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A Blonde Guy in Mexico

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The first time I gave a girl an orgasm


Hi everybody. Thanks for your contributions and please keep them coming (also the girls!).

When I was 18 years of age I went to Mexico as an exchange student. Although I had had experiences with a few girls before I must admit that I probably wasn't the best lover around. I had only been with each girl once and they were always just as unexperienced as I was so nerves always got the better of us.

I'm just a very averege guy and I had never had any big success with women. However, in Mexico my luck totally changed. I lived in this small city close to Mexico City and all of the sudden a whole bunch of women were interested in me, probably just because I looked to them a little bit 'exotic'. I was even getting sent cocktails to my table from girls at bars and everything.

At a language school I attended the few girls who spoke english started to come over and after awhile they wanted to 'go out for coffee'. As a young and horny guy I made the mistake of going out with the first girl who asked me, in my innocence not knowing that I probably could have picked and chosen. Not that the girl (Margarita) was bad looking, I just found her rather boring (but your hormones don't seem to mind, do they?).

Margarita was 5 years older than me which at the time I found rather flattering. On the first date we ended up in a park making out just like any teenager in Mexico. Margarita, like most of the people in the city, was very catholic so there was no way we could go to either of our homes to make out which was a big problem. We ended up in several parks doing as much as we dared (which was basically just feeling her breasts when no one was looking) and talking about sex and the things we wanted to do.

What I found amazing was that she was extremely horny all the time but she refused to admit that she ever masturbated but I told her that I did it all the time (especially after our park encounters!) and she found that very fascinating.

Finally our chance came to go a little bit further. My host family went out for one day and I brought Margarita home. She immediatly wanted to see my cock and although I was a bit shy I was not going to deny her. I was on my back on a bed and pulled my pants down to reveal my very hard cock and she gasped at the sight of it. I would like to tell you that it was because it was so big but the truth is that it is actually rather on the small side. I was even going to apologize to her how small it was when she commented how big and hard it was! I couldn't believe my own ears. Well, the reason was very simple; this was the first cock she had ever seen! At 22 years of age she had never even seen a picture of a cock!

Almost instinctivly she started to touch it at all the right places and I was so overwhelmed by the situation and the feeling that I came all over her hand and my belly in probably less than 30 seconds. It was so amazing seeing how much she enjoyed doing this to me and how she rubbed my cum between her fingers and smelled it. After we had cleaned up she even said that she really wanted to taste it! That was enough to get me hard again but as I was taking her panties off to return the favor my host family came in the front door so we needed to clear out of the house before they saw us.

In desperation, both terribly horny, we went to her house because she hoped her parents might be out. When we came there we found that they were indeed out but her older brother was upstairs so she didn't want to do anything. In the livingroom I started to touch her breast anyway, I simply couldn't control myself. She told me to stop but I playfully continued and worked my way down and through her clothes I very gently started to rub her crotch area. She was giggling and she continued to warn me that her brother would kill me if he came down and saw us. I ignored her warnings and continued stroking her crotch area but not knowing where exactly to rub since I was rubbing through her clothes. All of the sudden she stopped protesting (not that it had been very serious protesting to begin with), leaned back in the sofa and with her hands she guided my hand to the right spot and started to thurst her crotch into my hand. Somewhat surprised I followed her lead and continued rubbing. Very soon I saw her face begin to distort and her body began to spasm in ways I had never seen before and a few stifled sounds came from her as she tried to be as silent as possible. It was the most beautiful and erotic sight I had ever seen and just the sight actually made me come in my pants. I remember how erotic it was seeing her all flushed in the face with her nipples poking out of the dress and although she was still dressed the smell of her pussy was intoxicating.

I never told her that I came in my pants, I actually was a bit ashamed. I went to the bathroom and flushed my briefs down the toilet and fortunatly there wasn't a big stain on my jeans.

We did have a few more episodes but we broke up quite soon and I had episodes with other girls during my year in Mexico. Perhaps more on that later.



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