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70's Swingers

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It was in the mid 1970s and I was in my teens. I had a male friend, who always told me about this cool older couple who were in their 30s (That was old to us back then.) that would let him come over and play their albums, and tell stories, and just do all kinds of cool stuff. My friend, lets call him Tom, would sometimes brag that the wife would seduce him and try to get Tom to fool around with her. I never believed him, I always thought it was a bunch of boy talk, you know, wishful thinking or at the most, exaggerations on some semblance of truth.

One day, he brought me over to the infamous hippie pad and it was so unbelievably cool to me. They had lava lights and beaded doorways, batiks on the wall, incense burning, hundreds of pillows and albums and books all over the place. It was just a cool old hippie crash pad. The couple themselves were very cute and kind and very laid back, and gave us some delicious iced sun tea to drink.

Then my friend Tom went into the bedroom with the wife and was gone for what seemed like a very long time. The husband got up and went in there, and came out and said, 'Come on, come to the store with me to get some stuff for sandwiches.' I agreed and off we went.

When we got to the store parking lot, he parked way in the back. Then he started telling me how he and his 'old lady' had an 'open relationship', and that they enjoyed fooling around with other people. I was very young and shy and just said, 'Oh!', or something like that. He said that his wife and Tom were 'makin it' right now, so we couldn't go back to the house for at least an hour. Then he asked, 'You wanna make it with me?'

I said, 'No.' I didn't really know this guy too well, and although I did like him and I was horny as hell all the time, and had done almost everything with guys, I was still a virgin.

He would graze his hand lightly across my tits and say, 'Oh baby, you sure have some sexy tits there. Why don't you lift you shirt so I can see them?'

I would just giggle and say, 'No, I can't.'

'But why not?' he kept asking.

Finally, I think I said, 'Because I am shy.'

He asked, 'Just let me see a little?' and he reached over and lifted my top, and I sure didn't stop him. He started playing with my tits with one hand and grabbing his dick though his pants with the other. I was pretty excited and I really didn't want him to stop.

Then asked, 'You want to see my cock?'

And I sheepishly said, 'Ok!', so he just pulled his cock out of his pants and started rubbing it right there in front of me. I was totally turned on by the whole thing, but still too shy and inexperienced to do anything about it. He kept on stoking his cock and playing with my tits saying, 'Oh baby, let me see your pussy!'

'No!' I said, even though I really wanted him to rip my clothes off and press his hard dick against me so bad.

'Oh fuck, I am going to come,' he said, and grabbed a towel and squirted into it. Then as if nothing had happened, we went into the store and got the sandwich stuff, and we drove back, talking about other stuff. When we got back, Tom and the wife were back in the living room, just sitting on pillows and watching TV. The husband left for work and eventually Tom and I left.

We told each other what had happened to each other. I said I just watched him jack off, and Tom said that he had got a blow job. Now, I believed him. We agreed we would go back to their house one day when we were feeling horny but somehow it never happened. I know he went back a lot of times but I never did.

A few years later, I would go back to that same parking lot and finger myself off thinking about it, wishing the cool hippy dude would show up and try to talk me into something, which I was now, more than ready for.



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