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    Hi! I periodically update, add fun pic's and stories. I am single but not looking to sex chat with every person on here. I like to talk about sexuality similar to how I like to talk about gardening or books. Its just another subject I am interested in. I enjoy coming to a venue where I feel comfortable talking about one of my favorite subjects with like minded people! I have always loved the subject of sexuality and self loving! I also enjoy writing stories ranging from innocent stories to stories about sexuality and erotic encounters or fantasies. As a Scorpio I find life and sex fascinating. Unraveling mysteries is within my nature hence why I probably like the idea of secret operative agents and stories (my username)…...I am not very religious but I do find the rituals associated with religion fascinating. I am spiritually oriented and pray regularly to GOD for guidance. I think our time here on Earth is special and something to enjoy, as long as it doesn't hurt anything our anyone. As long as we are honest and true to ourselves and recognize our needs we can not help but be true and honest to others.... Exploring sexuality and the erotic along with what limits I can surpass is a fantasy of mine I wish to expand. I desire to have the opportunity to explore on a deeper level one day with a like minded awesome partner. I believe having a good bond with a partner and a close sexual relationship can give shape to anything imaginable. Things I LOVE sexually is watching a man play with his penis and body…I love the evolution of it from the start to the finish…Watching his reactions, facial movements, hardness, and hearing his breath become heavier makes me crazzzzzzzyyyyyy!!! I like to know what a man likes so I can learn it and do it to him!! I love watching men and woman have sex/fuck/make love. Also I have learned a lot from watching other women masturbate. It helps me achieve new levels and explore new ideas of ways to get off as I love achieving great orgasms. When I'm not enjoying masturbation I can be found relaxing, reading, playing games, working out, beach, being at home, cooking, being artsy, taking photos, following politics, and most of all…being a great mom... Thank you for reading my BIO and looking forward to reading and learning more.

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