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A Day in the Hot Tub

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seven people one hot tub and a lot of fun


It started as a normal day. We went to school, did the boring stuff, went to lunch and talked about what we would all do after school. At my old High School there was a group of friends that were all in the band, the same lunch, and shared many classes. This being said, we spoke to each other all the time. So at lunch we decided to have a hot tub party later on in the evening. No one else was at the house the eve of the party and we all wanted to get a little crazy.

There were seven people in the hot tub, four guys and three girls. Two of the guests were in a relationship and spent most of the evening making out, but I got to sit next to the girl (we will call her Jessica)I had a crush on for about a year. So we all started talking about our experiences with sex and masturbation and this got me turned on. I would consider myself about seven inches and the bulge was pitching a tent in the hot water. I suggested we turn on the jets and bubbles to 'relax' when really I didn't want anyone to see the massive hard-on going on a few inches beneath the surface.

As soon as the bubbles were on peoples feet and hands began moving and feeling each other, just to play and freak everyone else out. But I was so turned on by Jessica's tits that kept popping out of her top in the water, I decided to take the 'game' a bit further. I slowly crept my hand to Jessica's inner thigh. She started to wonder who is touching her and almost asked out loud but I leaned over to her ear and just said 'Let's have some fun.' So she quietened down and I proceeded closer to her pussy lips. I went under her bathing suit and started to caress her lips and she let out a small moan. I played around her pussy for a few minutes and she started breathing heavy.

While all of this was going on every one in the tub was talking more about each other's sex experiences. After a little more talk she pulled a move on me. She grabbed my bulging cock and massaged it under water near a jet. As soon as she started pumping I slid a finger into her tight pussy. We were pretending nothing was happening and proceeded to pleasure ourselves. I decided this was going to be a good night and reached with my foot up to my friend Katie's pussy, she freaked but I gave her a wink and she let me into her lips. She was much smaller than Jessica and she said she never masturbated before. As soon as those words escaped her mouth, I saw the couple in the tub caressing each other as well. So the only person not left doing anything was Jacob. He was a geeky guy and doesn't usually get physical with girls. So he started jacking off by himself.

At the end of the night we had one hot tub, outside, for every one to see, and seven people jacking off and moaning for the whole neighborhood to hear. It started getting late and we all finished together, just like a close group of friends (now more than ever) should. After that night Jessica and I started dating and we all still got in the hot tub once in a while. I think I might call and see what every one is up to...



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