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With Younger Bro in Bathhouse

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helped start a good brother jack-off relationship


Just to introduce myself I'm John 6'0 tall about 190 with the average build of the normal guy. My brother Matt was skinnier than me and a little shorter so he was more well-defined than myself. Even though we're brothers I never spend time with him and we never really tried to bond. I probably didn't see him naked since we were little kids. Anyway to that's the boring stuff. On to the story!

It was a hot summer day down the shore, and I was enjoying time with my family and my girlfriend Kaylynn. She basically comes with my family everywhere. We've been together since this story and about about 2 years before it so about 4 years in total. Long story short, she's way to hot for me but I'm not going to complain. She has long brown hair and the sexiest pair of eyes alive. Her tits are amazing. Her 34c's are placed perfectly on her body and she has an ass to die for. So it didn't help my cock that she wore the skimpiest bikini that day. I saw my brother Matt looking and I even saw my dad looking (just a little creepy). Well we were in the water and she kept touching me and tugging at my penis but there were way to many people around to whip it out and get a handjob. Not to mention that Matt was with us in the water. After maybe 3 hours there it was time to go. Now here is where it gets really interesting.

There was a bathhouse at this beach so we decided that we would shower before heading out to the boardwalk for the night, There was a long line at the woman's room so we left my mom, my sister Kathleen (13), and Kaylynn in line waiting while we headed for the men's room. There was an equally long line at the men's room for some reason. Now my cock was aching at this point and I couldn't wait to get in the stall and jerk it like there's no tomorrow. We got into the changing area and stripped down. I saw my dad and brother naked for the first time in ages. Good thing my dad still has a good build for a man his age because some guys not as much. Anyway I had a towel but was standing there naked enjoying my freedom until my darn cock started to get hard. I've never really had a problem with my cock but it's only about 5.5 inches but my girlfriend never complains so I live with it comfortably. Now I'm about to shower and then my dad says, 'You two should shower together to save time'. Other people we're doing it so I guess he thought nothing of it. But I was absolutely pissed. I wouldn't be able to jerk it for at least another 5 hours now.

Once we got in the shower and closed the door my cock started to grow and so did Matt's. He was about 5.5 too. As we soaped up I started to go for it. I was way to horny to not jack off. Matt was about to say something but I just put my hand over his mouth and told him to shut it. I grabbed his cock and started jacking it for him. He got the idea of where I was going and he took my hand away from his cock and started jerking his own meat. I took his hand away and put in on my own cock and had him start jerking me while I jerked him. In about 2 minutes making sure not to groan loudly we both shot cum all over each other. Now that was annoying to clean off of us. We finished rinsing and came out together naked without a towel with soft cocks. Our father asked us how our jack off was. Embarrassed I tried to deny but he said he ended up right next to us and heard the beating sounds. He said don't worry about it cause he had a good jack off too.

We only jacked off with our dad once but Matt and I opened up a whole new relationship. We became good friends and beat each other off recently. I was hoping my girlfriend did the same thing with my sister but she said she got her own shower but she orgasmed hard in there, She said she was moaning quietly but people could definately hear. I got an amazing handjob from her later that night. There is nothing better than two solid relationships with a boy and girl.



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