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A Friend in Need

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In my junior year of college, I roomed with a guy I had just gotten to be friends with the year before. Kyle was a year ahead of me but we found we hit it off well and enjoyed spending time together. Although at the time I wasn't out (even to myself), I was secretly thrilled when he agreed to be roommates the next year. I knew I was attracted to him, and couldn't stop thinking what I wouldn't give to see him naked (which I hadn't yet at that point).

As most guys know, it usually isn't long before roommates get used to seeing each other in various states of undress, and so it was between me and Kyle. He had a habit of returning from the shower in a towel and then just chucking it off the minute he got into our room. The first time I saw his cock I about came right then! It was easily the longest I had ever seen up to that point, a good ten inches at least. He had a nice body, not majorly developed or anything, but very nicely proportioned and with a moderately hairy chest, legs, and of course, pubic region. Not being quite as good looking or anywhere near as endowed as him, I was a little less exhibitionistic but still got used to being naked around him. I never knew him to be anything but straight, so I figured seeing him was the best I was going to get, but even that was fine with me.

One night, we were lying in our beds talking and I mentioned something about being really horny. We both laughed and Kyle said something like, 'If you want to do something about it, go ahead.' I was really surprised he said it, but I figured since he had, it would be ok. So I took off the shorts I usually slept in, and staying under my covers, proceeded to 'do something about it.' After a while, Kyle mentioned that he was horny too, and so I told him it was ok if he wanted to do something about it too. He hesitated and said he didn't think he would, but after a minute or so I had convinced him he should. So, like me, he took off his underwear (which he slept in) and started jerking off under his covers. At one point I asked how he was doing, to which he replied, 'pretty good . . . you wanna help me?' Needless to say, I about had a coronary. I was so surprised, and so flustered, I said 'uh, no, I don't think so'. (A reponse about which to this day I still wonder what the hell I was thinking.) So we continued in our own beds, mostly invisible to each other in the dark and under the covers, and each finishing up with a little bit of heavy breathing and moaning.

I thought I was in Heaven. Little did I know, I hadn't even crossed the threshold yet!

Being a year older than I, Kyle was 21. He periodically went out with some friends of ours who were also his age and on those occasions I usually stayed in and studied or found something else to do. I would have liked to have been with them, but I wasn't concerned. Halloween night of that year, Kyle and our friends had gone out and I went to a party somewhere off campus with some other friends. I got back earlier than Kyle, and was in bed by the time he quietly entered the room after two a.m. He went and took a shower, and awakened by his entrance, I asked when he returned if he had had fun that evening, to which he replied, 'yes' and asked the same of me. As I told him about the party I had gone to, he came over and sat down on the edge of my bed, wearing only his towel. When I finished talking, he was quiet for a bit, then kinda stretched and said, 'Man, do I feel horny.' With my heart racing, I simply said, 'Well, if you have to do something about it . . . ' This time, he said, 'Yeah, I think I will,' and proceeded to stand up, remove his towel, and then sit back down on my bed and lean back across my legs and against the wall. Even without saying a word, it was clearly obvious that he was asking me to 'help'.

I couldn't believe it! There was Kyle, laying back completely naked across my legs, waiting for me to jack him off! This time, instead of saying no, I said, 'so it looks like you need some help.' I sat up, slid my legs out from under him and my covers, and turned so I was leaning on my elbow right next to him, my face not more than a foot from his semi-hard ten-inch dick. It was the first time I had ever had the chance to do this with another guy, and there was no one in the world I would have rather done it with. With a firm but comfortable grip, I took his cock in my hand and started to slowly stroke him. Kyle spread his legs a little, and in the faint ambient light that shined in through our window, I could see him close his eyes and smile a little.

As I continued jerking him off, it was very clear from the tent that had come up in my own shorts that I was enjoying it as much as he. Kyle noticed, and after a while he slid his hand up the leg of my shorts and pulling my dick out of my shorts, started jerking me too. We continued stroking each other for a while, and eventually Kyle kind of stiffened and with a couple of grunts shot a nice load onto my bed and all over my hand. The site of him cumming and the gradual accelaration of his hand wrapped around my dick in turn, caused me to go over the edge only a few seconds later. I was a lot louder than Kyle, and after a few very loud moans, I shot a huge load of my own all over his hand, arm, and onto his chest. After a bit of a rest, Kyle got up and grabbed his towel off the floor and got one for me too, and we both cleaned up and then went to bed.

That was only the beginning of what was my 'coming of age' and a year that could only be described as a fantasy come true. Kyle and I have remained friends, and we jerked each other off (and other stuff) on many occasions visiting each other after he and I both graduated, and even once or twice after he got married. Today he and his wife live in another state, so while we stay in touch, we don't see each other very often anymore. I wouldn't be surprised though if sometime when one of us is able to visit the other, the opportunity to help each other out comes up again.



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