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A Little Guy With a Big Idea

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My buddy Drew and I had been friends since third grade. We were always having sleepovers at his place.

When we were about 12 or 13, we were sleeping down in his family room, where he asked me if I wanted to stay up and watch some movies he'd found under his dad's work bench. He winked at me as he said it, so I knew what he was talking about. He popped it in and sure enough it was porn. I'd seen many porno's before, but never on a 52 inch TV! It was pretty cool.

We'd been sitting at opposite ends of the couch for the first few scenes. Then, Drew asked if I wanted a drink. When he got up to go to the kitchen, I noticed he'd developed quite the hard on, and he wasn't trying to hide it. When he returned he sat next to me. We watched a few more scenes when he asked if I enjoying it. I said yes of course. By this time I'd developed my own hard on. So, he then asked if I'd like to enjoy it more. As he said this, he gripped our pricks through our pants.

This shocked me at first, but then when I saw his eyes I relaxed. I nodded because I wasn't able to speak. He quickly took off his pants and briefs. His was a bit smaller than me, but in comparison to him, mine was pretty big. (He's a little guy about 50lbs lighter than me.) Following his lead, I eventually pulled my gear out and turned to face him. We began to jerk ourselves off. After a minute of dry stroking, he asked me if I'd like to feel what his dick felt like. Once again all it took was to look into his eyes to convince me. I reached out and grabbed it. It was weird feeling another guy's piece. It was hot and veiny, but I liked it. It was exciting.

I began to jerk him off. As I did, he reached over to return the favour. As we stroked each other, he slowly slid closer to me. Until finally he had wrapped his legs around my waist and pressed our rods together flat up and down. Now I was able to clearly see that we were pretty much the same size. The only difference being I was a little thicker. He wrapped both hands around our hard on sandwich, and began to jack. It was insane. I was getting really close to coming, and he could see it in my face, so he put the top of his head to my chest and caught my cum shots in his mouth as they blasted from me. Almost straight after, he popped too. His eyes opened wide, and he tossed his head back. I could see the spunk dripping from his face. His cum shot's had landed mostly on my chest.

After we'd both shot off, we collapsed onto the floor. He lay on top of me for awhile, our shrinking dicks pressed together. Eventually he got off to go get a towel. He wiped me off, then himself. After we'd put our clothes back on he thanked me.

We keep hanging out to this day... in fact we still do pretty much the same thing.
Thanks! Keep jacking!



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