine and try for himself.

He wrenched his eyes away from my cock and told me that unfortunately he had to leave, and then got up and took a left out the door to the showers. I heard his shower start and began to stroke myself faster and faster. I had been sitting in the sauna for so long that sweat was dripping down my face, my chest, my legs. My hand felt so good sliding up and down my sweaty cock. I positioned myself so that he would have to see me when he crossed in front of the door and continued to imagine his hand caressing my aching member. I spat in my palm and using it as lube I began to work on the head. I held the base of my cock with my left hand, and used my lubed right hand to squeeze my cock head and twist as I move up and down, coming closer and closer to climax.

He passed the door when I was sprawled on my back, my balls slapping my legs as I pull and twist on the tip of my cock. I imagined him pushing his finger into my ass as I squeezed my balls and shot three or four gobs of cum onto my stomach. I knew he had seen my going at it, and I knew that he was intrigued. I hope we meet again some time in the sauna, and next time I'm gunna work up the courage to ask if I can touch his cock.



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