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First time seeing an older dude's penis.


Once when I was really ill around the time I was 10 or 11 I had been lying in bed all day with a fever and even though my body temperature was higher than normal all I wanted to do was bundle up in my sheets and blankets.
I remember clearly that it was a Saturday during this particular event because I was watching cartoons and lying in the bed. My mother had plans that weekend and arranged for me to be baby sat by this neighborhood boy named Shannon.
Shannon was no younger than 14 and no older than 16 at this time and my mother just told him that he could watch TV, do whatever just make sure I was still breathing and she would be back in a few hours. So an hour later my mom calls and asks Shannon to check my temperature and tell it to her over the phone and it must have been pretty high because Shannon put me on the phone with my mom and she sounded panicked and told me that she would be home soon as possible but in the mean time to let Shannon give me a cold bath.
So as sick as I felt all my thoughts at that point are, 'Shannon is going to see me naked...what do I do?'
So he runs the water and we go into the bathroom and he is rushing me to get my clothes off and when I finally do as weak as I felt I used all my strength to hide my penis from Shannon.
He looks at me and says, 'Stop hiding we both have the same thing,' and then he exposes his genitals to me. I was shocked because to me his package didn't look anything like mine it was big, hairy and pointed towards the left or maybe it was the right. In retrospect I realized that he was not circumcised but I was so that added to how different his privates appeared to me. All I could say was 'Whoa'.
He then said, 'My foot is bigger than yours because I'm a bigger person and my dick is bigger because I'm older but I promise I had the same dick when I was your age.' That is how I remember him saying it anyway. So he told me to relax and that if it made me feel any better he'd have his dick out too so I wouldn't be the only one with my dick out. So now I'm in a tub full of freezing water with my teeth chattering and my 'dick' as Shannon called it was shrunken up, while Shannon stood there watching me with his big penis hanging out of his pants.
Later he asked if I was cold and started pissing in the water after he pulled the plug on the drain. Shannon kept his penis out until I had all my clothes on.
The one thing about this event is that it was not erotic at the time at least not for me because I was so sick but later when I thought about it I realized how sexual it must have been for Shannon. After that I had seen Shannon's penis again but we never had any type of mutual thing happen. Although later I would use those images and memories in my head to masturbate with, as I am sure he did the same. I think Shannon just enjoyed having someone say 'whoa' when he showed his penis as I did that first time.



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