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A Little Variety is Nice

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Hi all! Thanks to all for giving me the great stories that have put me over the edge many more times then once, I can tell you!
Being absolutely fascinated with female masturbation for as long as I can remember (let's face it, what red-blooded male isn't?), the stories contributed from the fairer sex really, REALLY, do it for me. Thanks again!
Anyway, I have plenty of stories that I could submit, but for the sake of possible further entries, I thought this first time I could write about one thing that I really love to do, and that is wank in as many different places as I can think of.
I think it started about age 12 or 13 after I stole my cousins porno off him. I'm almost sure he knew who did it, but he never said anything, so no harm done. The first time I blew a load I thought it would never stop! I was in the loungeroom home alone watching the porno when I thought, 'what the hell, I'll see what it's all about'. I guess it was the about 2 years of sexual confusion and fascination that was the main reason for the quantity and quality I experienced that day.
Well, that was it, I was off on what I'm sure will be a long lasting relationship with my penis. Since then I have jacked off in plenty of places. My favourite times are when there is a girl around and there is a chance I might be caught. Works every time. Regularly, when I travel home to see my parents, (I'm a uni student and my parents are in a different state to me), I take the train which is an overnight 12 hour trip. When you book the ticket you never know who you're going to have stuck next to you, and whether or not they are going to do the whole trip or get off somewhere earlier. I have been fairly lucky, except for that one time a disgusting drunken stinky bastard sat next to me, but fortunately he got off at the half way mark. Twice I got on the train waiting for my seat partner, whoever it was going to be, to turn up, and sure enough it was a gorgeous girl who had a beautiful face. I swear we produce some of the highest quality girls down under! Anyway, after a few hours they turn the lights off and people start to go to sleep. The first time I didn't even think of it until I woke up somewhere along the tracks, and the girl was fast asleep next to me. I was a bit 'blue-balled' at the time and I had a coat to cover myself with, so I unzipped my jeans keeping a careful eye on this nameless beauty so as not to arouse anything except myself.
When I had the member out and fully erect, I slowly starting pumping away, ever so quietly. The sheer fact that I was sitting there jerkin' the gherkin' whilst at any time this natural wonder could wake up and raise the alarm, or even enjoy the show, was exciting me beyond all definitions of the word.
As I got closer and closer to blowing my load it was hard not to make too much noise. Right towards the end there was a definite audible 'shuffle shuffle', before I covered my dick with my hanky and soaked it thoroughly with baby batter. I checked around to see if I had woken anybody up, and as it would appear, I was home free. I gently zipped up and fell blissfully asleep for the rest of the trip. When I woke up, she was gone, and I'll never know if she knew what had gone on, but the fact that she was there at the time was good enough for me!
Another time that springs to mind is when I took an old school friend to the snow. I had long had a crush on her during our high school days but I never had the balls to say it. She is a gorgeous little thing with shapes to die for! We shared a room at the cabin we stayed in but there was a double bed and two bunk-beds. She was kind enough to give me the double, (although I did make the offer that she could have it mind you!), and each night I would wait until she was asleep, or at least until I thought she was asleep and out it came. During those five nights I had more orgasms then in any other similar time frame. I even woke early one morning just as the sun was rising and giving the room a dull glow, although I went back to sleep eventually, and in light that could certainly make me visible, I got out of bed and jacked off to the thousands of fantasies running through my head. She didn't wake but again that didn't matter!
There have been plenty of other occasions where I have blown a load or seven in the company of an unsuspecting female. Maybe another story sometime can cover a few more. I have been caught a couple of times which resulted in laughter or sly grins on their behalf, but I didn't mind. It's something else to run through my mind when I'm 'flogging the log', which happens at least twice a day, with a personal record of nine times in 24 hours.
Anyway, girls, keep those great stories coming and may we all enjoy the pleasures, fun and learning of masturbation!



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