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A Surprise Vistor

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I often sit at the computer reading erotica and have to need to releive. I almost always wear sweats and no panties. I have a mirror on the wall that fits nicely under my desk so when I have my pants off I can see what my fingers are doing.
I also have a friend that has been trying to have sex with me for some years. He will write some very hot, and well written stories, for me, sometimes we instant message, and he tells me what he would do to me, or we do fantasies. I always end up with my pants off and my finger on my love button, shaking all over.
Although we do not have video cams (my choice) he works himself off, or at least he says he does. However, he types so fast I don't know he does it.
This particular day he had sent me extraordinarily senesous and lusty tale about coming in and finding me with my pants off, my foot up on my keyboard and my fingers inside me. The more I read, the more turned on I got. I took off my pants, positioned my self where I could see in the mirror and put my right foot on my key board. I could see my pussy clearly, and I was wet.
I reached under my shirt and tweaked my nipples until they stood rigid at attention. As I pinched my right nipple with my right thumb and index finger, I reached with my left hand and slid my second finger down the length of my slit. Instantly I got a thrill and slipped my finger inside myself. I was really wet.
I continued to read the story and found my love button and made circular motions on it as I pinched my nipples.
In the story he slipped through my unlocked back door and stood watching me as I finger myself while he strokes his dick and as I cum, he cums too.
That did it, I felt the tide rising as goose bumps run up my back and over my scalp. I moaned and bucked up my hips as I cummed. I was shaking, quivering and had both hands locked in my crotch.
Before I could settle down in my chair I heard a gasp and a slight, almost, whimmper behind and to the side of me. I spun around to face the sound not expecting to see anything, but, there he stood, his sweat pants down to his knees, his hand around his more than ample dick, which was pumping juice on my carpet.
I screamed. His dick went soft and he almost fell on his face and he hobbled to me. 'It's OK, he put his hands on my shoulders, 'just like in the story.' 'what,' I gasped, ' are you talking about?' 'Read the last line in the story.' he panted. I hadn't gotten that far when all hell broke loose. I read the last line. ' You know that I know when you will be alone, and you know that I know you Jill everyday, for me and, for you. I also know that your back door is unlocked. Look behind you.'
'How long have you been here?' I ask him. 'I saw you take your pants off, ' he said, 'and every since I have been doing the same thing you were doing.' 'Jacking off, I said. 'Looking at your pussy in the mirror. 'he said pointing toward my desk.
I suddenly realized that I had no pants on. 'It is Ok, ' he said, I have seen every thing now but your tits.' he reached down and pulled my shirt over my head. I stood before him naked. As he placed his hands on my breast he ask, 'How do you plan to keep from giving it up this time?'
'I swallow, ' I said. ' Yes,' he said,'and you're going to. I lick and I'm going to.' I smiled my best coy smile and said, 'I guess I am finally going to lock my legs around your butt.' And, I did.



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