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A Pile of Sand in Spain

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This takes place on a beach in Tarragona, Spain


Tarragona is in northern Spain, and sits right on the Mediterranean. Part of the beach there is topless, and another is nude.
The Spanish women there seem to ALL have great asses! And, they love to show them off during siesta at the beach. Some pretend not to be noticed...while on all fours in thongs, looking for things in their bags.
But, basically, the girls ..pose.. from teenagers on up. And, they seem to love the attention. The rule seems to be don't say anything, and don't get too close.
I wanted to beat off really badly when I first got there. But, well...you can't just do that in public. Then, I noticed that the guys laying stomach down and looking at the girls, were snakily humping the sand. You could tell, because every now and then, one would get up.. ..glance down at his crotch, and sort of rinse off in the cold ocean.
So, I followed suit. At first I was scared. ..Like all of a sudden I would wind up on International TV or something.
But, I was so horny it overrode my paranoia..
I would wander over to the beach every morning around 10 AM, look at the girls until I couldn't stand it.. and then...with nothing exposed, hump a little pile of sand, while looking at all those smooth, creamy Spanish girl asses, I would pump jets of semen onto my tourist towel, my dick sticking out the leg of my cutoff Guatemala shorts.
One girl in particular, sort of petite, with golden skin, and a really sweet, plumpy ass? When I saw her and her little crew of hotties heading toward the little grocery store there, I followed them aways behind, getting hornier and hornier from the view.
When I realized they were going back to the beach, I zipped ahead of them and got in position, laying face down, my hard dick throbbing out the leg of my briefs, a tiny pile of sand under my beach towel pressing up onto the sensitive underside.
So, minutes later, back they came. ..didn't seem to notice me. And, the really cute one...She kept bending over, doing this and that....with her sweet ass cheeks all exposed. I think it was a regular bikini, but her ass was so succulent, it had ridden up into the crack.. ..so it was like a thong effect.
Man, it was like she *wanted* me to have a really good ejaculation.. ..laying there about 10 yards behind her. ..And, did I ever!! jets and jets of icky goo pumping out all onto my towel. ..But, my dick well beneath me so none of it visible to anyone.
A really wonderful feeling to have a thrilling sexual release in all that fresh sea air!
There were young couples there putting on shows, a girl-girl couple (I kicked myself because one evening as the sun was setting... they got frisky. Made me really horny. Then they left. And, the beach was pretty deserted, so I masturbated hidden by a lifeguard boat...thinking about those two. Then, to my horror, they came back! ..and messed around again. But, I had already pumped all my interest onto the sand! :(
This all took place a few years ago. I can't wait to go back to Tarragona!



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