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A One Off

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One day mum had a tummy bug. Within 24 hours she was in intensive care. Three days later, they told us she was unlikely to recover.


It hit my little brother (15) very hard. He took to his room and even from my room, I could hear him crying. He was at that age I guess all boys go through when they want to appear tough and macho, but losing his mum, or at least the prospect of it was too much for him to keep in.

When I went to bed that night, I could still hear him sniffing and I knocked on his door and went in. His room was typical 'rebellious boy' painted black, curtains permanently closed, and posters everywhere. Chris, however, was on the bed curled up. He didn't say anything, so I got onto the bed with him and spooned in behind him. He didn't respond in any way.

Well, I guess we both dozed off because an hour or so later I woke up and we had changed positions. He was lying flat on his back and I had my arm around his waist. I figured I would go back to my room as I could hear by his deep regular breathing he was finally asleep. As I moved my arm, something touched it. My kid brother had a hard-on! Remember, my arm was round his waist, yet the head of his cock brushed my forearm. I should have moved away and gone, but instead, I moved my hand down. I tell you, my 'little brother' is anything BUT. Damn, but he is BIG down there.

My forefinger and thumb could not quite close around it. Before I knew what I was doing, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and was gently masturbating him.

He woke up, well, of course he did! His left arm was down his side and I felt his fingers twitch. I also felt myself open my legs by putting one knee up high. He scooted his hand into my knickers and an inquisitive finger found how wet I was!

Meanwhile, he turned his head to me and just the look in his eyes made me know I would finish him. He hadn't quite got what I needed though, so I left him alone for a second and put my hand on his. 'My clit, gently in circles.' And then after a few moments, I guided his finger inside me. 'Press in deep and hard, put the heel of your hand against my clit.' So he finger fucked me as I returned my attention to his cock. Pushing the duvet back, I could see it in all it's glory.

Yes, I really REALLY wanted that thing in me, so much that I seriously considered it, but instead I continued jacking him until he came. It must have been a while, because it went everywhere. High, up onto his chest (and my face) before most of it pooled up on his tummy. Watching this massive eruption bought ME off and I came on his fingers.

We lay there for a while, me breathing in the scent of his sperm while at the same time creaming on his fingers.

I got some tissues and cleaned him up and then snuggled in beside him for the night.

I guess desperate times in families sometimes lead to this kind of thing.

It was a one off and nothing like it ever happened again. Looking back on it though, it felt so absolutely right. I still wonder if I would really have gone the whole way, and I must admit that had he made the slightest move to take my knickers off me, I would have scooted under him and spread my legs in an instant. Thinking that now makes me shudder. I would have regretted it, I think, for the rest of my life.

What we did, we both needed at that precise moment in time.

Mum recovered, against all odds though.



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