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A Lesson for My Cousin

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Last summer, my cousin who lives in New Jersey came to visit my family because he was frustrated that he wasn't getting to see his cousin enough. I hadn't seen him in several years so I was surprised at how tan, well built and surprisingly good looking he was. I'm not gay at all, but I believe that it's okay for guys to judge other guys on appearence. I was also very thin and well built but not nearly as tan. My cousin's name was John and is 3 years yonger than me. I was 15 at the time that this happened and he was 12. Whenever I have people sleeping over at my house, we always put mattresses in the basement so we have more privacy away from the grownups. There is a TV and a playstation down there too. It was the second night that he was staying with us that this experience happened. It was one o' clock in the morning and we had decided to finally go to bed. We were talking for awhile with the flashlight on when the subjects we were discussing eventually turned to girls and sex. I was asking him things like what he thought of the girls in his grade and how hot they were and stuff, then I asked him which ones he thinks about when he jerks off. 'What's that?' he said. 'Oh, Shit' I thought. I was always afraid of explaining stuff like this to younger kids because I didn't think they needed to hear it from me. I was probably right too. 'What the hell' I decided, 'The kid's gotta learn some how'. I first asked him if he knew what sexual intercourse was and he responded that he did. Then I proceeded to explain to him the concept of masturbation and what you do during it. There was a pause for awhile and then he said 'I don' get it. Will you show me?' I was shocked by this. I never even thought about jacking off in from of another guy because as I said before, I am completely strait. I told him that no I wouldn't but he was persistant and then suggested that I do it for him. I didn't really want to but then I fig¨red it would be a good sexual awakening for the both of us. I finally agreed and told him to take off all of his clothes and lay on top of his sleeping bag. He did. As I said before, he was surprisingly tan. And I mean everywhere. Usually people have a tan line where they wear a bathing suit or something but not him. His tan covered his entire body including his genitals. The other thing I noticed was the abundance of foreskin on his penis. As it slowly rose into the are and came to a full state of arousal, there was always foreskin covering the head of his penis. I was under the impression that it always pulled back a little and revealed the glans, but I guess he wasn't developed yet. I was cut so this was new to me. Also, because of his young age, he was hairless and his penis wasn't that big. I got some lube from the bathroom and spread it over his erect penis and began stroking. He lay there for awhile looking at what I was doing and niether one of us spoke. After about 10 minutes of stroking, my had was getting tired and he had started breathing really heavily. Suddenly his breathing became very rapid and between each breath, he uttered the words 'Stop, stop, stop...'. I knew that this was natural so I kept stroking. After a few more seconds his face squinched up, his legs curled up to his chest and he rolled over to the side away from me. As a result, I lost my grip on his boner. He lay there for a few seconds very heavily breathing, his bare butt facing towards me. It was also extremely tan. After a break I asked him if he was okay and he did not respond. I then grabbed him around the waist and pulled him flat on the bed. His penis was still semi-hard and still going down. I then noticed the line of semen that had been shot onto his chest. He started breathing more normally and then opened his eyes and looked down at his chest. 'What the hell was that?' he asked. I realized that he did not understand the concepts of orgasm and ejaculation. I cleaned him up with a paper towel, then explained everything that had just happened. He was still a little confused and scared, so I let him sleep in the same sleeping bag that night but he never did put on any clothes. In the morning he was fine and everything went like normal for the rest of the weekend and then he finally went home. A few years later when he was then in eighth grade he came back for another visit. He informed me that he masturbated daily thanks to that experience. He thanked me extensively for opening him up to a new world of sexual understanding, but we never did masturbate together after that...



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