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Wishing You Were Here

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Tonight I was feeling so lonely and I missed you so much. I texted you about how I wished I could see you and how badly I was craving your touch. You gave me permission to use the toy you gave me. At first I was nervous that my mother and father would hear me, but you told me it would please you if I used it to touch myself tonight, and that I could use it in the shower if I wanted so that they may not hear. I had never used the vibrator alone before, except for masturbating in front of you. When you gave it to me during your last visit, you told me that I must receive permission to use it, and tell you when and how I was going to use it before doing so. I told you that if it was what would make you happy, then it is my duty to follow your wish. You then told me the sweetest words I could ever hope to hear, good girl. I took the vibrator from its hiding place in my bedside table, and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and turned on the water in the shower. It wasn't long before the room was filled with steam as I felt the water caress my scalp, my neck, breasts, stomach, and my pussy. I felt as if they were your hands lightly touching me everywhere, getting me ready for the night's pleasure.

Before I could use the vibrator, I washed and made sure I was cleanly shaved, all the while looking at the blue plastic cock that had taken me to ecstasy and beyond with you so many times before. I shivered remembering all the times you had brought me within moments of cumming, but pulling away at the last second asking me what I wanted. I want to cum sir, I would say shakily. You would tell me that it wasn't good enough. You wanted me to beg. Please make me cum sir, please! Oh god, please let me cum! You would smile your delicious smile and say, good girl, and it was the last thing I would hear before you plunged it in and out of my pussy making me scream your name over and over again, squirting and soaking the bed and your chest.

After I was clean shaven everywhere I finally picked up the vibrator and turned it on, feeling the gentle vibrations that I knew would feel so good inside of me and on my sensitive clit. I sat down on the tub floor, and with the water still running over my naked body I gently pressed it against my clit. I stifled a low moan as I slowly circled my swollen nub and slid a finger into my pussy. I felt how wet and slick I was inside, definitely different than the wetness from the shower. I pressed the vibrator harder down onto my clit and rocked my hips back and forth to meet the object of pleasure. I took the finger from my hot cunt and grabbed my breast, imagining it was your hands on me instead of my own, and twisted my nipple hard, letting out a little gasp. I became frantic with need, it had been so long since I had last seen you, and I had little control over my body as I plunged the vibrator fast and hard into my pussy, imagining it was your cock. I felt myself getting close to climax but I couldn't stop, I pulled the vibrator out and crashed it into my clit as I squirted all over my legs, attempting to stay quiet as I silently screamed your name while I came.

The water kept washing over me as I stood shakily and rinsed all of my cum off my body. I turned the water off and was stepping out of the shower to get a towel, but I felt unsatisfied. You rarely leave me with just one orgasm sir. I suppose I am spoiled and wanted more. I opened the medicine cabinet in the bathroom in my parents house and found the petroleum jelly. I hid both the vibrator and the jelly under my towel as I quickly ran down the hall to my bedroom. I locked the door and laid my prize out on the bed. I opened the little tub of petroleum jelly, and swirled my middle finger around in it, picking up a generous amount. I pressed my slippery middle finger against my tight asshole, wishing it was your cock instead. I slowly slid my finger into my ass as far as I could, feeling how tight it was. I pulled out and put in two fingers, moaning softly as I started to feel stretched. I started slowly finger fucking myself in the ass, my knuckles rubbing against my tight sphincter feeling incredible. I picked up the vibrator and held it on my clit as I fingered my ass. I was still afraid of my parents hearing me, but I didn't care.

Soon I knew I was close to cumming again so I pulled my fingers out of my asshole, and pushed my vibrator in as far as it would go, brutally fucking myself in the ass with it. I'm sure my moaning was less than quiet, but my mind was lost in the pleasures coming from my ass. My free hand found my clit and I rubbed myself frantically to yet another orgasm, squirting onto my towel from the shower and dripping down onto my legs. Panting, I finally felt that my sexual appetite had been satiated. When I called you to tell you how it went, still naked and covered in my own cum, I heard the smile in your voice as you said, good girl.



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