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A Subtle Moment at the Doctor's Office

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I went to the doctor a week ago. I take a prescription that had run out and when I called the doctor they told me I'd have to come in for an exam before he could give me a new prescription. I have a close personal friend, Kelly, that works at the office as a nurse. We've known each other since high school. My wife and I are good friends with Kelly and her husband and eat dinner together about twice a month.

Anyway, when I was called back to the exam room, Kelly was there to take my vitals. She had me stand on the scale and then had me sit so she could get my blood pressure. Kelly and I have always joked around about having an affair but have never done anything at all. We both know it would wreck our friendship and if our spouses found out we'd both be dead so we've joked and teased and flirted for 20 years.

Kelly was wearing the normal white smock that a nurse wears. She's got a great body, with boobs that are slightly larger than her frame. I've seen her bras before, in the dirty clothes hamper, and she wears a 36C. She's got a great butt too and any time I'm with her she's such a temptation.

She leans forward to put the blood pressure cuff on my upper arm and then rolls my arm over so she can hear my pulse inside the elbow. This of course turns my palm up and as she leans forward her right boob lowers into my palm. She watches the pressure gauge and listens through the stethoscope but doesn't act like she's aware of her boob in my palm. Then I feel her bend a bit more forward as she pumps the pressure to verify her readings. It's then that I realize she's doing this on purpose and there's no reason that she should be pushing her boob that firmly into my palm. I really didn't even think about it but I slowly and lightly squeezed Kelly's breast through her nurses uniform and bra. I knew she would laugh and back away but that didn't happen so I opened my hand wider and I caressed her breast as I let my thumb slide up the side as I stroked it.

I hadn't looked into her face, almost afraid to, and had kept my eyes on her chest even though all I could see was my fingers on her white uniform. The material was thick and her bra was in the way so I could not detect where her nipple was but it didn't matter, I was so excited to be actually feeling her breast.

I kept stroking, slow strokes and finally looked up to her face and saw that her eyes were closed. She leaned a bit more forward to offer me more of her boob and I squeezed and stroked it the best way I could. I also leaned forward and with my right arm I reached up and stroked the back side of her left thigh. I slowly slid my hand higher until I reached her butt and I squeezed it lightly too. I really couldn't reach her crotch directly and she didn't make any kind of move to give me better access.

She finally opened her eyes and whispered 'that really feels good'. I wasn't sure what she was referring to, the boob or leg stroking so I just smiled and said 'good'.

She leaned further over and kissed me quickly on my left cheek and then stood up straight. I felt such a loss when both my hands were empty. Her face was flushed, and she looked a bit uncomfortable, but she quietly said 'Thanks'. I smiled and didn't answer. It was a kinda surreal moment and I didn't want to pollute it with simple words that couldn't explain the complex feelings. She could tell from my smile that I was glad that she wanted me to touch her, and nothing really needed to be said.

She took a deep breath and said 'The doctor will be with you in a moment'. I said 'Thanks'.

We got together tonight and ate dinner at Kelly and Craig's house. Kelly and I love being in the kitchen together while our spouses watch TV. We laughed and cut up and neither of us brought the topic up.

I cherish the memories and have used the event as mental fantasy material for several jerk-off sessions.

I wonder if she uses it for her solo time too?



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