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A Party To Remember

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Absolutely true, the first of many parties with this group.


My wife Lesley and I never considered ourselves to be a daring couple, at least not until we met up with (let's call them) Heather and her husband Eddie. As we got to know them, they became a little less inhibited in front of us and occasionally Eddie would put his arm around Heather's breasts, but she didn't push him away too hard. Anyway, one evening Eddie announced that we were invited to join them at a party with some close friends to take place in a week's time and that it would be a lot of fun. As they left, I heard Leslie and Heather giggling over something.

When the evening arrived, I saw Lesley had one of her cutest outfits on, including a rather sheer top that didn't do much to hide her bra. When I commented on this, she passed it off as an instruction from Heather and changed the subject. When we arrived, there were about six other couples there (no children), mostly in their 30s and 40s, all smartly dressed except that the women also wore bras under sheer tops, so that the scene resembled a bra promotion. Some of the bras were a lot sexier and skimpier than Lesley's and I could feel something in my pants begin to stir, particularly when I recognized another couple I knew but hadn't expected to meet here. Andy's wife Marlene had quite large breasts and I hadn't seen her dark nipples and areolae till now. I hardly knew where to look.

Half an hour into the party, Eddie came over to chat and I noticed with alarm that he had forgotten to zip up his fly, so that his underpants were visible. Even the pink tip of his penis showed through the slit. When I quietly mentioned this, he seemed for a moment to enjoy my natural concern before replying 'That's part of the game, old boy. Your turn now. Just don't talk about sex and pretend nothing has happened.' I looked around and was astonished to see that Eddie was in good company. It was like a dream; two other guys had their penises partly or completely out and a third, who happened to be chatting to two ladies, was also slowly unzipping and extending his for both to admire. They glanced down and one of them gave it a little squeeze. I was absolutely shocked and glanced at Lesley to see if she was offended, but she and Heather seemed to be laughing about it and comparing notes. I also noticed both their bras had disappeared. So she had known all along! By now, my own organ was straining at the leash. I saw that one of the two ladies had stepped out of her dress and had inserted a finger into her panties, so I turned to the wall, unzipped, and turned back again rather sheepishly, wondering whom should I talk to now. A couple of ladies quickly glanced down then up again, smiling. Everyone seemed to be wearing less now, while keeping up the hum of conversation and nervous laughter.

Eddie was right; absolutely no one was discussing sex and everyone pretended not to notice the state of others' undress, which made it all the more erotic. Eddie's penis had swollen (was it really that big?) and he fondled it while joking with Lesley, but that made me more aroused than jealous. Marlene even had a hand inside a man's trousers and I could hear her discussing his scrotum. I introduced myself to a new lady named Angela and, feeling unable to avoid masturbating in her presence, decided to do it as nonchalantly as I could manage, while desperately maintaining eye contact with her. Sensing my embarrassment, she told me not to worry, even pulling up her skirt to show me she wore no panties and playing with herself to keep me company. I heard Lesley whisper behind me 'Enjoying the show, darling?' I turned around and she was completely naked, very wet around her crotch and going for it with both hands amid a rising tide of male interest!

Heather joined us, working Eddie with one hand and herself with the other. There were little piles of clothing all over the room, though many women kept their shoes on and some their panties, though that was often as sexy as taking them off! Some guys kept their shirts, ties, shoes and socks on, which lent an odd decorum to the scene. Boxes of tissues and tubes of lubricant were being passed around. Women began to sit or lie down, spread their legs and offer us a full view, which was mindblowing. I also noticed two of the women were fingering each other, as were a couple of the guys.

Then one of the guys groaned rather loudly 'Here I come', grabbed a folded pair of panties and convulsively jerked off into them. It turned out they did not belong to his wife, but neither woman objected; they and everyone else dropped pretenses and watched. This was a general signal for others to follow, and the next five minutes were full of cries, gasping and shuddering. Lesley and I both masturbated each other though I was also fascinated by the way Angela and Marlene went at it. Lesley not only watched Eddie jack off but helped him get there. A few couples went all the way, but that's another story.

During the cuddling and loving that followed these multiple eruptions, nobody complained they didn't climax. We were all knocked out by the intensity of it all and were very supportive towards each other. Gradually we got up, cleaned up and took home some fantastic memories of that night.



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