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60 Days Naked

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I received an email at the beginning of May last year. The email invited me, Nate and Login to join Austin on his family's boat for a graduation celebration. The four of us were going to graduate in May from Golden Gate Seminary and Austin's dad had his cabin cruiser outfitted for a two-month sail for the four of us. I would not call the boat a yacht, but it was big - not something that you could pull behind your truck. Big enough to sail from California to Hawaii and that is what the four of us did. We left on June first and we got back on August 1st. Austin's email was a bit strange but it said that we would need two tee shirts, two pair of board shorts and a skimpy Speedo.

After we graduated in mid-May we all met at the marina on June 1st. I had my required needs in a Wal-Mart bag, a tee shirt, a pair of board shorts and a brand new skimpy Speedo I was wearing the other tee shirt and pair of board shorts. Nate, Login and Austin all arrived in similar fashion. Upon boarding Austin gave us a tour of our home for the next sixty days. We went below where there was a nice galley and two sets of bunk beds on opposite walls, there was about two feet between the beds. I threw my bag on one of the top bunks. Austin lost his shirt on his bunk and we followed suit.

We soon got underway. Austin set the navigation equipment and walked away from the control panel. We were soon out of the bay and on our way. When we reached open water Austin looked at us and said, 'get ready to get the best tan of your lives' and he immediately dropped his board shorts to the deck. Austin stood there totally naked. He reached down with his toes, retrieved his shorts and hung them on one of the rings on the deck. Login and I, not being shy, lost our shorts, but Nate replied with, 'what the hell do you do when a ship passes by.' Austin pointed at a number of Hawaiian style wraps, pulled one off a hook and wrapped it around him. He looked like a Hawaiian hunk. Nate slipped his shorts off and we were then all naked, working on the best tans of our lives. For the next sixty days we were naked most days. We dressed in one of the wraps when another boat or ship passed by; interestingly, when most private craft passed by everybody on the other boat were normally naked and they did not pretend to cover up.

We fished, we swam, we did nothing, we had a great time. Of course I was wondering about privacy for jacking-off from the minute I saw the very public sleeping quarters. You have got to understand that most Southern Baptist seminary students rather admit to being a serial killer than to jacking-off. There are two kinds of Baptist-those that admit to jacking-off and those that lie about it.

I grew up with a twin brother, we shared a room and we both jacked-off every night before we went to sleep. My dad had set the two of us down when we were about ten and told us to enjoy jacking-off, that there is nothing wrong with us doing it. In seminary some of the profs wanted us to believe that there was something wrong with us jacking-off, I just remembered what dad said and just kept right on jacking, but now I was with three other seminary guys and I did not know what I was going to do. I had never had to sneak around to jack-off and did not want to start at 25 years of age.

After we ate our first supper we all went back up on deck. During the day we spent time in the hammocks that could easily be hung on the front deck. There was room for four hammocks to hang side by side. We each took a hammock and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset that I had ever seen in my life. Austin said, 'guys I am as straight as an arrow, I am engaged to be married, and I jack-off every night.' He then took a bottle of Banana Boat tanning oil and lubed up and began to jack-off. I said, 'toss me the oil.' Login added, 'yaw, hand it over.' Nate went below board without a word. Nate is one of those guys that struggles with all pleasure, a true Puritan.

Austin, Login and I fell asleep after twenty minutes of jacking, and eight seconds of wonderful orgasm. We shot all over our stomach, smeared it in and went straight to sleep. The next morning we went below for breakfast and found Nate in one of the bunks, naked and fast asleep. Nate awakened to the smells of breakfast and joined us at the table. We ate. Our day then started. We went to the back deck where there were four Sea Doo watercraft. Wearing nothing but sunscreen we spent the day playing on the water craft. Man I have never had more fun in my life. Just past noon we docked the Sea Doos and went below for sandwiches. After lunch we each hung one of the hammocks and took a long afternoon nap.

I woke up with a wonderful hard-on. I took the oil and slowly began to stroke my hard dick. Login was in the hammock next to me. He woke up and bumped me and whispered let me have it. He then started jacking off, going slowly. Nate was the next one to recover from a well needed nap. When he awoke he went below. Soon Austin woke up and asked for the oil. The three of us went slow for a long time and then we just began to go faster and faster - we all hit climax at the same time, shooting all over ourselves and once again rubbing it in and letting it dry.

For the first week Nate was the only one that slept below. Austin, Login and I jacked-off morning, noon and night and all time between. We were having a great time. Nate never said a word he just left when we were jacking-off. After the first week at sea one evening it was too cool for us to sleep on the deck. Nate had gone below and we joined him, but he did not know that we were coming below. When we got below we found Nate with his ear buds in jacking-off to beat the band. He was on one of the top bunks, I crawled up in the bunk next to his. Startled he jumped. He stopped jacking-off. He noticed that Austin and Login were in the bunks below. That night we all four jacked-off before we went to sleep. After that night Nate joined in when we jacked-off. Nate never said a word.

We went to shore on Sunday mornings to go to church. Austin had been sailing these waters all of his life and he charted us a course where we would be near a church each Sunday morning. Austin knew what we would need to wear to church. Some churches we wore a tee shirt and board shorts and on some of the islands we just wore our board shorts. We also went ashore at different beaches. This is where the Speedos came in. Austin knew about all of the local beaches. The beaches ranged from naked to board shorts. We swam in native fashion. If the locals swam naked, we swam naked. If the locals wore Speedos, we wore Speedos, etc.

After Nate began to join us in our jack-off fun we began to talk about why guys jack-off. It feels good. It is the only acceptable sex act prior to marriage. It is good for your prostate. It is virgin protection. It takes the edge off before a date. It is a great way to deal with morning wood.

Nate, Login, Austin and I are all twenty-five years old. We are all around six feet tall. Nate and Login are brown eyed blondes. Austin and I have black hair and blue eyes. If I do say so myself we are all good looking hunks. Interestingly, we all have dicks that are about the same look and size. I know that mine is almost six inches long when fully hard and without measuring I would guess that there is not a tenth of an inch difference between the four of us. On August first we returned the boat to its slip. We all had million dollar tans, even our dicks were tanned. I have never jacked-off more in my life. I have never had more fun around other guys in my life, and one last thing-we jacked-off together, we did not jack each other off.



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