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A Chat on Solo Touch and a Real Life Coincidence.

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It's not often that coincidences like this happen. I'm glad this one did.


In a recent chat I had with another Solo Touch member, he asked me how to find swingers and get invited to one of their parties. I told him to keep his eyes and ears open, watch for clues. When swingers talk with each other in public, it's sometimes possible to recognize that they are swingers. I don't know exactly why, but for me at least, I seem to pick up on the clues pretty easily.

Anyway, as a funny coincidence, a couple of days after that chat, I was at work cashing out some customers. A customer, one of the men I have been with at some recent swing parties and his wife came through my line and we exchanged greetings and talked briefly, then they left. The next customer was very friendly, mid-twenties-ish. He leaned over the counter a bit and in a half-whisper, looking very embarrassed, asked me if I knew whether that couple was into the group scene. I discretely nodded yes. Then he said he really wanted to ask if I was also into it too. Again I nodded. When he got his receipt, he quickly scribbled his phone number and "Jim" on the back and handed it back to me, saying "Please, please call me when you can. Please." Then he left.

After work, I called him. He said his wife has been wanting to try out swinging, and they had been talking about it for months. He didn't think he could do it and they had several arguments about it. He said he thinks maybe he is inadequate for her and it deeply upset him. It got so bad that she started hinting that she wanted to divorce. That convinced him to at least consider it. But neither of them knew how to get started. Then he ran into our little conversation at the store. At least that was his story.

I told him that before the next party, I would ask the hosting couple if I could bring a first-time couple as guests. They said they would have to meet them beforehand, so I relayed it to Jim and arranged for him, his wife Elise and myself to meet with the host and hostess Ted and Nancy, who are fastidious and very careful who they allow into their parties. They are also very good at drawing out the truth from people (they are very shrewd judges of personality and he is a police investigator). It turns out the story Jim gave me was not quite accurate. In fact it was he who wanted to get into swinging and Elise was dead-set against it at first, but by this point was willing to give it a look-see. She had no intention of participating, but was willing to go, but she didn't want Jim having sex, just masturbating, solo or with others, but no sex.

Ted and Nancy went off into the kitchen to talk it over before making a decision. They asked me to join them. Ted said he likes them and finds Elise attractive. Nancy and I agreed we would totally ball Jim given the chance. But I said I was concerned that he had lied to me initially. We asked him to come in without Elise to ask him about it. He apologized to me and said he felt I would not help him if he told the truth. Ted took him aside and asked Nancy and me to leave them alone, so we went back out to sit and chat with Elise.

Elise confided that she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about swinging, but was willing to go just once to save their marriage. She started crying and Nancy consoled her.

When the men rejoined us, Ted and Jim were all smiles. I don't know what they said to each other but Ted said "he's ok." He and Nancy decided to let them in. If they turned out to be disruptive in any way, or to negatively affect the atmosphere, they would be asked to leave and not be invited back. But at least they could meet others and maybe eventually come into the lifestyle.

They told them the rules: No drugs, no intoxication; "no" spoken by anyone means "no"; there's to be no coercion; shower before arriving; and all the usual etiquette rules. Jim looked delighted. His wife seemed relieved but conflicted. Before leaving, Ted and Nancy gave them a tour of their very nicely appointed house. Six bedrooms all with king size beds, tapestries hung on the walls, plush carpeting, nice paintings hung everywhere, three bathrooms, one with a huge shower, large enough for three or four couples, clear glass double door. I have spent quality time myself in that shower. On most of those beds too, for that matter.

After stepping outside to leave, Jim thanked me profusely and gave me a very warm hug. His wife looked aghast at this and he said to her, it won't be so bad, you'll see. Daggers were shooting out of her eyes, but he wrapped her in his arms and promised he wouldn't have sex unless she met the potential partner and approved, and her demeanour softened a bit. He reminded her that she would be free to have sex with anyone else if she wanted to, as long as he had the same veto rights as she had. She quickly glanced my way and said we ought to be getting home, so we went our separate ways.

The night of the party, Jim and Elise were already there when I arrived. We all had a fun time chatting small talk, sipping champagne and munching on the hor d' oeuvres. Jim was sporting a boner even though everyone was still dressed. The party was slower than usual in getting started. The only action was some kissing and necking going on by the kitchen. Elise looked positively horrified when the first couple to disrobe started making out right in the middle of the crowd. That kicked off the festivities and soon people were pairing off and partaking in their various delights.

Jim and Elise had the nervous look typical of newcomers. I took Elise aside and asked what was going through her mind. She was getting horny but didn't know what to do and was afraid she would lose control. I told her not to worry, just to go with her instincts. I also told her if and when someone asks to be with her, to agree only if she wants to, and let them know right away what her limits are. Everyone is up front so don't be afraid to speak honestly.

Nancy and Jim were standing close together, sniggling and flirting. She clasped her hands behind his neck and I heard her ask him if he has any problems she can help him with and he said not yet then whispered something in her ear while looking at me. She laughed and turned to me. She whispered to me that Jim wanted to finger me but didn't want to be too forward. I excused myself from Elise, walked right up to him, put my arms on his shoulders and clasped my hands behind his neck as Nancy did, and as seductively as I could, I reminded him he must be honest and if he has anything to say to me, that he should just come out and say it.

He said nothing, grabbed my hips, turned me around and wrapped his arms around me from behind and started massaging my tits. He unzipped my dress, slid the straps off my shoulders and down it went. I stepped out of it, and kicked off my shoes. I wore no bra. He resumed massaging my naked tits and he complimented me on their small size and hard nipples. (His hands were cool, I assume out of nervousness.) He brushed my hair aside and kissed my neck. I looked over towards Elise and saw that she was already at the center of a group of men who flocked around the attractive newcomer. She, several times, nervously glanced over at Jim and I.

By that time, Jim's hands were inside my panties and he wasted no time finding my clit. I reached behind and tried putting my hands down his pants but his belt was too tight, a condition he quickly remedied then went back to fingering me. I started stroking him and we pretty much proceeded from there to where I had cum twice, standing there in sight of Elise. When he came, it made quite a mess on my hands. I took a time out to clean up.

It seems Elise threw away her inhibitions, along with her rules. She disappeared into one of the bedrooms with four men in tow, throwing off their clothing as they went. Jim seeing that, figured he was free as well and from that moment on, our activities became too steamy for Solo Touch. I'll just conclude by saying that Jim and I did much more than masturbate each other. And our activities involved other people as well.

That whole incident was quite remarkable, having been made possible by a chance conversation among swingers being overheard by someone wanting to try it out, just like I told my chat partner a few days ago. I hope he reads my story and sees that it could happen.



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