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A Friend's Request

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Well, dear reader this is an odd tale I have to tell. I'm just glad there are such sites to spin this stuff off on. I really don't know what to make of this experience I'm about to share, but I want to tell it just to see what others may think I guess.

I just turned 30 this last year and have been married to the girl of my dreams for three years now. No kids yet, both of us pretty involved in our careers. Anyway, this all gets going with a friend of mine, Joe. Joe is a writer of novels and works for a magazine in New York. (No, I'm not going to tell you which one, or which novels, but Joe's good) Anyway, to make it all shorter, Joe's in town a couple of months ago and comes over for dinner. After dinner just he and I are out on my deck having a bourbon just shooting the shat, when he brings up that he's writing this new novel with a homosexual man as the protagonist. I just nod or whatever, but then he brings up that he needs to get inside this characters head further. I keep nodding like I know what Joe's talking about. Now, Joe's not homosexual, in fact I used to live vicariously through his escapades with many, many women until I met and married Abby (my wife).

But anyway, he keeps saying he need to go further inside his homosexual character's head. That's when he says he needs to ask a favor of me.

'What is it?' I go.

'I need to know first hand what it's like to have a sexual relationship with a man that is already a good friend.'

'Huh?' I go.

Then he just straight up tells me he would like to have a long mutual masturbation session with me for research for this.

'Huh?' I go again, nearly spitting out my bourbon.

'I want to have an intimate encounter with you, Jackson. I want to simulate that with you.'

'You're kidding, right?' I go.

But he's not. I launch into why don't you just find some guy online to have sex with. But he says that won't work because there's no prior relationship there. He's interested in the relational dynamics more than the sex.

Well, I spend a half hour pretty much laughing my ass off at how ridiculous this all is. I mean, I've known Joe since our days at NYU and this is by far the craziest conversation we've ever had.

Anyway, he leaves that night and tells me to think it over and later on I mention it to Abby as we're going to bed. Well she about laughs up a lung and then realizes that Joe was serious and then to my complete surprise she says that maybe I should consider it.

'What?' I bark at her.

'Why not? Everybody should probably explore their bi-side at least once in their life.'

I'm stunned. Then I get further stunned when she tells me that when she was like 13 or something her and her girl cousin once masturbated each other over some Christmas break. Unbelievable.

So I think more about it. Kinda get turned on at the prospect of it, kinda get turned off at the same time, back and forth, back and forth, and then finally I call Joe up and say, 'OK, man, let's do it.'

So a couple of days later he comes over. Abby is about to leave to run some errands but manages to yell on her way out, 'Have fun boys!'

I go to Joe, 'Want a bourbon first?'

'Hell yes. Before and after.'

We drink. We laugh. I'm nervous. To my surprise so is Joe. I don't know why I was so surprised, I guess. He's straight too. I guess that's what made it so surreal-how academic this all was, but at the same time we were getting turned on about it too.

When we finished our drinks we just kind of looked at each other and we're like, OK. And finally Joe goes, 'Well, let's go to the bedroom then and get it on.'

So we go. Jesus. OK so what happens next is so weird, crazy and mind numbing I can barely write it down without jacking off.

You would think we'd ease into it all with a lot of awkwardness and be real slow about it, but we did just the opposite. The second we got into the bedroom we both stripped naked like super-fast. My dick was already super-hard and his wasn't which was weird.

'Whoa, look at that!' Joe said, gawking at my erect penis.

I was embarrassed but ignored it all and immediately took his limp penis in my hands and rubbed it hardcore.

Joe moaned. He then sucked ravenously at my nipples which I didn't expect and I can't believe how much I liked it. Abby had never done that to me before.

Joe got hard and long in about a minute, his erection jutting out of his elaborate grove of pubic hair .

I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my dick-head-which was crazy since Joe hadn't even touched my penis yet.

I pulled down on Joe's ball sac and stroked him while he continued his sucking assault on my hairy nipples.

This went on for a while. I did something else to his penis for awhile, but I won't go into it here on this site. But I will say I couldn't believe how thrilling it all was.

Finally, I grabbed a bottle of baby oil from my sock drawer. I poured it liberally over both our penises. We brought them together and rubbed them. We lied down on the bed, Joe and I, and humped our two oiled penises together for a bit. Then he grabbed mine and fucking pumped me. It was so animalistic. I turned over on my back, put my hands at my sides and let him just jack me and jack me and jack me. My penis was fucking HUGE! My penal veins stuck out all purple and throbbing. A ray of sunlight came in from the window across my inner thigh while I moaned ecstasy. Joe jacked me and jacked me. My dick a mountain of red and throb. His man's hands up and down my shaft in a flurry. Boom! and I came. Massively. Sperm jumped out of me and onto Joe's chin! I came in tidal waves. Joe just kept jacking... I climaxed again and a new wave of my sperm errupted out of me. My eyes began to roll to the back of my head.

'Look at me,' Joe said and I focused and looked at him.

His eyes were so gentle, so present. More of my sperm ushered out of my dick, but I kept looking at him. It was all so weird and unsettling, so primal and so instant. God! I kept cummming! As he jacked me dry I realized that this wasn't just sex. I realized why he wanted to do this to a friend. We were not just having sex anymore-we were making love.

My semen was everywhere but neither of us cared. I moved over to the top and Joe laid down. I took his erect dick in my hands. I smeared some of my own semen on his penis to mix and mingle with the baby oil. I stroked his beautiful shaft. I palmed circles around his penal head. I jacked him. I fucking jacked him and jacked him. I tugged on his ball-sac again. He moaned with pleasure. While I masturbated him, I circled a finger around his anus. I then put my index finger into his anus. (It's so crazy we did all this!! I would've never called it all, but when you're in the middle of it-CRAP!)

Then Joe yelled. YELLED! And came. I pumped the semen out of him. It went all hot over my hand. I got hard again. He kept cumming and I kept jacking. He ran dry. I put his semen on my dick and said, 'I gotta go again...' I leaned back and jacked myself. He leaned over and put more of his cum on my dick to lube it and I kept jacking... He eventually took over and jacked me and I came again.


Joe left after another bourbon and I later told Abby all about it and we got so turned on we had great sex. That is the only time I've ever had a male-male experience. But wow-would I advocate for people to have experiences like that...



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