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A Real Handful

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A mutual jackoff session I will never forget!


A couple of weeks ago I went to Germany on a little business trip. It was just a short trip. Anyway, on my last night there, I decided to take a tour of the 'red light district' of the area. I had a field time at the strip clubs, and after a few, I thought I'd just go to one of the local pubs before settling in for the night. Walking down the street, I saw a 'gay' strip club. Now, for the record, I'm not gay, but have always wondered what one of these clubs were like, so I decided to just take a peek.

The club was full of men. No women at all. This must've been a 'guys' only club. I just decided to stay in a corner. The whole room wasn't very well lit, except for the stage up front. People were cheering and shouting. I looked up, and saw this well built blonde guy dancing on the stage. He was quite well developed, physically. He was about 6 feet 2 inch tall. He was just wearing a red thong, and I just couldn't help notice how well toned the guy was. Even I was transfixed.

He was dancing, and was teasing the crowd by pulling down the thong just a little, and then pulling it back up. I was eager to see what would happen next, whether we was going to yank it off anyway. A few seconds of teasing later, he pulled it off, and the crowd went wild. I was stunned, as he had an amazingly huge penis! It was limp, but it was huge! At least 9 inches or so! Being a traveler from the east, It wasn't very common to see such a huge cock. I had to admit, I was envious of him already. I watched him in awe for a while, then decided to leave - my curiosity quenched, and my ego probably bruised. Probably now would be a great time to go to that pub.

Anyway, to make along story short, I was at a pub and having a beer, and was practically reminiscing about my last night in Germany. I was at the bar, and just couldn't stop thinking of that blonde guy's cock. I had seen a bunch of naked women tonight, but it was that guy's meat that stuck in my mind!

All of a sudden, a gentleman sat right next to me, and at first I didn't notice, but when I turned to look, it was him! That blonde stripper! He gave me a smile and ordered a drink. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and he looked quite handsome up close. I think he noticed me staring, and smiled at me again.

'You are not from around here?' he asked me, with a slight German accent. This actually caught me by surprise. I told him where I was from (some Asian country), and told him that I saw him strutting his stuff just an hour ago.

He smiled, and told me that he was a carpenter by day and a stripper by night. I was quite surprised. We got to talking, and told me his name was 'Hans'. I couldn't resist, but just had to ask him if he was gay. He laughed, and told me he was, saying that he was living with his boyfriend. He then asked me if I was, and I told him that I wasn't, and then explained to him that I was watching him out of curiosity. He laughed again, then asked me if I'd enjoyed the show, and I said 'yes'.

We had a nice chat, and then I just had to tell him straight out - that he had an awesome penis. Again, he laughed. I asked him how big it was, and he told me it was about 9 and 1/2 inches. I couldn't help but shake my head. I told him, half heartedly, that mine was probably half the size, and he laughed. We went on talking about his meat, until he finally said 'do you want to see it again?'

I was taken aback. I asked him what he meant, and he pointed to his crotch, and whether I would like to have a closer look at it! I asked him jokingly if it was safe, and he laughed and said that there was nothing to worry about. Just look, nothing more.

I told him that I would love to look at his cock, and he asked me to follow him to the men's toilet nearby. I followed, and it was then that I realized that he was carrying a sling bag with him. He told me his 'gear' was in it.

Anyway, we went to the men's toilet area, and took me to a stall right at the very end. No one was in at the time, by the way. The last stall, had double the space than the ordinary stalls, and then I realized it was reserved for handicapped people.

Anyway, we went in, he placed his bag on the floor, and then proceeded to unzip his pants. He then let them drop to his ankles, revealing white underwear. He then pulled that down as well, and I finally saw what I thought was the biggest cock I had ever seen upclose! It was amazing, I just couldn't help staring at it.

He then held it, and brought it up towards me, and started to shake it a little. It was at that point that I started to get hard. I noted that he was cut. He then told me that he had to get cut because when he was young his foreskin couldn't retract properly, hence the need to be circumcised.

He then started to gently stroke it, and then let go and let it drop down. I was still in awe. It felt like something had just overcome me, and without hesitation, I asked him if I could touch it. Then I looked at him, as if realizing what I'd just said wasn't appropriate, and began apologizing to him, when he laughed and said that it was okay by him! I couldn't believe what he was saying.

Then, I reached down, slowly, with my right hand, and held his monster of a cock. It was an incredible feeling. All these years, I had only touched and played with my own cock, and at that instant I felt like trading his cock with mine. His cock felt somewhat 'powerful' in the palm of my hand. Gosh, it even felt heavy!

I began to caress it, and then started to gently stroke it. Hans didn't say anything, but just smiled.

'You like?' he asked me, and I could only nod my head.

'Wait, I have an idea', he told me, and then turned around and reached for his bag. His cock was out of my hand, and I wanted to feel it again! He then took out a tiny bottle, of what seemed like a kind of oil. He told me that it was olive oil, and that he rubbed it all over his body before a show, and now asked me to rub it all over his cock. I knew what he meant - he wanted me to jack him off! I eagerly complied.

In a second, I had lubed his cock with the oil, and was stroking away at his cock, and he made little grunts as I did. His cock became a little harder, but I didn't think it grew much bigger then its normal state.

Anyway, back to the stroking. We were both standing face to face, and I was stroking his huge meat. I think I was enjoying it as much as he did.

While I was stroking away, he suddenly asked 'you want me to return favor?'

I was a little reluctant, as my cock would be dwarfed by his. I told him I was too embarrassed to whip it out.

He laughed, and told me that it was ok, as 'everybody is tiny compared to Hans'.

That statement had a dual effect on me. On one hand, it was kind of crushing. But on the other hand, it made me want to comply. Eventually, I agreed, and he told me to keep stroking while he undid my pants.

I continued to stroke away, as he undid my belt, pants and underwear to reveal my puny little Asian cock. To my relief, he didn't say anything, but took a palm full of olive oil and began lubing my cock. Gosh, It felt great! I looked down, at both our cocks, and the size difference was quite apparent. Anyway, we were stroking each other's cocks, and enjoying every moment of it.

'Come closer', he suddenly told me, and I took one step forward. Our cock heads were nearly touching, and in a split second, they were. Hans held out my cock to meet his, and then started to rub the head of my cock against the head of his. The feeling was really intense, and I proceeded to do the same, rubbing his against mine. The feeling was truly amazing. Here we were, our shiny, oily cock heads rubbing together, our piss slits rubbing in the process.

Soon, I told him I had to cum, and he nodded in approval. We then stopped rubbing cocks, and stood side by side (not facing each other) and continued to jack each other off. Within seconds, I shot my load, and it was so intense I really went weak in the knees! He milked every drop out of me, while I continued to jack him off. It took a while, but he finally shot his load, and what a sight it was! He shot loads and loads of cum! I was wondering if it was ever going to stop! And they were really powerful ejaculations too, hitting the wall (which was about 3 feet way) in the process!

I milked every last drop of that mammoth, and we were both done. He took out some tissues from his bag, and gave some to me. I still couldn't believe what just happened. We eventually got dressed, and thanked each other. He then wrote me his address, and told me to write to him when I returned home. I told him I would. What an experience!



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