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A Lovely Memory

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I went to an all-girls school. I am in no way bi, or bi curious, or lesbian, so the frustrations for me were WAY higher than for other girls who went both ways.


A friend of mine came up with a really exciting dare. Of course, we two were typical horny 15 year old's then, and our school uniform was not flattering...long plaid skirt, jumpers...yuck.

The building was also FAR too hot in the summer.

Anyway, Sarah came up with this idea that grew as it went on. She dared us to both sit in class with our skirts pulled up at the back so rather than sitting on our skirts, all that was between the seat and us were our panties and tights. To start with, that felt pretty daring. But it wasn't long before we took it further. When the teacher wasn't focused on us (which was often) we would lift our skirts up at the front to our waists. It felt so daring sitting there showing our panties off. The next stage was to scoot down in the chair a little and sit with our legs apart. That was always enough to get me really horny.

But the ultimate, was, obviously, to wear nothing under our skirts. The day we did this, we hadn't planned to, but we both had the same idea the same day. We had been wearing skimpier panties until we were both sitting with our bare bums on the chair as our thongs were buried deep up our bums.

Then that magic day when Sarah nudged me and I saw her lift her skirt at the front, inch by inch, higher and higher until.....her pussy came into view. Neither of us had much hair there, and for at least 10 minutes, we were sitting in our chairs, our legs spread so wide they were actually touching, and under the desks, our pussies fully exposed.

I tell you, I have never felt so erotic in my life. My mouth was the only part of me that was dry. I was sweating with excitement, and between my legs, I felt soooooo damn wet.

Sarah, always way more adventurous than me began writing sexy messages on her notepad. 'I am so fucking horny'......'I need to go to the bathroom for a fucking good wank'.....'I wish the teacher would fuck me over his desk'.....'My cunt needs a good cock.'

I loved dirty talk from that moment onwards, and damn, I needed a good wank too.

No, we didn't do it together. Sarah was as cock hungry as I am...in fact she had already lost her cherry... I knew that for a fact. I hadn't though. (Still haven't).... but I did go to the bathroom and masturbate that day. It was the first time I had jilled off outside my own bedroom, and it felt the absolute BEST.

Now? Well, I am 18, but still love the daring part about wearing nothing under my skirt. I go to work like this sometimes. If I am feeling really daring, I will wear a short but loose-fitting skirt too. The possibility that someone might see my now shaved (actually, laser-treated) pussy is so erotic for me. As for jilling off... I have become something of an expert. When it is the only sexual relief you have, trust me, you get good at it. I can jill off at work either by putting my hand up under my skirt or just by squeezing my thighs together.

Hmmmm. I wonder about that though. I know a friend who just can't do that, but I learned THAT little trick at school when I was only 14. I would love to know how many other girls learned to give themselves a good feeling like that at that age?

So, I masturbate in public places, shop fitting rooms are good, but if I want more.. hmmm.. dirty stuff I will do it in public toilets. I love sitting there listening to other girls pee. A couple of times I think I have heard other girls jilling off too, but it's hard to be sure.

I know it sounds strange, but I am in no hurry to get laid. Oh, I have masturbated boys (and a couple of way older men) and given and received oral sex. I totally love both!, I am not in any rush to get fucked though... expecially not when my masturbatory life is so satisfying.

I have wondered, only in the last six months or so about jilling off WITH another girl. Not touching her, just us both jilling off at the same time. I know Sarah would be up for that... so maybe I will arrange a little Christmas present to myself.

I saw an IFEELMYSELF video of a girl who pays another girl for a lapdance. There is absolutely no contact between them, but damn, it's so fucking horny.

Well, I don't know why I needed to spill all this right now. What I DO know is I need to change my panties.... and get myself off. Better go shopping....hehehhe.



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