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A Day I Will Never Forget

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I love Laura SOOO MUCH!!!!


After waiting like two weeks I finally got to go someplace with my girlfriend again and it was great! We decided we were going to go to a farm to pick apples and go through a corn maze. So she came over and we got in the car for my mom to drive there. We sat in the backseat and we were talking when Laura (her name) leaned over on my shoulder. I love it when she does that so I was ok with that and scooted over to get closer. We held hands and I started to get that nice content feeling when you are with someone you love. The feeling that you get when you truly love a person deep down to your heart. It was nice, anyway we hit traffic and we had to slow the car down. I looked over to my left to gaze at her beauty and she moved her hand to my face drawing me in for a kiss. YAY! We kissed for like the rest of the car trip stopping only for a short breather or when my mom interrupted us. I didn't want to stop because the kisses were so passionate and were really capturing the mood. ( I know that doesn't make sense to most people but its hard to explain it!)

We arrived at the farm and to fast forward I picked apples!!! YAY! Then Laura and me went into the maze....alone.....and we walked about in the maze when she suddenly moved in front of me, taking my hands, and gave me a deep kiss. It was great! After we kissed standing there for a while staring in each others eyes (she has beautiful eyes) we started walking again and she said, 'I'm not as innocent as you thought'. OHHHH so sexy!!!! Anyway to make a long 45 minutes of maze short any time we hit a dead end or a split in the path we made out. Good stuff and really passionate and emotional. And then there was a caterpillar........(inside joke).

We left and went back in the car and headed to get a burger. Of course in the car guess what we did? Your right, we kissed!!! But this time was a little different. I noticed she put her hand on my dick and was slightly rubbing it. I really enjoyed that, even though you couldn't feel much (through jeans) but I still liked it. I got an erection!! She then picked up my other hand and placed it on her breast. I wasn't sure if she would let me touch it (I'm so stupid, OF COURSE man, she put my hand there....) and mom might have seen in the rear view mirror so I did semi-mini rubs. She then shifted her body so one breast was in the palm of my hand and was hidden from mom's view. I gave that one a good rubbing! I hope she liked it although I'm not sure if she felt anything because of the bra.

Then we went to my house for like ten minutes while we made out on my bed and then dad gets the marvellous idea to go kiting! So we get in the car and start driving off. Since there was more people in the car we didn't have so much freedom. We poorly flew the kite around and then went to the beach to fly it there. Laura was cold so we went back to the car all alone and we thought it was kinda funny because we made up a sex story between us about being in a the car masturbating each other. And hey we were all alone in a car!! But we could be seen by everyone else so we just made out which was fine by me. On the way home though she was holding my hands but her fingers were petting my dick in front of my parents!! They didn't notice and I got an erection, wonder if she felt it?

We got home to my house and we then went to my room. We kept the lights off because it created a nice atmosphere and we started making out again. This time though we were lying in bed and trading spots on who was on top. I personally enjoyed being both on top and on bottom. Then we lay together and it was so nice because I was sleeping with my love. Of course we couldn't go completely asleep in case someone came in. Unfortunately she had to go home then. When she got home we both went online from our houses and went on AIM.

We talked about the day and how it made us feel. I then told her she made me hot feeling my dick and all so I then stripped my pants and started stroking my dick. It didn't take me long to get hard and it felt real good. She told me that she started masturbating too with her vibrator. I then started to fantasize about some stuff I would like her to do. I pictured us in the car again with her hand on my dick but she was rubbing it more noticeably and a little harder. I then thought of us in the movie theater and her sticking her hand in my pants to feel me. Yeah, it was sexy!!! I also pictured me returning the favor in the movies with some rubs around her legs and if she let me some rubs against her panties and possible going in her panties to rub her lips. The only problem with that is I'm kinda dense so I won't get some hints that she is allowing me to touch her unless she like says it or puts my hand there. I know, I'm stupid wahhh! So then I just pictured her and me in the backseat of my car masturbating each other. It felt so good rubbing my dick so I started going faster and then.... I came and shot a pretty big load all over my tummy! I told Laura and went to clean up in the bathroom.

When I got back we talked some more (I can't type it all or else we will be here all night) and I teased her sexually about stuff I wanted to do to her. Then she said how she was going to go to bed without her shirt on. Ohh, I liked that. She told me she never sleeps with a bra and sometimes no shirt because its not comfortable with them on. She also described how her bed was so big she could just spread her legs out and be all comfortable. I pictured this in my mind and instantly got hard but I had to go to bed so I didn't jerk off a second time although if I didn't have to go to bed, I would have.

I hope one day we can do a little more than just kiss. Maybe when we go to the movies again......

Solid Snake



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