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A Man With a Medical Fetish

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On the northeast corner of my street is a house with a store front. It used to be a hairdresser business but about two years ago it was sold and no other business opened there. I saw the man who owned it many times but never met him until a few months after he moved in, at the bar in a local restaurant. He is a very handsome man, I suppose in his mid to late fifties and always very well dressed. I frequented the restaurant or bar several times a week and got to know him fairly well. Most of the time he came in with different women for dinner but always came to the bar afterwards. Most of these women were also very attractive and I did meet a few of them. He insisted everyone call him Eddie.


Just by the conversations we had over a few months he led me to believe he was a private doctor for two professional sports teams. One was a mens baseball team, the other a womens professional basketball team. I had no reason to doubt his stories and the assortment of women he dated seemed to know all about him. The thing was though that he never seemed to be with the same women more than two or three times. About once each week he was alone but most of the time had a woman with him. Most of them were around his age or slightly younger but all attractive. Over a few months I had seen him with five or six different ones. He was always polite with everyone and well liked at both the restaurant and bar. All the waiters and bartenders loved him because he tipped very well.

One of his girlfriends, who I got to know, I also saw ocassionally during my lunch hour downtown. We just waved to each other and said hello but one day sat and had lunch together. She is 48 but no longer dated him and began telling me about him and how he had strange sexual desires. She told me he isn't a doctor at all but is somehow affiliated with professional sports. She told me the front of his house, which is a store front, is set up like a doctors office. After dating him a few times he insisted on doing gyno exams on her and she allowed him to do it three times. He admitted to her he has a medical fetish and he had all the equipment a doctor would have for gyno examinations. She didn't go into much detail but did say he would have her in the sturrups and examined her with speculums and eventually would masturbate her. After calling him a sicko a few times just said she broke off with him. Then she mentioned that he had a few women on the side and wasn't at all interested in her romantically. Everytime she went out with him he just wanted her on the exam table and would be naked himself. He only wanted her to masturbate him or he would masturbate himself while examining her. The conversation ended with her calling him a freak. She did confess to being infatuated with him at first and said he was always gentle with her and did have her climax frequently. It just wasn't the type of relationship she desired and suggested he was more of a voyeur than anything else. She just said he was too interested in his medical fetish.

I continued seeing him in the restaurant once or twice a week and over another few months talked to him more often. I never told him what that woman said about him and he continued telling me stories about the sports figures he took care of. I recognised some of the names he mentioned and they were famous sports figures in the city. I knew he was lying about it but he just had the gift of the gab and I just let him think I believed everything he said even when he had a woman with him. One night he came in alone and talked to me for an hour or more. Again, the lies but that particular night said even though he has a private practice I could always rely on him if I had a medical problem. He knew I lived just up the street from him and casually mentioned if I needed any medical attention I could always call him. He gave me his card which only had his name as Dr. Edward M...... on it with only his address and phone number.

Now, I have had a number of affairs over the years but nothing ever serious. It was last summer that this took place and I had no boyfriend at the time. I did work a lot of hours and did masturbate often during the week. I began thinking about what that woman had told me about him and the aspect of someone masturbating me, instead of doing it myself all the time. I thought about it often over a month or two but never said anything to him. My girlfriend and I had dinner one night and went to the bar. Eddie was alone and we both talked to him for awhile. I had told my girlfriend that he was such a lier about everything but he continued with his stories, I would assume to try and impress us. After my girlfriend left he again mentioned to me that I could contact him if I ever needed medical advice or treatment. He also said I wouldn't have to worry about it if I didn't have medical insurance. At my job I do get healthcare and benefits and do have my own doctor but never told him anything about that.

Just about a week or so after that conversation he again mentioned medical care for me if I needed it. For the first time telling me he had an office at his residence, which I already knew about. What ever was in my mind at the time I don't know. He is a lot older than me but I hadn't been with a guy in months. I just told him it was an embarrassing problem that I couldn't talk about. I had no problem and don't know why I even said that to him. He kept asking me what it was and I didn't know what to say. All the time thinking about what that woman had told me about him. I had no plan and didn't know what I was saying until after I said it. I began telling him I got slight pain in my vagina sometimes and told him I had some difficulty having an orgasm. Now I was as big a lier as he is and don't know how I came up with such a ridiculous story. In the back of my mind I think I wanted him to masturbate me but didn't have the nerve to ask him. It wasn't like he ever asked me for a date and I think our age difference was why. I never saw him with any woman my age and most of them were in their 40's and 50's. All he said to me was that a young woman like me shouldn't have that type of problem. Then he began telling me he would be willing to examine me, stressing at no cost. He said he was too busy until Saturday afternoon but for me to come over to his office at 2pm. Then he just flat out told me he would give me a full physical.

I was very nervous about it and began questioning myself about how stupid I was to get involved with this guy. I really didn't know what to expect but kept thinking about him touching me. I almost called to cancel it but decided to do it. I went their knowing he was going to see me naked and that part of it I didn't dwell on. I was never shy about my body but this was something I had never done before especially with a man that age. When I went in it was exactly how that woman said it was and the first thing he did was hand me a blue gown and told me to undress and and put it on. He almost had me convinced he was a doctor just by his demeanor and the things he said to me. I have only actually had two gyno exams in my life but that's what he did. He examined me from head to foot and examined my breasts and vagina asking where I had pain. I only said the right side and he did put a speculum in me but never masturbated me that day. I doubt if he knew it but I was aroused by him touching me and like that lady said he was very gentle the whole time. I think I was disappointed that he didn't masturbate me. He finally told me to get dressed then asked me about my problem having orgasms. I just said it happened sometimes and with that, told me to come back next week.

The following Saturday I went back to him again and again he started by acting very professional. This time however he neatly folded the gown up above my breasts and helped put my feet in the sturrups. After the breast exam he began with the speculum. I don't know what it was he inserted in my anus but began masturbating me as soon as he removed the speculum. I orgasmed within a minute or two and they just kept coming. I never felt anything like this before and never had anyone see me in such a fashion before. The fact that I was so exposed to him was an arousing thought but the way he masturbated me and touched me was the most satisfying I have ever experienced. As he did this he just kept telling me to cum whenever I could. He must think of me as stupid but I have never had anyone touch me the way he did before then and especially see me that intimately. I began asking him incredibly dumb questions and telling him the pain subsided once he was able to make me orgasm. I didn't ask him but certainly let it be known to him that I liked it. I went to him every Saturday afternoon for the next month and now go to him two or three times a month even now that I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend has met and likes Eddie but just thinks he is my doctor.

I still see him with different women all the time and I'm not sure but have an idea what he does with them. What that woman told me last year how he examined her while being naked he has never done with me. He is always dressed and I let him continue to think that I believe he is a doctor. If he thinks I am stupid I don't care. I have actually told him he helps me to have orgasms with my boyfriend. I go to his office on Wednesday nights most of the time now and he asks me to come over more often sometimes. I know I sexually stimulate him but what he does to me is incredable. It is blatant masturbation yet the entire time, the way he talks to me, makes it sound like some type of therapy. Each time he has me orgasm multiple times and I am sure he thinks I am one dumb or very immature woman. He talks to me like I am a little girl I suppose because of our age gap.

He now takes more liberties with me than he did in the beginning and stimulates me anally more frequently now. I never realized before how anal stimulation can be so arousing. Instead of folding up the gown he now takes it off of me leaving me entirely naked. I never say anything or question what he is doing to me. A big part of his fetish is using the speculum on me and giving me rectal exams. When he puts the speculum in me he is always careful not to hurt me in the least bit. I can tell by his expressions he is most pleased with doing that and also when he examines my breasts, anus and rectum. It's obvious he gets great pleasure doing this to me. I don't mind any of it knowing that he will soon masturbate and satisfy me more than anyone ever has. He has introduced me to other people at times as one of his patients. Unlike that woman told me he has never exposed himself to me. Several times since this started I could tell he was masturbating. He does it when sitting on the stool while examining my vagina or masturbating me. I don't know how many women he has done this to and I suspect its the reason he has different girlfriends so often. There are some of them I have only seen once and a few I have seen him with many times. Many probably don't put up with him examining them. The things he does to me are very invasive and I think are degrading or humiliating for some of those women.

I never met anyone before with a medical fetish but fully enjoy him. He has never hurt me and always satisfies me more than I can explain. He is a nice man with a very strange sexual outlet. My boyfriend likes him and believes his phony stories about the ballplayers. Lots of things he says are true and many times he speaks about a players injury. My boyfriend is impressed when he hears or reads about it the next day. I'm sure he is connected to those teams but am not sure at what capacity. He must have a very good job but my boyfriend continues to think he is a doctor. None of my neighbors seem to know Eddie at all and don't know what is going on in his house, especially in the store front.



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