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A New Feeling

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A New Feeling
Hello, I am a 15 year old female. I just loooooove to get myself off, all the time! I am grateful for your website, because I only have one or two friends I can talk to openly about this subject. But anyway, on with my story...
The way I usually masturbate is with my fingers. I love to rub my throbbing clit until i just explode! Usually thats all it takes. I havent experimented with much. Sometimes I stick a finger inside me, but that doesnt do much. I think they arent long enough to reach that certain spot everyone talks about. (its a mystery to me!) I have a very small tight pussy. One finger is about all I can fit in at this point, but im working on getting two or three in me.
The idea of sticking something in my ass really turns me on. I did this once with someting very small, I think it was the end of an ink pen. I really exploded with that. I keep looking for something better, but I can't find anything! So anyway, although I havent experimented wiht much, I have been going at it for 2 years now.
Yesterday I had one of the best orgasms I have had in a while. I went to the fridge looking for something to eat. I saw some hot dogs. i thought, "hmmm this could be interesting" I decided to stick one inside me while i rubbed my clit. I thought "this is a lot thicker than my finger" so hey it should be great! I saw some small carrots and took one of those too. I went in my room, shut the door, turned off the lights, and stripped in fornt of my mirror to turn myself on. I thought about this girl at my school who i really like (although im not gay, that kind of thing turns me on) watching me and saying sexy things, and sometimes i fantasize she is carressing me all over (but thats a seperate story) anyway i was kinda turned on, so i layed on my bed and got ready to stick the hot dog inside my wet pussy. it was the best thing i have ever stuck in there in my life so far! the coldness slipping in and out...oooh! and it was longer that my finger so im pretty sure i hit my spot.
usually i dont get any pleasure out of just sticking something in me but this was sooo good! it kept going in and out and in and out of my wet virgin pussy...oooooh yesss. i was on the edge of cumming and i hadnt even touched my clit (very odd for me) so i slowed down for a bit. my pussy was so tight around the hot dog that i could hardly take it out. And something was making my pussy burn like fire inside! but it was a pleasurable pain. i got the carrot i had and started easing it in my ass. this was a new and earth shattering feeling for me. I started working both of them in and out of me at the same time, while i still imagined that that girl was touching me all over. before i knew it i had cummed over everything!! it was so good an i think i will go do it again!!! oh and ps: sex can wait...masturbate!!! bye --Jessica



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