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A Short History of Wanking - Part 1

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories.


I'm just a normal bloke who enjoys all sex but finds masturbation the best part due to the variety of methods. After over 40 years of wanking I still find new experiences to enjoy and develop.

I suppose it all started when I was a lot younger. I often used to get erections and at the time this worried me slightly as due to the tenderness of the tip they were actually quite painful. I remember asking my parents why this was happening and was told that I would find out in due course. I was mystified as I did not know why they happened.

One day this started to become quite clear while I was playing good old fashioned 'doctors and nurses' with my sister. We were messing about in my room and I remember lying on my bed one evening when she said I had to take my clothes off to be examined. After a lot of persuasion I did almost as I was asked and lay there in my underpants with my small hairless cock covered from view. She started her examination looking into my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my hair etc. Then, copying what she had seen on various medical dramas at the time started to inspect the rest of my body. I protested feebly and suggested that to address the balance that she got undressed as well. She did as she was asked but left her panties on, like me. Having done a thorough examination of my chest, arms and legs she told me to remove my pants. I tried my hardest to resist but eventually lost and made the deal was she removed hers as well. Both pairs of pants removed it was obvious that my cock was on full display while she had her legs firmly together and was not showing anything.

She stared at my cock for a short while, it was still limp at this stage mainly due to fear, and then said she would like to touch it in order to finish her examination. I really protested at this and tried to back away and wriggle free from her grip. This developed into a bit of a wrestling session which was beginning to start strange feelings in my groin. I was still lying on my back and in order to stop me wriggling away she climbed up on to the bed, stared at me and straddled my chest and held my arms with her hands. I looked down at her and this really started my cock to move when I saw her small bare pussy.

Back in the early 1960's there were not many adult mags about and they were very heavily censored. Lads at school had brought pictures in and they showed women with either a dense forest of pubic hairs (so nothing was visible) or they were retouched to completely remove any trace of pussy. On that day I was amazed at what I saw. She was continuing to hold me down and then said she needed to continue and finish her examination.

She carefully turned round so she was still straddling me but now facing my cock. I was very disappointed as my view of pussy had gone! I felt her fingers on my now semi hard cock and have to say that it felt fantastic. My cock was soon fully rock hard if only about four inches long. She was asking all sorts of strange questions like 'how do you pee with it like this?' and 'how does it go soft again'? I was beginning to enjoy this! Then she said she needed a closer look. I am uncut and she was now examining my foreskin which was stretched tight over my knob. She leaned forward to have a closer look and as she did (remembering she was straddling my chest with her back to me at this point) her buttocks parted to give me full view of her anus and more importantly her pussy. I thought my cock was going to explode as it had never in my memory been so hard. So this is what makes my cock hard!! She was still examining my foreskin and trying to slide it back over my engorged purple knob. Even I had never done this as I was frightened that my whole cock would come out and I would never get it back in. It was really tight and quite painful in a pleasurable way. I was protesting for her to stop but at the same time very aware of her pussy only inches from my face. Pain and pleasure can get very blurred at times and this was perhaps the first example I can remember. I asked her to please be gentle but she was engrossed in 'peeling my thingy' as she called it. Suddenly the pain stopped and I felt as if something released, it was my foreskin clearing the rim of my knob. She was giving my cock a very close examination and said that this was probably as far as it could go as it seemed to be fixed in place on the top side of my knob.

As I said this was the first time in my memory that my knob was completely exposed and was rock hard. Now as any male will know, this area is extremely sensitive and if this is the first time it has been exposed then sensitivity is maximum. I pleaded for her to be very gentle as every touch was making me jump. She wanted to slide my foreskin back over my knob, even I didn't know how to do that. I thought it was now stuck and having seen a few circumcised cocks in the school showers I assumed that I was now circumcised. While all this was going on I was staring at her pussy from a very close position. My arms were pinned to my side by her legs so all I could do was look.

When she first started inspecting my cock all I could see was a slit between her legs like a small bottom. She was as completely hairless as me. When she bent closer to slide my foreskin down the tight little slit appeared to open slightly. It looked as if her 'little bottom' was swelling slightly. There was a definite opening appearing with what seemed to be some little lips showing. One thing that I noticed was a small bead of liquid appearing at the lower end of the slit. This grew bigger and bigger and eventually dropped off the lips and slowly fell on to my chest held by a long thread like string of liquid. This was completely new to me and while in pleasure and pain having my foreskin stretched she appeared to be leaking on to me. I asked her if she needed to visit to toilet but her answer was no. Like I had got hard and stiff, she was getting wet. She explained that this happened sometimes and she was not yet sure why, but I think she was now. One thing I noticed was this strange but wonderful smell that was occasionally wafting to me. This, my first smell of pussy, was also very memorable, it was intoxicating. Every time I got a strong draught of it my cock would involuntarily twitch.

There was no way she was going to get my foreskin back and as I said I thought that it was stuck there now. She even tried to lubricate my knob with some saliva. That had a very interesting effect on me as it certainly eased the sensitivity of my exposed knob but at the same time sent shock-waves of pleasure through me. When she stroked my lubricated knob I felt my bottom tensing and my buttocks arching off the bed.

Little did I know at the time but this was probably my first experience of a dry orgasm. Eventually, she realised that getting my knob covered again was not going to happen. She sat up, squatted on my chest, swung her leg over me and got off. I looked down at my cock and gulped. I had never seen it that big before and the dark purple knob looked huge to me. Where she had squatted on my chest before getting off was now a small pool of clear warm liquid. I put my finger in it and it felt very sticky and smooth. I put my finger to my mouth to taste this liquid and as I did I felt my cock tense again and my anus twitched like I have never known before. My whole body shook. It tasted strange and wonderful at the same time. I was having orgasm after orgasm.

While this was happening my sister had picked up her clothes and left leaving me to wonder if my cock will ever be the same again. After she had left my room I tried to get my foreskin back over my still rock hard cock and dribbled saliva over it to try to help. Rubbing my saliva covered knob gave yet more dry orgasms. This was the start of a wonderful voyage into the world of masturbation. We never repeated that exact scenario but we did something similar but exchanged places and that allowed me to closely examine her pussy while my cock and balls dangled above her face.

That is for another time.



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