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A Short History of Wanking - Part 1b

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, still learning!


For some time after our medical explorations I pulled my sister's leg about her dominance in that situation. She clearly had the upper hand as she had my legs pinned to my sides. 'you enjoyed it though'. she kept saying back. We had a great friendly relationship and would tease each other regularly. I asked her what she did when she went back to her room. You had a very wet pussy; it was dripping on my chest! She blushed slightly and said she dealt with it.

I wondered for a while what she meant by this. I knew a little about boys wanking and what happened but at that time I was not aware that girls masturbated as well. How did they do it? Did they ejaculate? I used to tease her about this and she would always smile and say I might show you some time! Comments like that always caused a slight twitch in my pants. Thanks to her attentions I now know that my foreskin can be pulled down over my knob and it will eventually go back. I now know that somehow when my cock twitched my anus tightens at the same time. All of this was new and puzzling.

I once found a pair of her panties on the bathroom floor. I was just about to put them in the laundry basket when I noticed there was a white patch roughly where her pussy would be. When I stretched the material it cracked and flaked off. I don't know why but I put these panties to my nose and sniffed out of them. WOW I remember the smell of her pussy from before and the memory came flooding back. Again my, by now rock hard stiff, cock twitched several times in my pants. How on earth was I going to piss with this?!!

When we were messing about together, we got on so well, so I mentioned about her panties. OK, she said, you get a stiff thingy, I get a wet thingy. Is that OK? It seems fair to me! One good thing about growing up with a sister is that you learn so much about sex without looking stupid in front of your mates.

Around this time a decision was made that I would go away to school which meant that for nearly three quarters of the year I would be split up from my family, including my sister. As the time drew near for me to go our teasing got more and more frequent and sometimes sexy by nature. It was always in good fun and we both laughed about it.

One evening, I was upstairs in my room getting ready to go to bed after my bath. My body was glowing and as it was a warm late summers evening I thought about sleeping in the nude. My sister was just getting out of the bath and I heard her walking along the hall to her room. Lying in bed with my usual hard cock I was slowly stroking it thinking of nothing in particular. I jumped back to reality as there was a knock at my door and my sister walked in wearing her dressing gown. She sat on my bed next to me. She had a quizzical look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. Nothing wrong, just need to check something. OK what needs checking? Well, as you are going away to school next week, I need to check you have had your medical. Well, yes, I did have a medical exam by the school nurse and everything was fine. What I mean is I need to check you are OK to go away.

I pointed out that I was OK a while back when you checked and nothing had changed. She turned to me and caught me completely by surprise. She quickly lifted my sheet and stared straight at my cock which was still quite firm but not rigid. That looks OK, but do you mind if I just check it? I grabbed the sheet back and covered myself. Her face fell but I smiled back and said I think it is your turn to be checked before I go away just to make sure everything is OK! As I said that I grabbed her dressing gown and pulled the front open. She managed to stifle a squeak, but I was surprised on two counts. As it was a warm evening, she had nothing on underneath! The other surprise was sitting there I could just make out her newly developing tits. Her nipples appeared quite large and puffy with a small soft swelling underneath. WOW they are new! You don't see those things under clothing until they become more developed. I said judging by the changes in front of me, you need a thorough check over before I go.

She did not rush to pull her dressing gown back but just sat there with a slight smile on her lips. I reached out and touched one of her nipples. She flinched away and then relaxed back be gentle, they are quite sensitive you know! I touched her again and slowly cupped my hand over the whole nipple and the very soft but swollen areolae underneath it. She gently gasped and arched her head back with her eyes half closed. She totally relaxed. I gently caressed her nipple feeling it harden more under my fingers. I then moved across to the other one and again felt it harden under my hand. I had never touched a girls breast until this moment and needless to say that as usual my cock was rigid under my sheet. I gently rubbed one of her nipples between my finger and thumb. She arched back and groaned quietly with this. These seem to be all OK I said.

She smiled and leaned right back on my bed and as she did so her dressing gown fell wide open and her legs parted. Even though I had seen her young pussy some time ago, this gave me a view I had never actually seen before and is perhaps one of the most glorious sights any red blooded male can see. Her little bottom was no longer completely bare but had a very light covering of soft downy hair. The outer lips were slightly parted and showed what I was about to discover were some inner lips. From where I was sitting staring at her pussy it looked slightly moist, particularly at the bottom end of the crack.

My hands now free from her nipples, gently stroked her inner thighs. More moans and groans and as my hands felt their way up to her pussy. She stopped my hand and looked straight at me. Oh well, I thought, it was a good try! She looked at me and said remember when I lay across you and pinned you down, then if you want you can do that to me! Please don't pin my arms down though!

I didn't need asking twice and climbed out from under my sheet and climbed across her with my back to her head so facing her pussy. As I sat on her chest I was aware that my balls were resting between her baby breasts. I slowly and gently dragged my balls up and down her chest. She was attempting to push her tits together but there was not enough there yet to do that. I swayed a little from side to side and as I did my small balls now stroked across her hard nipples. Oh boy, she was enjoying that!

I leant forward to get a better view of her pussy. My head now between her thighs meant my rigid cock was now resting between her little tits. I was staring close up at her pussy. The mound looked wonderful covered in its light downy hair. I could smell her clean pussy a smell that was to stay with me for the rest of my life. I touched her outer lips with my two hands and with my finger tips I gently pulled them apart. The juice inside just trickled out and little strings of it looped between the lips. I slowly slid my right index finger between the lips and spread the slippery juice up and down her swelling pussy. It was so slippery and abundant. While I was doing this she had slowly pulled my foreskin down clear of my knob. I was busily sliding my finger up and down her slit when I felt one of her hands touching mine.

Press and rub here she said as she gently guided my finger to the top of her slit. Can you feel a small bump? she asked as I slowly rotated my finger at the top of her slit between her soft inner lips. As I moved my finger I did indeed feel a small hard bump. Every time I moved across it she pushed her hips up to meet me. She moved her hand down her slit and coated her finger in her juice. The next moment she was gently smearing her slippery juice over my highly sensitive knob. Oh my god!! I could not describe how that felt except I did not want it to stop. The more I rubbed her pussy, and what I later found out was her clitoris, the more she groaned. She had now started to breathe quickly and started panting. I felt her hand again at her pussy as she collected some more lubricant.

She was panting hard now and whispering please don't stop, don't stop! Her hips were now pushing up and down harder and faster. Suddenly, as her breathing reached new levels, with her legs wide apart, I felt her arch her pussy upward with a big groan, as she did this I felt her pussy lubricated finger push deep into my tight twitching anus. She slid it in and out going deeper each time. She was having a massive orgasm with juice pouring out of her and I was sat bolt upright on her with her finger deep in my bottom with my anal muscles contacting in spasm and gripping her hard. She then clamped her legs tight together saying no more, please. I still was not able to cum but it sure felt like something was happening.

She slowly slid her finger out of my bottom and I rolled off her. She sat up on her elbows, her face glowing and her eyes wide open. WOW was all she could say. It has never done that before. I have masturbated to nice orgasms but nothing like that.

I think you have passed your medical and it is OK for me to go away I said. She stood up, pulled on her dressing gown, gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and went back to her room. As I straightened out my sheet I found a small pool of the wonderful slippery juice from her pussy. I got a clean tissue and carefully wiped it up. I put that tissue to one side for another day. That was the last time we did anything like that, she started dating boys while I was away at school. I often thought they would be lucky guys. While we were apart we grew up and life moved on but they are great memories.



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