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A Brief Sexual History

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The first sexual experience I can remember was probably when I was about five. My parent's friends' daughter 'Jill,' had spent the night in the guest bedroom and we both woke up early in the morning before anyone else. I can remember that she had worn only an over sized t-shirt to bed and we walked around flashing each other every now and then. I don't remember being particularly aroused by it at the time. It was just a sort of fun, 'naughty' thing.

When I was about six was probably the first time I saw another boy's penis. I had a classmate over and we went swimming and afterwards we both went into my room to change. I can remember comparing and finding that mine was different, because I wasn't circumcised.

When I got to be about eight or so I can remember that 'Jill' and her sister 'Jess' used to come around a bit. On those occasions I remember going down to the basement with Jess and playing some sort of I'll show you mine if you show me yours sorts of games. I can remember being a bit more aroused by these, and one time I even stuck my finger in her vagina, but it never progressed further than that and I never really knew what I was doing.

It was around the age of nine or ten that I discovered that my dad kept a huge stack of porn in his top dresser drawer. I found it one day when I was sure to be home alone for a few hours. That first day I remember taking a big stack of them and lying on my parents bed, stomach down, reading them. I understood the basic mechanics of sex in that you sort of stuck your dick in the woman and humped back and forth, so that's what I began to do to the bed as I read them. I didn't even take off my shorts though so I didn't get that much pleasure. At first I was confused by all these terms that they were using like cock and pussy, and cum and the like and I can remember looking them up in the dictionary, of course all I discovered from that was that a cock was a word for rooster, but I did eventually figure it out mainly from context.

I began reading these more and more frequently and as I did my humping technique advanced to the point where I actually took off my pants and did it naked. I can remember my first orgasm from it quite clearly. It was late and I was in my bed reading one of the stolen magazines, humping harder and harder and harder when suddenly I had this mind blowing sensation, and I thought, 'Whoa, so that's what all the fuss is about!'

I continued masturbating by this method for a couple of months until I discovered that it felt even better if I used my hands as well. As I would hump I would put both thumbs on the back of my dick and the fingers on my balls and sort of squeeze it all together. After a while of having orgasms but not actually ejaculating I began to worry about it, I thought that maybe you had to be circumsized. I had heard that one of my older friends had to be circumsized and I thought that must be to allow him to cum. (It turns out his foreskin had simply become infected because of lack of hygeine) I also thought that you didn't cum unless you continued at it after you had your orgasm. I tried this but it simply resulted in an overstimulation of my cockhead and I couldn't take it.

It was about this time that I decided to introduce my brother to my wonderful habit. We shared a room and one night I asked him if he wanted to see something and he said 'Sure' and I said 'Just don't tell mom and dad.' At first we just read stories to each other while we jerked off ourselves but eventually it progressed to the point of mutual masturbation.

Around this time I became desperate for a mutual with someone my age. (Still wouldn't mind one) and in about seventh grade I had my friend Jeff over. Throughout the night I made a few hints about it but I'm not sure that he got them. Late that night, around three, I brought him into my room and showed him a porn magazine. He was impressed by it but found any shot where you could see a dick disgusting. Then I asked him if he masturbated, but he didn't know what that meant so I asked if he jerked off but he was still confused. So I asked if he played with himself and he said no. I was really disappointed. Looking for a way in I asked how long his dick was, but he said that he didn't know, so I said we'll measure ours. I got a ruler, dropped my pants and measured my five inch hard-on right in front of him. He on the other hand was less public. He turned away and measured. I tried to see, but he wouldn't let me. He said it was four and a half inches and pretending I didn't believe it I told him to prove it, he refused though and we went to bed. As we lay in the living room, watching TV, I got bold and started jerking off right in the open. He watched and looked quite interested but not enough to do it in front of me.

Unfortunately I still haven't had the luck to have a mutual with anyone but my brother. There were a couple of times where I might have been able to but was too afraid to be bold enough to do it.

My brother and I still like to do it today.



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