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A Different Shade of Gray

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I love the female form no matter the age.


I wrote a play for a local community theater. The story was basically a comedy, but had a strong story line about the relationship of an older couple. The play was a success, and I was invited to speak at a senior women's club in town. It was a small town thing. I knew one of the ladies who is a patron of the theater so I accepted eagerly. I was 35 at the time, and it was kind of fun to be asked to speak for any group. It was all old ladies, but I always loved it when an old lady played against type and engaged in naughty conversations. I got to thinking that there are more horny old ladies than we might think. I fantasize a lot about various situations with women, and sometimes it involves an old lady. Of course, most of my fantasies are stories that will never happen.

One of my fantasies is to play with an old lady's pussy, especially a woman who has been widowed for many years, and hasn't had any sex since. I like to fantasize about a woman who is in need for some loving. I often wondered if old ladies masturbate. I showed up early at the huge house owned by one of the older ladies of the group, Mae. She is 80 but in very good shape. She's very thin but with a big butt, and I see her walking around the neighborhood when I drive through there. When she opened up the door for me, I immediately recognized her as the power walking old lady. Mae is a very nice lady who always touches the person she is talking to. We talked about my subject matter as she poured each of us a Bloody Mary. We talked and laughed and I looked at her legs. She had on a skirt that went down to the top of her knees. Nice legs for her age. Nice legs for a woman 30 years younger. She was seated on a couch, and when her legs parted a few times, I looked and saw her light blue panties and I was turned on. I only had the one drink, and the other ladies came in. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. Mae was a good host, and when I was getting ready to speak at a lectern the ladies club has, she asked me if I wanted another Bloody Mary, or something else. I asked for a glass of water.

As I looked out at the group, I noticed most of the ladies had a Bloody Mary. I also noticed Mae drank many of them. I made some sexual jokes and innuendo, and the ladies loved it. I paused and looked at all the ladies. Some were very fat, some thin like Mae, and some nice and plump. All were there to talk about the issue of the day, drink a lot, and allow themselves to feel sexy. I think some dressed in a way they never did in public. These club meetings were a safe place for these ladies to dress up in outfits considered too racy to wear in other places in their lives. It was pretty informal, and I felt like I was a part of the group despite the big age differences. I relaxed, and asked for another Bloody Mary soon into my speech. A lady sitting in the front row, who was very fat, kept bending down to fumble with her shoe, and I'm certain she made sure I could see her ample breasts hanging in her low-cut blouse. I looked at all the ladies, and they all seemed to project their sexuality. Repressed sexuality, perhaps. The lectern helped me hide my boner causing tent in the front of my pants. I thought I should have jacked off before going there. Who would have figured I would be so turned on by a group of old ladies. The youngest was 70.

I finished the talk, and we had a very nice Q&A. All the while, I noticed Mae staring at me. She didn't say much, and kept drinking. Later on, the ladies started leaving, and I was getting some nice hugs. Some of the horny ladies pressed themselves against my boner and seemed to enjoy it. They smiled and gave me another kiss. One plump lady even backed into me and rubbed her big butt cheeks against my boner while laughing. I heard whispering, and they all talked about my boner and how cute I was. Anyone much younger than them would seem cute to them, I figured. Before long, I looked around, and noticed it was only Mae and me left.

Mae had trouble getting up from her chair. She asked me to help her to the bathroom. I led her in her beautiful bathroom, and she asked me to hold her while she pulled up her skirt. I helped her as she sat on the toilet, and she continued to hold my arm. She looked up at me, and giggled while I heard the tinkling of the water. Mae looked at my crotch, just inches from her face. She ran her hand lightly across the outline of my cock. She looked up, and I smiled at her. I was horny enough, that Mae was looking real good. I could see down her blouse as she bent forward. I could see some of her small breasts, and I could also see some of her exposed butt on the seat. She finished peeing, but she said she wanted to sit there for awhile. She asked me if I would stay with her until she felt stable enough to stand up. I caressed her hair and without thinking, I pulled her head to me. She lifted my shirt, and kissed my belly. She looked up at me with a serious face. "May I play with you? Would you indulge an old lady?" I smiled at her and she smiled back. "Sure you can. I love being touched. Don't you?" "Yeah" she said. I bent down and kissed her. "Maybe we can get a little more comfortable, huh?"

She stood up with my help. Her skirt was caught up over her hips, and I got a nice look at her gray hair covered pussy. I reached down and lightly ran my fingers over her bush and felt some pee still clinging to her hairs. I helped Mae to her bedroom, and she flopped down, her skirt still up so I could see her crotch. "Wanna get naked?" she asked me. "SURE" I answered. I helped take off her blouse, and I felt her tits through her bra. Mae moaned and I slid her skirt down her legs. I bent down and kissed her toned thighs. I pulled her panties down. Mae giggled as I ran my whole hand over her pussy, and I felt the warmth associated with pussies young and old. I scooted up and lightly kissed her lips. I rolled her over, and rubbed her back while I fumbled with the clasp of her bra. I undid it, and pulled it off. I continued rubbing her back side. She was moaning and she slid her hand under her, and could tell she was rubbing her old pussy.

I took my clothes off and knelt over her with my boner bouncing against her butt cheeks. She started to turn over, and I helped her and I could smell her pussy. I was so turned on. I stayed on my knees, and got closer. Mae grabbed my cock and purred. She pressed the head of my dick against her pussy and it felt so warm and moist. She dragged my cock back and forth against her pussy lips, and I could see she was getting turned on. I let her use my cock to stimulate her pussy, and the wetness showed very soon. I didn't know women her age could still get wet down there. I was extremely turned on by Mae. I watched my cock disappear in her pussy forest which became matted down with her juices and my pre cum. I leak a lot, and she let it drip on her finger. She put her finger in her mouth and sucked it like a cock. I reached my finger to her pussy, and got a glob of her pussy juice on it. I licked it off my finger, and it tasted different than the younger women I've been with. But, it was a good taste.

She put her hand to her clit, and circled it with a finger, faster and faster. I leaned back and watched her masturbate for me. I stroked my slick cock, my pre cum pouring out onto the sheets. I was getting close to spurting my cum by now. I groaned and felt my cock ready to explode. Mae's finger was a blur and she voiced her passion. I reached up and rubbed and squeezed her small breasts. Her breathing changed, and she had a series of spasms. I ejaculated all over her hand and pussy. She rubbed my sperm all over and inside her pussy. Her panting slowed down, and a huge smile covered her face. She pulled me down to her, and we kissed and embraced. She turned onto her side, and pulled my hand to wrap around her. I pulled a blanket over us, and spooned her soft flabby butt. I felt her breasts, kissed her neck and shoulder, and fell asleep with my dick pressed against her butt crack.

When I woke up later, Mae was snoring. I had another boner, and I humped her butt cheeks, spilling my hot cum on her. That was a great cum. This old lady really satisfied me, and I loved it that she was satisfied, too. I was invited to another club meeting the next month. It was at the home of another club member. She was the very plump lady who ground her butt against my boner at the last meeting. I look forward to meeting with these beautiful horny old ladies again. And, I'm not going to jack off before going. In fact, I'm not going to jack off for a couple days before the club meeting. I will display my boner that presses the front of my pants very proudly and accept anything these nice horny ladies want to give me.



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