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Worldwide Naked Celebrity

Posted by: Age: 42 Posted on: 4 comments
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The last thing I thought I'd ever be at 42 years old is a worldwide celebrity.


Being a graphic artist I naturally tried putting together a couple of animations and uploading them to YouTube. They focused on the idea that most people in the world offer far more criticism to each other than praise. I propose we turn that around. It became a sort of mission to come up with ways to distribute that message. I used my graphic skills to put memes on Instagram, Twitter and all that, but they didn't take off.

One day, I put a little talking head video on YouTube. Just me ranting on my favorite subject - reversing the criticism to praise ratio.

It got a few viewers, but the thing is, I enjoyed making that video. Maybe because it didn't involve art for a change. I did enough of that at work.

So I uploaded some more talking head videos, but they didn't get much traction. I tried to think of ways to combine animations, stills, public domain stuff, weirdness and eccentricities into my videos, but nothing gained any traction.

One day, I thought it might be nice to do a video shirtless. No big deal. I'm just a middle-age man with a bit of a belly.

Oddly, within days, I could tell it was getting more viewers than typical.

So I did a couple more as an idea started slowly forming in my silly head: What if I did one fully nude? I mean, post a video of myself, revealing everything as I give my little talk? Pornography and sexuality in general are against the YouTube rules. But nudity, as long as it is innocent, is not. In fact, if one looks carefully, one can find quite a bit of nudity from popular adult movies to naked yoga instruction. So, why not?

I'll tell you why not. Everyone would see me. Naked! That's super-scary shit.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had to do it. Something was pulling me. Was it the fact that I might really be able to make a difference? That this naked stunt may actually cause people to notice my criticism to praise message? Or maybe I was a secret exhibitionist. Maybe so secret that I never knew it myself.

Like I remember a day in my adolescence, when I was naked in my bedroom, and my next door neighbor, a boy two years older than me, one who picked on me, teased me, and even pushed me around regularly, a boy that I hated, was staring at me from his bedroom window next door. I had forgotten to close the shade. As I recall, I wasn't freaked out. I was rather proud. I started jumping up and down, so he could see my stuff above the window sill. He kept staring. That's all, but I remember it vividly. I also remember that he was kind to me after that.

So fast forward, and the day came when I filmed myself naked. I didn't upload it. Instead while I imagined uploading it, and what people might think, I jerked off and came big-time. Then I deleted the video.

A week later, I tried again. I made a very nice video. My points were well laid out and clear. My timing was good. I watched my video a half-dozen times, jerked off again, then realized I had to, absolutely had to, upload it. So I did.

For the next day, I wanted to take it down twenty times. I was sure I had gone too far. But I also had to leave it. I had to know if it would work. 

Now to be fair, I should tell you that I wasn't all that naked. It was head, shoulders, and a bit more. At one point, I'm facing away from the camera and you can see my hairy ass, and I managed to set the camera to pan down my legs to my feet at another point in the video. So, no one could see my genital region. Still, I felt very weird about the whole thing.

Viewers started noticing. I had over 1,000 views in the first week. There was little commentary, but what there was was very positive and encouraging.

So, I made more videos. I got braver, showing my genital region, which I had shaved just for the videos. The first truly naked video got 13,000 views in the first week. Commentary was mostly good, buht there were a couple really off-the-wall ones which I ignored. Those were from some obviously homophobic men who just couldn't stand seeing another man naked. 

Fast forward a couple of months, and I was posting new videos daily. Always naked. I had almost a half-million subscribers, and the view counts were through the roof. I was definitely on the right track. 99% of the comments people were leaving were positive. I kept worriing that YouTube would shut me down, but it never happened.

I started adding something to my message: That if people could feel free to masturbate more, they could free themselves of a lot of uptight psychology that leads to treating others less well. Masturbation is like meditation, but works even better for calming the mind, allowing one to be more equanimous with friends, family and in public. Of course you know that. But, I wanted to encourage the general public to take care of their needs so they could be better citizens. 

My talks covered a lot of sexual material. Sometimes, I'd get half hard, and let the camera keep right on rolling.

Time went on. Soon, I was allowing myself to be fully erect during my videos. The first time a co-worker told me he had seen me on YouTube, I was totally embarrassed. i'm sure I blushed three shades of red. But he went on to tell me how brave I was, and he congratulated me for delivering what he called a 'very important message.' 

My mother, an old lady, called me one day. She saw my videos. I thought she'd freak out, or at least lecture me, but no, she too, congratulated me.

Today, I've been seen by almost 1 billion people. And I do mean seen. If they look at the right videos, they have even seen me ejaculate on camera. I am making a great living from my YouTube presence, plus I hold workshops on the criticism to praise ratio - fully naked of course. My participants are all naked also. So far, my biggest workshop was 412 people. To drive my message home, we all jerk off (or jill off) at the end of the workshops. People seem to enjoy that. 



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