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A Day On The Boat With My Future Sister-in-Law

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My brothers Fiance keeps me company on a fishing trip


A few months ago my father passed away, he and my mother own a boat in a marina near Southampton, Hampshire, England!
Mother is planning on selling the boat in November time. So I am planning to make as much use of it as possible.
I popped down to it last Saturday to go fishing! on the Sunday, I planned to return to the marina and do some work to the boat to get it ready to sell.

I am 30, happily married with one kid, a little boy called George, we are expecting our next soon!

I have always had a crush on my brothers fiancée and have recently noticed her looking at me in a strange way! I put it down to my imagination, I was wrong!

As I was prepping the boat to go out, I got a phone call from my brothers fiancée Ruth. My brother, Tim, was working away in France and she was bored. I said, if I had known I would have invited her, as my wife and daughter were in Manchester visiting her parents, I was about to take the boat out fishing.
She said to wait and she would join me. 'hmmm...' I thought, 'odd.'

She lived an hour and a half from the marina, so I decided to sort out my fishing kit. I popped out and bought; some beer and some wine, a Pizza, some crisps (potato chips for the Americans amongst you). and a large bottle of Coke, I love Coke!

I had planned to be fishing all night, so I didn't bother bringing bedding and I text Ruth this, she was already on her way but said she had warm clothes.
There is a small bed with a mattress and a photon.

Ruth arrived and i took the boat about 3 miles out along the coast.
I anchored off and cast my lines out, fixed my rods and we sat drinking beer and wine.
I looked at Ruth, she was STUNNING! not dressed up or anything, or even revealing, but just Stunning!
about 5' 4", short red hair, and small breasts. she had on a strappy top, with a shirt over the top and jeans.

At about midnight, with nothing biting, I decided I would pack up. so i bought in all my rods and tackle and set up a little wood burner in the main cabin. we sat on the photon talking about our pasts, we both went to the same school and Ruth only being a few years younger knew most of my teachers.
We talked about which teachers we had had crushes on and it surprised me she had had a crush on her PE teacher Mrs Colchester. I knew she was Bi, but i didn't realize she had realized it by the age of 15.
as we talked I realized I could see down her top, I began to get a little horney and got a semi.
I think Ruth Noticed.

Anyway we slowly drifted off to sleep and then woke up about ten minutes later to the sound of rain.
We decided to move onto the bed and we cuddled a bit.

After a while I said "do you feel a little uncomfortable?"
I have to say I did a little, it felt odd to be in the arms of another woman, but I was enjoying it.
Ruth replied "not really, in fact I feel really happy. what about you?"
I had to reply that i did, but was also happy.

I am only 5' 2" in height, a really short arse. but it meant that for us to cuddle comfortably my face was in Ruths Breasts... Awesome! I apologized!
"no" Ruth Replied "I like it".
I began to lick and kiss
I felt her foot rub against mine, and i ran my hand up her back, and unhooked her bra... in under 2 seconds, i still got it!
a sharp intake of breath, "naughty!" she whispered in my ear.
“You have no-idea…” I replied.

Her breasts, although small, where incredibly soft, as was the rest of the skin! I massaged them with my right hand and my mouth, sucking and nibbling the nipple.
My left hand was rubbing her, between her legs through her jeans.
“Tell me if you want me to stop!”
“No further than this!” she replied.

Well, anyway we decided what happens on the boat, stays on the boat! But she didn’t want to go any further than this.

“My god, I just want to rip my clothes off!” Ruth said in contradiction, I looked at her in the eye and smiled!
I took her left hand and placed it on my extremely hard cock, she rubbed it through my combats. I could feel pre-cum ozzing out all over my boxers.
After a while it all sort of just tailed off! Leaving me extremely Horney.

Morning came and we both got up in an odd silence!

Coffee was had and I returned the boat to shore! Once docked, we hugged and she left to go to work.
As soon as she was out of sight I went to the head to have a long awaited wank. (I went to the head because all the cabins have windows and no curtains, which was one of the jobs I had to sort out on the Sunday and the marina was really busy)
It was amazing, I have never had a wank like it, it lasted ten minutes, and I exploded all over the wall, the feeling was intense I fell to my knees.

I cannot now get her out of my mind. What happens on the boat stays on the boat… I hope not!



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