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A Learning Experience

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This took place a number of years ago. It was my very first sexual experience with another person, and also when I learned what masturbation really was. It took place between my cousin and I, who was a few months older than me, he may of been 15 at the time. I had been hanging out with him at his house all day, and everything was normal until that night when we were getting ready for bed. I had my bed made on the floor next to his, but at the moment we were both sitting on his bed watching tv. We had both taken off our pants, and were down to just boxers and t shirts. I had intended on putting pj shorts on, but it was kinda hot in his room, and he had suggested we could just sleep in our boxers. It felt sorta awkward being in my underwear next to him. He didn't seem to mind much though and I went with it, and before long forgot about it.

Still with the tv on, he laid back on the bed with me still sitting next to him. Our talking shifted away from it though when the subject of girls and sex came up. We asked each other who we liked and if we had ever messed around, things like that. I had explained I still had never been with anyone, and felt like a loser until I learned he too had not been sexual yet with a girl. He had however messed around once with one of his guy friends. I couldn't even think of what to say. I didn't know what to think, and he explained it wasn't anything big, they had just jerked it together over some porn. We then moved on to discuss porn and what not, but I couldn't get my mind of what he said about him and his friend. For some reason I was curious about the details, and after awhile finally got the nerve to bring the subject up again. I didn't wanna make him mad, but he was cool about it and explained his story of what happened. He then asked me questions about masturbation and how often I did and stuff like that. I had been masturbating for a couple years by then, and I sorta had an idea it was a normal sexual thing, but never gave much thought about it relating to other people though. Never had the thought crossed my mind to try with someone else, and for what ever reason I was getting an urge to try.

I couldn't figure out how to go about asking him though. I tried keeping the conversation going, and started dropping hints like, I wouldn't mind trying sometime. I still wasn't really sure though, the idea gave me a rush, but at the same time I don't think I really believed anything would happen. It was not long after he showed me the porn he had that he jerked too. I had seen a little porn before, but not much. I jokingly said we should jerk it now, and he said we can try if you want. It hit me like a brick wall, and I couldn't think of anything to say. Really? was all I could say, and he agreed we should. He said it's fun, and I thought it might be, but it was my first time doing anything like this, and I almost chickened out. I asked how do we do it and he laughed and said we gotta take our clothes off first. I was somewhat trembling. We had never been naked together. He asked if I wanted too and that it would be fun. Not sure why but I agreed and we pulled off our shirts and boxers. We just layed there naked a minute, it was hard to look up at first but I couldn't help checking him out. My nerves calmed finally, and I watched as he slowly started jerking himself. I copied and tried to jerk like I always did, but it was completely different of a feeling. I started slow, and as we both layed next to each other jerking, I relaxed more and managed to make myself hard. I kept looking back and forth from the porn to him jerking. He caught my stare and stopped, so I did too. He laughed and said see not a big deal. I laughed shyly and agreed. It was fun yet still kinda awkward. Wasn't sure what to make of it. I started loosing my hard on, and he started talking about my penis and how it looked longer than his. I said maybe a little, we were pretty close in size. He then went on to ask if I wanted to trade hands. I wasn't sure what he meant, and he said I do him and he'll do me. I asked if he really wanted to and he said he wanted to try it. I just said ok and didn't know what to think. I just watched at first as he brought his hand over and started moving it on me. I was rather blown away by how good and different it felt than my own hand, and my penis started growing again rapidly.

I reached over and took his and tried to copy his movements. I never thought we would end up doing this together. I started getting into it and moved my hand faster. He said he was gonna go and I watched as his white cum squirted all over my hand, it felt really hot. That almost sent me over and he sped up on me and I couldn't hold off and let go all over him. What an experience it was. We messed around a couple more occasions but went on to outgrow those times and moved on to girlfriends and such.



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