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    Hi! RE CHAT...I am not always available for chats so if you have a question or concern and try to chat me and I don't respond try PM. Thanks! I periodically update and add stories. Follow me to catch my stories. I help as a moderator here at Solo assisting with editing stories. I enjoy coming to a venue where I feel comfortable talking about one of my favorite subjects with like minded people! I have always loved the subject of sexuality and self loving! I LOVE playing with my body and making myself feel good. I enjoy writing stories ranging from innocent stories for all audiences to stories about sexuality and erotic encounters or fantasies meant for adults. All my stories are reminiscent of personal experiences I have had and some fantasy. I am glad I allowed myself the freedom to explore and develop this part of myself from an early age. As a Scorpio I find life, spirituality, and sex fascinating. Unraveling mysteries is within my nature hence why I probably like the idea of secret operative agents and stories…Exploring sex and what limits I can surpass is a fantasy of mine I wish to expand. I desire the opportunity to explore on a deeper level with a like minded partner. Things I LOVE sexually is watching a man make himself feel good…I love the evolution of it from the start to the finish…Watching his reactions, facial movements, hardness, and hearing his breath become heavier fills me with desire! I like to know what a man likes so I can do it to him. I love watching men and woman have sex/fuck/make love. The interaction between 2 people is very enticing to me and would embrace possible other situations involving others. I have learned a lot from watching other women masturbate. It helps me achieve new levels and explore new ideas of ways to get off as I love achieving great orgasms. I have mastered my squirt power and LOVE it. When I'm not enjoying masturbation I can be found relaxing, reading, playing games, working out, beach, being at home, cooking, being artsy, taking photos, following politics, and most of all…being a great mom...I love the fact that I can be a professional, a mom, and a sexual woman. Thank you for reading my BIO and looking forward to reading, editing, and learning more.

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