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A First and Possibly Last (so hot)

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I've been a truck driver for 14 years. Never been lucky at getting hooter shots etc. But I got something better. Something I'll never forget. Never really had girlfriends and the first one I did get we been common law for 12 years. And she's a prude and not into trying new stuff. This was a breath of fresh air. Well smelling good air. I didn't wash hands or face and could taste and smell these two hot college girls all day while waiting to get loaded. I'm sure others could smell it too. Mmmm


Well I was watching once upon a time. And reading solo touch till about 4:30 this morning when I was about to shut it all down and go to sleep.When I kept hearing a car crank. The truck next to me had left out around 2 am leaving an open spot.I didn't realize a car had pulled in there.Well I sat in the chair and moved my mirrors so I could see what was up.That's when I saw a girl about 20 to 24 masturbating in the passenger seat.I thought her boyfriend was in the driver seat doing so as well and was like why isn't he helping her. Well this peaked my interest. So I really started watching. Them inadvertently hoping I or someone was.

Well I finally got tired cause my back was hurting and was about to stop. So I got up lowered window to remove screen. And then I could see driver no pants on. Afraid it was a guy I didn't really wanna see anything. As they were higher up in the seat. As the passenger noticed I was watching they really got into it. And that's when I noticed the driver was female as well. I couldn't take it I was hard as crap even after getting off like five times on my own😞. So I said fuck it. I got out walked over stuck my head in there window and said can I help!?!?They got a bit freaked well driver did lol. Since she was almost nude. Turns out. They were at a local night club and was on the way home. When they ran out of gas. So they were waiting till morning not to wake any one up to bring them money. And decided to race each other to get off.

Once again I asked if they wanted help. No actual sex but I do have fingers and a tongue ring. Well it started raining and I went and got a towel to dry off. When I returned the driver had moved to the rear and they told me to get in. Of course I did lol.Well it turned or was going to turn out we were gonna race. Well I had played with mine to the point it was sore. So when the driver asked for the lotion and put it on her pussy I pretended I was gonna rub it in. She said go ahead. So I did. God it was soft and very tight.After a few mins she was like damn your good with your hands. So I reached over and started messing with her friends pussy. It too was soft wet and tight. Well her friend in the back seat kept telling her don't rub it to much not to make it sore. So I said no problem there.

I leaned over and started licking her pussy and fingering her while still fingering her friend. Then I started moving between her holes while licking her. After she came (They came like 5 times each before I moved to the other and each time I could feel there tight holes clinch)I moved to her friend. And did the same.Getting her off. Then she wanted to see mine. So I did and she went nuts wanting to suck it. Well she couldn't get to me to suck it. So I had her plant her pussy on my face reverse 69 in the driver seat. I got her off so bad she had to jump off my mouth. Where she finished sucking me off and swallowed. OMG!! Best feeling ever. Then after it was done I gave them some gas money got there numbers for next time I'm up this way. The passenger was really flat chested. The other had apple size tits one pierced. And had a tat saying nasty girl right above her slit. Both weighed maybe 98 lbs soaking wet. With small pussys and asses. Mmmm I was in heaven.

I was still so turned on when I got back in truck I jerked off again. My first time ever with two people. So wish I had run into them before I had played so much with my self. Don't know if it'll ever happen again cause I have mixed feelings of what I did. Cause I love my girl. But just couldn't pass up this chance once in a live time deal. 



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