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What Luck

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My wife and I were walking through one of the 'big box stores' the other day. We were there looking at some building materials. My wife was walking in front of me when I spotted an assistant. The first thing I noticed were her tits. She had on a low cut sweater that showed lots of tit. She also had one one of those vests that they wear along with her name tag. After staring at her tits I happened to look up at her face and she was looking right at me smiling really big. She knew I was admiring her tits and apparently she liked it. Hell, she knew when she left home that morning that her tits were showing. Since I was with my wife I sort of winked at her as she walked by and she smiled and spoke to me. I spoke back and we kept walking. I noticed her name was Sharon, and she looked to be about 30 years old. I could not help but turn around and take a look at her ass as she passed and it looked like it had been melted and poured into those tight jeans.

My wife and I checked out the materials that I wanted to look at and was on our way out of the store when my wife said she wanted to look at light fixtures and lamps. I followed along. When we got to the lighting department my wife ran into an old female class mate of hers and stopped to talk. I needed to take a leak so I told her I was going to go find the bathroom and would be back later. She said take my time because they had a lot to talk about.

I was just about ready to walk into the bathroom door when Sharon came out of the ladies room. My hand was on the door handle but I stopped. She smiled when she saw me and came over to me. I said something like, 'Hi, it's you again.' She said, 'You remember me?' I replied that it was difficult to forget someone as beautiful and sexy as her. Before I knew what was happening she said, 'Wait.' She knocked on the men's bathroom door and listened. She then opened the door to make sure no one was inside. She pulled me into the bathroom and to one of the stalls and locked the door. She said, 'I had to come to the bathroom and masturbate after seeing you. I love it when older men notice me and are turned on by me. It makes me sooooo hot.' She was unzipping my pants as she said that. She pulled my cock out and started playing with it. It didn't take me long to get hard and she started jacking my cock. She kept talking about how older men turn her on. In about two minutes I was about to cum and told her so. She said, 'Good, you made me cum now it's your turn.' About that time I blew my load. I cleaned up and put my cock back in my pants and she said, 'Now, you are going to have to help me get out of her. Go look out the door and make sure no one is standing outside. I checked and the coast was clear. I told her to come on out. In a few seconds we were both back outside the restroom and stood there and talked a few minutes. She said, 'I get so hot when older men like you notice me and appreciate my body.' I told her that any man should be turned on by someone who looked as good as she did. Then she walked away and as she did she said, 'Until next time.' You can bet your ass that there will be a next time if it's left up to me.



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