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56 Years of Pleasure

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Still playing and enjoying!


Dear Solo Readers, when I was a seventh grader, an eighth grade boy taught me how to 'pump' my love wand until it felt great-even if it was only a dry orgasm. After several months, a tiny speck of clear liquid appeared on the tip. When I finally was able to produce that lovely white 'Love Juice,' he told me, 'Now you can impregnate a female.' I thought I had just become a man. It took some more time before I was able to make my love juice shoot out. I went to a small country school with not enough boys to play ball. So we 'played ball' every recess in a number of out-of-the-way places around the school ground in places where we would not be interrupted.

The farthest I ever shot my love juice was a decade or two ago when lying in bed with my wife's leg over my tummy. I stroked my love wand back and forth across her s-m-o-o-t-h thigh until my jizz shot out and landed on my pillow right by my ear! Some months later, the same thing happened, only this time it landed on the pillow by my other ear! Sad to say, she did not know she could achieve the same pleasure a male can until after we were married and bought a book titled Love without Fear. So she never learned to make orgasms an integral part of her life. She's a career woman and pours her life into that instead. Sigh. Yes, she enjoyed occasional orgasms for most of our first four decades together, but lost interest half a dozen years ago. So I've continued to enjoy my body and play solo every chance I get. Now at my age, it doesn't shoot far at all, my love wand throbs and it starts pouring one spurt after another into the palm of my cupped hand-sometimes hitting my thumb, usually about a teaspoonful. It always feels great! I've invented a number of ways to play with my love wand, but won't go into details today in this ditty. It would get way too long.

As I've aged, erections have been harder to achieve and so have orgasms-even when I use oil to slick things up and pump vigorously. So I have REALLY enjoyed reading all your stories over the years, even when SoloTouch was still ProAxis! I have never failed to achieve an erection nor an orgasm when reading! Pornography does practically nothing for me, but reading puts my mind right into the action I'm reading about and I start living the experience with the writer! M and m-m stories don't turn me on that much-evidently I have no gay tendencies. I ususally read only m-f, f-m, f, and ff. I especially enjoy details about building up to an orgasm and all the tingly details about how the thrills hit the writer's body of their love partner's body.

Because I've heard such awful stories about males violating young females and how they carry the horrible and painful rape experience with them throughout their lives, I prefer reading stories about older girls initiating young boys to the pleasures their bodies can give them, whether the writer is male or female! I also enjoy reading about girls showing boys how their own bodies react to self-stimulation and give them thrills! Best of all is when a boy is able to watch a number of girls playing with their clits all at the same time! My manhood comes right up and stands tall and proud at attention! In fact, my love wand is standing at attention right now and leaning on the keyboard-and I just unloaded my balls a few hours ago! Usually I hold off with a day in between ejaculations in order to let the quantity build up before working up another ejaculation. I'm always jealous when reading about females able to work up one orgasm after another, but then, because females are so beautiful, I'm not about to deny them the privilege of enjoying all the pleasure they can. Just this past month, I read about two females enjoying pleasure together. They were 10 for 10! Wow!

When reading exciting Solo stories, my love wand not only stiffens out, it swells in size and length and also looks great-somewhat lilac colored when really excited. My erection feels great both inside my love wand as well as feeling great in my hand. I like to read and tease my erection by lightly stroking it before pumping slowly for 45 minutes to an hour plus-until I can't hold back anymore and pump vigorously until my volcano erupts that thick, white, hot love juice! As I near orgasm, a tingly feeling starts down low and gradually moves up my chest, neck, face, and all the way up to my brain. Orgasms feel so wonderful and I'm so thankful that I found SoloTouch years ago.

Over the years, I've downloaded hundreds of SoloTouch stories, separating them by month. I was a member of WhisperingLily for a while, but did not log on often enough, so let it lapse. I know I'm missing out on a lot, but Solo is enough for me. Thanks to you all. I was a great contributor years ago, but have been super busy lately and have not submitted much. I guess I told all my erotic stories and told all about me.

Sorry if you do not find the above very erotic, but after all these years I still enjoy those wonderful thrills-hoping I can stave off prostate cancer by emptying my balls and the prostate fluid several times a week. I don't want all those sperm and all that prostate fluid to get old and rancid in my body. I'd rather pump it out regularly and enthusiastically! At my age, people tell me 'You look so young!' or 'You don't look that old.' They also ask, 'How can you always be so cheerful?' I don't tell them my secret, but am confident that sharing my secret with other ST readers will keep us all tickling and enjoying our bodies! I know my good health and good attitude is because I keep my sex organs active. I know of so many prostate cancer cases that preventing it would definitely be a real bonus in addition to all the thrills I enjoy every time. Also, I firmly believe that by sending thrills throughout out body clear up to our brain, we can prevent alzheimers also. So, orgasms not only provide lots of pleasure, but are good for one's entire body and mind. Orgasms make a bad day turn out wonderful and make a great day even better! I've read that a person's sexual health in large part determines the rest of our body's and mind's health. Self-love is so important. Never give up. Enjoy all the thrills you can. Self-pleasuring is safe, inexpensive, and fun! In addition, self-pleasuring is not apt to land a person in court for either a lawsuit or prison sentence! What more can a person ask for!

'Nuff. Must close. Have submitted this contribution numerous times, but kept going back to edit. Keep tickling! :-) RC

PS I read a little story about a boy who could talk to his grandmother about anything. One day he was discussing how wonderful his body felt when he played with his privates and asked her, 'Grandma, is there anything better than an orgasm?' She replied, 'Honey, if there is, God reserved it for Himself!' I'll say it here, 'Orgasm is next best to heaven!' rc

PSS I read years and years ago in Reader's Digest that a male's ejaculate contains cancer preventing antibodies. So I always eat my cum, keeping it in my mouth for a minute or more so that all the cancer preventing antibodises can be absorbed by my cheeks and getting into my body before hitting the digestive juices. rc



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