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3-Way Fun

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3-Way Fun
This experience turned out to be the most erotic couple of hours I've ever enjoyed and it appears that it will be repeated in similar fashion many more times as both of my partners are anxious for repeat sessions. Perhaps I've mentioned my longtime bi friend Wayne and our frequent times together. One day, in late April I think, he promised to bring a young woman along to join in our fun. She was bi also but had never made it with two guys at the same time-- yet alone two bi guys.
By the time Wayne got here I was a nervous wreck. He was bringing along a 34-year old female employee of his, Carolyn. Wayne had called to say they were running a bit late and it ended up they were a half hour later than expected. Wayne introduced me to Carolyn, who was carrying a two liter bottle of Coke. I found out later that she must have had it propped between her legs on the long ride out from town because her thighs were cold to the touch whereas the rest of her skin was warm. Fortunately, that didn't cool things off in the least!
Carolyn is, I'd guess, about 5'2", very shapely and slender. Not a bit of fat on her. She looks much younger than her 34 years; I would have guessed she was 25 (although she has the body of a high school sophomore cheerleader). She has neck-length amber hair, pleasant facial features and a warm smile. Her Georgia accent made her soft voice come more alive. I could tell she was very nervous, too, which made me feel a bit better. Since she and Wayne knew one another and I was the odd one I thought I'd let them take the lead.
Wayne isn't the least bit bashful so after less than five minutes of talk he said, "let's go get more comfortable" and headed back toward the guest bedroom he and I always use. Carolyn followed him and I brought up the rear. We all started taking off our cloths as soon as we entered the bedroom. I was pleased that Carolyn apparently felt no need to be modest; she knew we were there to have sex and that meant disrobing. The fact that she was in the room with two older men didn't seem to slow her down a bit. (I'm 50 and Wayne is 52 I think). On her left shoulder was a tattoo, about the size of a silver dollar, a memento from her four years in the Navy. She had a petite flowered bra which I watched closely as she prepared to take it off. I had felt my heart skip when I first saw her enter the front room because she seemed to have a very flat chest. I am quite partial to women with small breasts and I was hopeful Carolyn would match my dreams. She did! When the bra came off I saw two A- cup honeys with tiny nipples already standing tall. When she was on her back, what little breast was there seemed to disappear and those beautiful pink nubbins poked up proudly for me to suck. While we were undressing I only caught a glimpse of her furry bush; it was almost blonde, untrimmed but it extended no further than her pussy lips.
Wayne indicated he wanted me to get on the left side of the bed, Carolyn in the center and he on the right side. He began kissing her and fondling her breasts; I wanted to touch them right then but I sheepishly snuggled in with my body pressed against her back. My hands began roaming up and down her legs, flat tummy, and firm white ass. It was during that roaming that I discovered her cold thighs. They warmed up rather quickly.
Carolyn reached for Wayne's cock and began stroking it as they were kissing. Finally, Wayne got on his knees, spread Carolyn's legs apart and dove his face into her bush. Damn! I wanted to do that! But my time was yet to come. She was still visibly nervous so I decided I'd just continue my caressing, this time moving up to fondle those breasts that held such appeal for me. I sucked them, too, enjoying those tiny nipples jutting into my warm mouth. She finally reached down, took my penis into her hand and began a pumping motion that convinced me she was no stranger to a hard cock even though she often preferred feasting on pussy.
Wayne finally moved back up to resume French kissing and I took that opportunity to position myself between Carolyn's legs. My, oh my! Not only did this young woman have a perfectly proportioned body with slender legs and taught butt, she had a cunt with all the features I preferred. As I parted her outer lips, her inner lips became clearly visible. They were huge, draping out over her fur. Although everywhere else her skin was very white, those puffy lips were much darker in color. Awesome. My gaze moved up to see her clit, quite visible and extremely long. My fingers reached over and found her cunt oozing with her own juices, making my finger rubbing motion easy and slippery. After a bit of that rubbing, I dropped my face down for some real action. Her aroma was delightful: sweet and very noticeable. The taste matched perfectly. Oh, how I relished that pussy.
After a few minutes of mindless feasting between Carolyn's legs, we changed positions again and I ended up sucking Wayne's cock for awhile. He was really hot and he had to make me back off several times before I had him prematurely erupting in my mouth. Like Carolyn's pussy, his cock was freely flowing with pre-cum, another taste that was turning me on.
At one point I ended up in the center with Wayne on my right, bent down sucking on my cock. Carolyn was on my left in the same position. My hands were on both of their backs. First one would lick and suck me, then the other. Back and forth they went, fingers roaming all over my balls and thighs while my rod was thrusting in and out of their mouths. Carolyn is an excellent cocksucker, I found. At times they shared my cock, each mouth encircling half of my pole, moving their moist lips in unison up and down the shaft and over the purple head.
After this scenario, I moved my face back between Carolyn's legs and I noticed she was really getting into my licking. I was leaning at just the right angle so my nose was poking her asshole while my tongue was riding up and down her clit. When I took her large lips and clit into my mouth and sucked, I could feel her whole body stiffen. Wow!
I can't tell you how long we carried on, moving from one activity to another. Eventually, to my surprise, Wayne pulled Carolyn over on top of him and his cock slid up into her extremely tight hole (I know it was tight, my finger had been up inside her several times). I had no idea there would be any fucking but that made no difference to me. I wasn't interested in fucking her myself, not this time at least. But I sure enjoyed seeing Carolyn rocking back and forth, Wayne's slippery cock going in and out slowly. Being the oralist I am, my tongue quickly found Wayne's balls and Carolyn's ass, much to their amusement. Much of the time they were fucking, though, I just squatted there on the end of the bed, pumping my own cock, watching that beautiful action. After a few minutes Wayne announced he was about to cum. He did so, moaning while his juices flowed up and into Carolyn's tight hole.
When his breathing became close to normal they both turned and asked how I was doing. There I was with my cock in hand, balls aching to cum. I grinned and asked Carolyn if she would be willing to sit on my face while I came. "Sure," she said. I had never eaten pussy right after another man had dumped his load in there but it was a fantasy that seemed just right for enactment right then. My hunch was right. I lay down and Carolyn, on her knees, moved over my face while she grabbed the headboard. Grinning, she gently lowered her beautiful slash onto my mouth. I had noticed the bulk of Wayne's semen had dropped out of her when she pulled up and off his penis but there was still quite a bit there. Her hole was sopping wet, her lips were swollen even more, her clit jutting down hard onto my mouth like a miniature cock. My tongue went to work while my hand followed suit on my cock. Wayne was back kissing her and my eyes peered up through her pubic hair to catch glimpses of those tiny breasts I adored.
It didn't take much of my expert self-rubbing to bring me to the boil-over point. My mouth was full of cunt so I only grunted a bit as I shot my load. Wayne and Carolyn knew I had cum -- in fact I was thrilled that Carolyn turned around to watch me pump myself off just as I was gushing -- and Wayne made some nice comment about me being through. I mumbled "unh huh" to indicate I was quite happy rubbing my semen-soaked cock even more while I licked away on Carolyn. But it was apparently Wayne who was through as he went off to the bathroom. When he left the room I looked up again and saw Carolyn, still squatting on my mouth, smiling at me. I moved my mouth a bit to ask if I could make her cum. "I already came once while you were licking me before," she said. I was surprised. She had been awfully quiet and although I noticed some muscular action then, I didn't imagine she had climaxed. "How about another one, then," I said. "I'm working on it," was her encouraging comment. My tongue dropped back onto her sopping crack and she began riding me again, looking down at me all the while. Wayne returned a moment later and saw what was happening. He began fondling her breasts and kissing her. It wasn't more than a minute before she was humping my face wildly, her lips and clit clear inside my mouth. She was cumming again.
We were all pretty worn out from our morning romp. About 10 minutes later we decided to get dressed, after we had cleaned ourselves up. A bit more chatting and Wayne and Carolyn left. They were laughing, wondering if others in the office would detect anything when they returned with smiles on their faces.
This was my first man-to-man encounter with a woman present for probably 12 years. It exceeded any previous experience a hundred fold. It's uncanny how all of Carolyn's body features matched my ideal so closely.
In early June Wayne and Carolyn came back for a repeat session. Much was the same as our first encounter but it started off a bit differently. After we had all undressed, Wayne and Carolyn began embracing and kissing, leaving me all alone at the foot of the bed with their body parts directly in front of me. Since Wayne's partially-hard cock was close at hand (or mouth), I decided to begin by sucking him to hardness. My up-and-down sucking accomplished that within a couple or three sucks and I reached over with my hand for Carolyn's beautiful cunt. She parted her legs upon feeling my hand. My position was such that only my little finger would comfortably stroke her slash, which I found to be already dripping wet. While my little finger slid up into her hole, my fourth finger began brushing her asshole. I hadn't stroked her this way for more than two minutes when she had her first climax. Needless to say, that made her cunt even more wet and I was longing to smell and taste it right away. I left Wayne to his own devices and moved around the bed so I could bury my face between Carolyn's legs. The couple was still kissing when my tongue found its target. Yum! That woman has the most fragrant and tasteful pussy I've ever licked. In less than five minutes Carolyn was humping my mouth and going through her second orgasm of the morning. God, I love to have a woman fuck my face and cum all over me!
The remainder of our love-making session went very much like the first time. Wayne and Carolyn "abused" my cock with their alternating mouths, Wayne came in Carolyn while she was on top, riding his cock, and I beat myself off with Carolyn squatting on my face, their mingled cum running out of her swollen pussy and all over my face. Again, she turned around to watch me jerk myself until the cream flowed.
It appears my desires will be fulfilled: Wayne informs me that we are going to have quite a few similar encounters with him and Carolyn in the months ahead.
--Contributed the former SOLO webmaster, Dave.



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