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Wife Keeps Me Stroking

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Another wrinkle to me pleasuring me and my wife.

First time
Another great eposide


From my other stories since my wife and I have introduce me masturbating to our sex life I have been able to pleasure myself and her and we both go to bed happy and relieved. As I've stated before the first few years of marriage was the standard sexual intercourse with me giving her oral sex maybe every six months or so and me receiving oral a couple times of month. But I guess when the say a lot of women reach there peak in the late 20's early 30's my wife loves sex now. She really didn't even have or care to have orgasms during the first years of marriage and said it wasn't that big of deal to her. Now since she has experienced one over a year ago with me rubbing her with my fingers after I had ejaculated from intercourse she loves to be licked on and can be brought to orgasm rather quickly.
If this happens she is more than happy to oblige me with a little show or just let me masturbate and her watching me makes me cum hard. OK now to the new episode.
I was giving my wife a back rub after she had come out of the shower and laid on the bed with her silky robe and was paying special attention to her curvy juicy butt. We have now been letting me masturbate myself to completion after bringing her to orgasm or just her rubbing her nipples and playing with herself while I jerk off till I cum for a couple of months and is only getting better. Anyway I naturally start rubbing myself through my gym shorts while massaging her. She says 'what are you doing' and I apologize saying 'I know you just wanted a back rub but you know how your ass turns me on'. She says I don't care and she says rub yourself as long as you continue to rub me. I am rubbing her tan long legs, juicy thighs (I love the little blonde hairs on the back of her legs that she has never shaved, especially in the summer against her tan skin) giving myself a little feel on the way. I mentioned before that I started kinda playing with her anus while giving her oral sex on night, but she has since kinda of pushed away from any contact since then.
I continue rubbing her ass and lifting her short silky robe exposing her ass and then I start parting her ass and lightly stroking her ass crack. She inquires if I'm taking care of myself still and I say no just enjoying rubbing you. She ask if I need a little inspiration and spreads her legs while laying on her stomach and starts raising and lowering her hips in the. The site of her moist pussy lips and her butt opening and closing while I watch her has me rock hard and I failed to mention that my wife loves the episodes so much she actually came home one night from the drugstore with me some Astroglide. I dab some on (I keep it between the mattresses for easy access) and enjoy the show.
I tell her she looks delicious and I could bite and suck on those thighs all day. She holds her ass in the air and says 'Whatever you need. I bend over a start kissing and licking her thighs and nibbling on her ass. She keeps raising her hips and opening herself up more and more. Her clean shave anus and lips are inches from my face and the sight and smells are so erotic. I start licking the top part of her ass crack and kissing around her anal area with my lips all the while I've got one hand working on me. She lets a little affirmation moan and says 'That feels good' and raises her hips a little more. I now finally let my tongue dart in around her anus a little more and the soft moans continue and I part her ass some more a start licking her anus with long wet licks and hoping not to be told OK that's enough. Instead she says that feels good and lifts her ass higher. She is now bent completely over with her head on the bed a her ass completely available and is moaning and I stop for a few seconds to look at her and she is wiggling her hips saying 'you can do that some more if it helps you' (Right!! It always is just for me, she plays those game). I start running my tongue all around her anus and lick up and down every now and then running my tongue on pussy every now and then. Her anal hour is so sweet and soft and had no idea she would every let me do this. I start letting my tongue probe a little in her anus and she just keeps moaning and giggling. Then the moans become deeper and reach a start feeling her clit with my fingers. It is sticking out a begging for attention but her being doggy style doesn't allow for easy access except for my fingers. I take some astroglide and put a few drops on my fingers and start rubbing on her clit all the while licking her ass. It was to much for her to take and she was biting the pillow while I darted my tongue in and out her asshole and reamed her all while rubbing her clit. I am laying down on with my crotch buried in a pillow grinding my hips and holding back my cum from the shear excitement of her going crazy and pleasuring her ass and her pussy at the same time. Her thighs start quivering and she is grinding her anus against my tongue and I start applying pressure to her clit as she comes with moans like I've never heard. After her clutching and spasms are over she rolls over on her back and says that was to much and my tongue is the greatest thing. Her laying there with her robe open partially covering her brown silver dollar nipples, legs open with her this and pussy covered with moisture smiling was beautiful. I grab the astroglide crawl between on my knees between her legs a start stroking my cock which is throbbing and tingling wanting to cum so bad. She looks up and smiles starts rubbing her hard nipples and watching me stroke myself. I feel myself on the verge but keep a steady pace and watch her eyes never leaving my cock while she pinches her nipples lift her ass of the bed so I can see her almost hairless sweet mound. She sits up for a minute starts sucking my nipples and that's it I am cumming. She lays down completely opens her robe as to say here I am waiting. My testicles rise and I release the first warm stream across her stomach , I point my cock down and cum lands higher up on her breast and several more streams land on her pubic area and stomach. All the while she never removed her eyes from my cock.
We end the night telling how be both enjoyed the new found pleasures of analingus me giving and her receiving. And I shall follow up with continued stories of on happy guy who loves pleasing his wife.



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