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A Summer Storm

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A time of many firsts for me. It's a bit long but I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.


Every boy has one summer that is most remembered and this was mine. It started pretty bad. I just got out of sixth grade expecting a few months of freedom with my friends from my neighborhood in Allentown, a small city, when my parents announced we would be moving about 150 miles to the country as a result of a promotion of my father's job. In just a matter of two weeks I left every friend I knew to go to a place I knew nothing about. The country scared me as I knew nothing about bears, open space, or anything not familiar with a city. Not that I really knew much about a city. My mother was very protective of her only child and she selected my friends, sent me to private catholic schools and was rarely allowed to play in the streets with the 'bad boys'. My parents tried their best to cheer me up, even bought me a new bike to ride when we got there. I had a bike stolen a few years before just after I had learned to ride and had not owned one since so this was a plus.

The fateful day arrived and as we waited for the movers to arrive I explored the new house. It was an older home with lots of rooms, an attic and a basement, more than any apartment we ever lived in. We unloaded the suit cases, my bicycle and other few things from the cars and put things in the respective rooms. It was around noon by then and we had nothing to eat. We saw a country store about a 2 miles from the house and my mother gave me a list and sent me out. I was very reluctant to go by myself. I never remember going anywhere by myself in the city, which I knew a lot about, so deep down I was scared but wouldn't admit it. Not only would I be alone but also in the country. I wouldn't know what to do if I came across wild animals or got lost. Both my parents grew up in the country so I think they couldn't understand my fear. I made up all kinds of excuses but my dad sent me out with a warning of his hand on my backside if I didn't go right away.

I took off and found the store without incident to my relief. It was a real typical country store I thought only existed in the movies. The store owner was friendly and introduced himself, his wife and the boy, about 16 who helped out there. They filled the stuff on the list and was about to leave when another boy about my age came in. I learned his name was Andy, his mom was a realtor sold my parents our house. He used the store phone and told his mom we arrived and she would be at the house soon. We soon saw the moving van go by and I decided I had better go. Andy said he would come along and knew a shortcut through the woods. I wasn't to sure about going with him. I was taught to not trust strangers and riding in the woods seemed risky but he just took off. I wanted to fit in to this new country living and also have a friend so I went along. Sure enough it was a short cut. Even with having to stop a couple times to adjust bags of food we arrived just as the movers got there.

My mom was was excited to the point of embarrassment that I already had a friend. It seemed weird that she didn't mind me being alone with him without her checking him out, references and everything. She invited Andy and movers for lunch but the movers already ate. Andy's mom arrived soon and parents started there own thing and Andy and me went out on the porch. It was soon arranged that we would all eat at Andy's house that night after everything got moved in place. I was also told to go out riding bike with Andy to show me around and stay out of the movers way. We would just go to Andy's house and meet everyone there.

We rode bikes for must have been 10 or 15 miles. He showed me the school, a few places to go swimming, where we would play little league ball, mean people and places to avoid. We met a few other girls and boys our age, a couple who joined us.

At first I thought it a little strange that Andy had a lot more girl friends than boy friends but he got along with them all. We rode around and what is typical of late afternoons in June in Pennsylvania a thunderstorm was heard echoeing against the mountains and coming our way. The other kids soon split up and headed for home and we headed for Andy's. It must have been a couple miles away and as luck would have it (good or bad) we didn't make it there in time before getting hit with a hard downpour.

We got to the house both soaked all the way through and dropped our bikes in the yard and ran into the back of the house where there was a laundry room off the kitchen. Andy got us a couple towels to dry off with but it didn't help much. It was then that I noticed that Andy seemd to have small breasts sticking through his wet T shirt. It started to occur to me Andy might be more tom-boy than actually a boy. He/she had blond shoulder length hair that could pass for a girl or boy and we all wore T shirts, shorts and shoes that a boy or girl could wear. It would freak me out to be alone with a girl in a strange house. I didn't feel I kew him well enough to just come out and ask if he was a boy or a girl or 'what's up with the big boobs?' kind of question without maybe insulting him and kicking me out of the house. I sure didn't know how to get home myself and there wasn't a phone at my house to call. I decided to wait and try to figure this out more.

I didn't have too wait long. To my relief, he started to take off his shoes and socks and suggested we take off all our clothes and put them in the dryer and he would let me borrow some since we were the same size. I say relief in that I was sure he was a boy since a girl wouldn't do that but I was also scared since I never got undressed in front of another person before except my mother. The need to fit in with someone my age and a new friend overcame my need for modesty. If that is what country boys do than I would do it. I removed my shoes and socks and caught up with Andy. I got my T shirt off but Andy's fit tighter on him and stuck to the skin and I was asked to help pull it off. Andy bent over, I pulled from the bottom and it came off. I threw it in the dryer, turned around and Andy was already removing his shorts. It really surprised me that not only did Andy definately have at least A cup breasts but also wore pink girl panties and there wasn't any boy bulge where there should have been.

I just stood there staring at what I knew to be a girl undressing before my eyes. Even though I still had shorts on I instictively crossed my hands in front out of shyness. Andy noticed I stopped and was staring at her. She asked me what I was looking at and I said something stupid like, 'Hey, your a girl!'. I remember her reply, 'Well DUGH...did you think I was a cow?' The way she said it made me laugh a little but I was still a bit nervous. I really didn't know how to act. The only thing I could think to say was 'I really thought you were a boy.'

She just continued to stand there and explain to me that she understood how I would have thought that. It never came up the whole afternoon and she never thought to mention it because everyone else around already knew she is a girl and admitted to being a tom-boy and also looking and dressing like a boy. All this time I could feel myself getting an erection and realizing that I was still staring at her breasts and not wanting to. She saw that I was looking and said, 'What's the matter, haven't you seen a naked girl before?' I told her no and she replied that she really didn't care if I saw her naked. She had two younger brothers who were away at camp right then but they all always walked around the house naked. She knew what boys looked like to because she often went skinny dipping with boys but she did admit to not wanting to anymore because she was now getting 'these' and she took her hands and just lightly pinched and pulled at her boobs.

A hundred things were going on in my head. I always wanted to see a naked girl. I never even saw a picture of one, I just knew girls had boobs and 'nothing' between their legs. I really didn't want her to see me naked, I was too shy for one thing and I was a little self-conscience about myself. I was almost 13 and small for my age. I had just started getting short blond pubes, a half dozen or so still laying flat against the skin just above my shaft. I also thought I was a bit of a freak that although both balls had grown to the size of large marbles, one hung down a lot lower than the other. I was also embarrassed about uncontrollable erections that I was getting all the time and knew that as far as sex was concerned I knew absolutely nothing. I never even had any sex education in school and my parents never said anything. All I had were friends to talk about it with and they didn't know much either. All I knew was that it felt good to rub it there sometimes but I never heard of masturbation or discovered it yet on my own. Actually my biggest concern was wearing tighty-whities. I was often teased about that in my old neighborhood and often begged my mom to get me boxers but for some reason never thought it appropriate for boys to wear boxers until in high school.

I sort of heard what Andy (real name Adria) was saying to me but also half zoned out. I snapped out of it when she said she was taking it all off and I could do what I wanted but she would meet me upstairs. She then took off her panties, threw them in the dryer, set the dials and told me to turn it on when I was done and she walked out. I got just a brief glimpse of her slit but not enough to to satisfy any curiosity.

I stood there trying to decide what to do. I could leave but I would probably get lost and it was still raining. I could just stay there till the parents came but that would be a couple hours away at least. I could go up in my wet shorts and stay wet but I was also cold and I really wanted warm and dry clothes. I could be shy but I was always shy and hated that about myself. This could be a new start for me. If I waited Andy still might see me in tighty-whities. I could take them off right away and save myself. I realized I was contering every reason myself so I unzipped, unsnapped and let my shorts drop and stripped of the underwear, put them in the dryer and pushed the button.

I stood naked, feeling strange that I was naked somewhere besides my bathroom or bedroom. I was also afraid now that Andy was not before me and getting aroused my penis had not only shrunk to a normal 3 inches but about 1 inch from being cold and wet. My balls had also tighted up to almost nothing. I started rubbing and at least managed to lossing everything up to almost normal size. I dreaded it but covered everything up with my hands and made my way through a strange house, upstairs to a strange girl in a 'strange set of clothes' that I never wore through a house before.

I found Andy in what was obviously her bedroom standing out on a small balcony through a window. This wasn't a huge fancy house, but there was just a balcony for a roof over a part of the house that protruded on the first floor. It overlooked a small yard, a neighbor farmer's horse pasture and then woods. The storm was just passing, the rain had stopped, and Andy was there, still naked. I hesitated but climbed through the window to join her, still trying to keep my parts covered.

Andy said she was glad I decided to get comfortable and I didn't need to be shy. She said I looked really nice and I said the same. Not that I could really say. I was trying not to look at her, just standing and looking straight ahead. I didn't want to get hard and have her think I was thinking about sex with her. The sun was soon out in full force, getting hot and humid. Steam began to rise from the field and Andy was admiring and telling me all the names and charachters of the 5 horses eating grass. We were out there for about a half hour and I found myself a lot more relaxed than I expected. I no longer covered myself but was just listening to Andy talk away about horses and different kids I would meet. I still just looked straight ahead but started to look to the side, first just at her face but then down at her body. It was just sneak peeks but she caught me once. I thought she would be angry but she just turned herself my way and just said I could just look if I wanted to. I turned also and we stood facing each other looking each other up and down. I saw her nipples getting hard and pointy and that she had about the same amount of pubic hair as I did. I naturally started to get hard and it rose to its full 4 1/2 inches straight up against my belly. Andy broke about an eternity of silence by saying I was a lot bigger than any boy she ever saw and I was the first boy with hair she ever saw. That made me feel great and all I could think to say was that she looked great.

It was starting to get hot on the roof/balcony so Andy said to go inside. She went to check on the dryer but it was still running. We never got in other clothes and I was glad we didn't. Mostly because I didn't know how to approach wearing a pair of her panties. I looked at stuff in her room. It was a mixture of horse things and sports trophies. It was not a typical girls room. The air conditioning was on in the house and soon after Andy got back upstairs and showed me a few things we started to get cold, the goosebumps being obvious. She said the clothes would soon be dry so no sense in putting others on but if I was cold we could get under her covers. I immediately thought of sex and it it scared me but then I thought that this whole time she is so relaxed that she doesn't want anything to happen. I agreed to it.

We both climb in her bed and she keeps talking. We are a little cramped in her twin bed and we are actually touching skin from shoulder to thigh. I was actually relieved to be under the covers so I could hold my penis that had been rock hard for the last 10 minutes. I had been playing with it a couple minutes carefully hoping she wouldn't notice. I started to zone out again because next thing I know she is saying, 'Hellooo, Hellooo.' I must have blushed as it was obvious what I was doing. Andy then said it was ok that her brothers and herself do it all the time. She asked me if I squirted anything yet. I had no idea what she meant and said so. She then get me a ten minute sex education lesson. I never heard such things about masturbation, semen, orgasms/cumming, clits, vagina, intercourse. I felt fascinated, embarassed about all I didn't know and also relieved to finally learn something from somebody that didn't make fun of me.

I was incredibly curious by now. I wanted to know what all this stuff was actually like. I never asked but Andy offered to let me feel her boobs and slit if I promised not to tell anyone. I had no problem agreeing. I didn't know anyone to tell anyway yet. We turned facing one another and I started playing with her boobs, first one, then another and both at the same time. They were wonderful. Both soft and yet firm at the same time. The nipples pointing out, large and spongy. I wanted to suck them but didn't. That would come at another time. Andy finally took one of my hands and directed it to her pussy. I was surprized to find it wet, at first thinking she peed herself but it wasn't pee being very slippery. I felt around a bit on my own,feeling the half dozen hairs, finding the slit, then her clit, her vagina, sticking a finger in just a little. She layed back again, closing her eyes and directed me to use a finger and just rub back and forth in her slit carfully between her clit and just inside the hole. I was amazed at how wet and slippery she became. All the while I was finding new pleasure with my other hand on my own now throbbing member.

After about 5 minutes she began groaning and squirming. I stopped thinking I was hurting her but she told me to not stop. I returned and in a minute she was arching her back, thrusting her pussy into my hand and one long screem and she had what I learned was an orgasm.

My hand was soaked with slippery girl juice and I quickly switched to my own penis. It felt 10 inches long but even though it was bigger and harder than I ever had it, it was still no more than 5 inches. It was still quite thin at the time. All I ever did till this time was rub my palm over the top to get what small pleasure I had. After Andy got her breath, she took my hand away and started to feel me. It was an amazing feeling to have someone else touching it.

It never occured to me to pull the skin back, exposing the head to feel good. I pulled it back in the bath tub to wash but I didn't like to and only did it when my mother was watching me to make sure I did it. I always felt as though I was about to pee right in the tub. Andy pulled that skin back and forth with her thumb and two fingers with one hand and piched my sensitive head with her thumb and finger from the other hand when exposed. I wanted her to stop and said she was going to make me pee doing that but she said I wouldn't pee but it was cumming. She got up on her knees, throwing the covers out of the way. I felt exposed but didn't care anymore, she was making me feel good. For five minutes she stroked my penis and fondled my balls, I didn't get any precum but she used her own lub. I gradually drifted into heaven. In five minutes my hips began to thrust to her now regular rythm of stroking and rubbing my glans. I felt in building up in my whole body and then exploded into space. My penis throbed perhaps a dozen or more times before I was finally spent. To my disappointment it was a dry cum. I wouldn't shoot for another half year but at the hand of Andy over Christmas holiday.

We relaxed a bit and repeated our game that afternoon. The second round was better than the first which I found hard to believe could happen. We both came at the same time while Andy let me lay on top and rub my penis between her pussy. We did it that way a number of times after that but stopped when I began shooting cum. We never went all the way but we did let her brothers join us who were 1 and 2 years younger than us. We experimented in many ways and always had fun.

We shared a shower to clean up, the first shower I ever had. We retreaved our cloths from the dryer and had them on only about 5 minutes when our parents came through the door. I probably wouldn't be alive today if they came in 15 minutes earlier.

I never did tell anyone about our fun till now.



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