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A Night To Remember

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This happened many years ago and some details may now have slipped my mind but most of it is recalled. I was 18 at the time and I would say at that age had a perfect body for a college student. Well rounded hips, breasts of medium size with nipples in the right place, a dark patch of pubic hair, some hair under my arms which I had just started shaving, I had been having my periods for about 6 years and everything had gone well for me in these first few years of being a teeneager. I was pretty active at most things and especially sports.

I was also a member of the Girl Guides at the time and occasionally we would go away to camp with our Guide Leader. Usually we stayed in accomodation that had bunk beds with fairly hard mattresses on them. Girls being girls we got up to all sorts of things and used to chat until late into the night, amongst other things, often talking about sex, boys, periods, and so on. I hadn't long got a boyfriend of my own and I think he awakened me sexually as we often used to make out and the petting got quite heavy at times.

On one camping trip I missed him and for comfort more than anything, I started to masturbate myself. The pleasure it gave me was intense and somehow it would make me relax. Anyway, I must have been overheard as I was asked by one of the girls what I was doing and just said 'pleasuring myself' to which I got a chorus of 'ooooooooooooooh'. I had the lower bunk so thought it was better than the upper but obviously not. I thought nothing of it and tried to go to sleep. I usually slept, as I think all girls did, with just my bra and pants on as it was quite warm.

I think it must have been about an hour or so later when felt a 'presence' in my bed and started to feel about and could feel a naked body in my bed. I was about to shout out and I felt a hand go over my mouth, a whisper from a female voice to stay quiet, and then a hand slid down my front to my chest where it lingered for a while. The next thing I could feel was her hand sliding inside my pants and go straight for my vagina. The thrill of that made me wet so very very quickly and soon she was having me react to the pleasure. I decided to turn, she removed her hand, and face her and realised it was our Guide Leader. She kissed me full on the lips as her hand again returned to my vagina which by now was so well lubricated I could feel the juices running down my legs. I plucked up courage and started to kiss her and also to find her mound of pubic hair, pushing my hands between her lips and feeling for her vagina. She too was already wet and as my finger went into her I could feel her body rocking back and forth on them. In due course her fingers came out again and headed for my clitoris where she rubbed and massaged it gently, but purposefully. In no time I was feeling waves of feelings building up that I thought I was going to explode, but she whispered to me not to make a sound so I had to stifle myself as I came.

Once I relaxed a little she guided my hand to her clitoris and in a little while I brought her to climax too. We never spoke of it at the camp and it was difficult to look each other in the eye for the remainder of the camp but much later I went over to her house and we repeated the 'pleasure' but in more relaxing and enjoyable surroundings. I found out she was 32 and that a relationship with a long standing male friend had, not long before our camp, come to an end. There were only the two occasions and as far as I know we never discussed it but knew that each had had the most pleasurable of experiences. It has never gone from my memory and probably never will.



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