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A Holiday Experience

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I just got back from a wonderful holiday in Mexico and thought I would post the most amazing experience.
One day my wife was feeling a little ill so she stayed in the hotel room while I went to the pool for a dip. While there I started talking to a guy named Dan. He was at the resort with two mentally handicapped guys (his brother and his brother's friend). I think Dan was a bit lonely and he was a really nice guy so I talked to him for a few hours beside the pool.
Our conversation ended up talking about all the beautiful young women at the resort. One would walk by and we would comment on her butt or tits. After a while I noticed Dan was getting a boner. He wore a tight speedo type bathing suit and it was quite obvious. He was trying to cover the evidence with his hands but it was not working. Finally Dan explained how he had been at the resort for a month now and being with his brothers had not really met any females. As such his only release had been with his hands so he was always getting hard.
I laughed and indicated my wife was taking some pills which took away her sex drive. For the last month my hand was my best friend to, at which point we both laughed.
By now Dan's brother (who had been in the pool playing with his friend) wanted to go back to the hotel room. Dan asked if I wanted to come and have a drink. I liked the guy so said sure. He put a towel around him (his boner was still strong)and headed for his room.
It ended up that the brother and friend were in a room next to Dan's. Dan let me into his room while he got the other two settled in their room.
When he returned we continued to chat. It was for quite a while so I was totally amazed when his towel fell away and he still had a boner. He saw me looking at it and commented it would not go down till he did some handy work. I don't know what came over me but I really wanted to jerk off with this guy.
I said, since we were both in the same boat with no girls to help us why don't we just jerk off together. He kind of froze, I thought oh well time to leave, when he dropped his bathing suit and out popped his cock. Except for porno I had never seen another guys hard cock. I could not take my eyes off it. Dan walked over to the king size bed, laid down and began to touch himself. He looked at me and asked if I was going to jerk off.
I immediatly took off my bathing suit and jumped in bed beside him. My cock was hard as a rock. I'm about 5 1/2 inches but he had to be at least and inch longer. His hand was slowly playing with his cock head, round and round. I just played with my balls knowing that to touch my cock would be instant shoot fest.
We started talking about fucking girlfriends and me about fucking my wife. The feel of a nice warm pussy around a hard cock or a nice pair of lips sucking every inch of cock.
I could tell our talking was getting Dan very close to cumming. He was pounding away moaning humping the air. When all of a sudden he let out a huge grunt and shot a load all the way to his face, then his chest, then his belly, and finally gobs just poured out over his hand. He kept pounding and moaning. I was so amazed by this site I had stopped playing with myself.
Once Dan had settled down he looked over to me and saw my still hard cock. I can't believe he did this but Dan reached over and grabbed my cock. No one but my wife had touched my cock like that before. Pleasure instantly shot through my body. I began to hump into his fist so ready to cum. Dan whispered for me to shoot my load which was all the encouragement I needed, cum shot out like a fountain. He continued to jerk me until I was totally spent.
We both laid there, cocks soft and covered in cum, panting away.
I then noticed the time and realized I had been away from my wife for hours. I got up put on my suit and thanked Dan for the wonderful time and left. Dan and I met some more but that is another story.
Mexico was a great holiday, I will be back.



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