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Welcome Home - Homecumming

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He kissed my forehead as I layed in his arms while we drifted off to sleep.


I had a friend named Kris. we were friends since the beginning of high school. he was south american and had a gorgeous athletic body. Within a week of us becoming friends he told me how big his cock was and we've been sexually inseperable ever since.he was 7 inches when we were 15.

Ok now on to the story. It happened a year ago. we were both moving back home after graduating college. He lived accross the street from me. I looked out my second story bedroom window to find him looking back at me from his front porch. He smiled and I waved and I saw him reach for his pocket. He pulled out his phone as he walked inside. a minute later my phone vibrated, it was a text. "i missed you" I knew what he wanted. nobody was home at his house. I ran downstairs and told my parents I was going to help him unpack.

I walked up the stairs of his porch and as I got to the door it opened and Kris pulled me in by the waist. We stared at each other for a minute before our bodies took over. His hands were in the back pockets of my jeans squeezing my ass as one of my hands was around his neck and the other cupping his balls and hardening dick which was now at least 9 inches as we started making out. I stopped and started walking upstairs to his room. he slapped my ass and I ran faster.

We got into his room and he pushed me on to his bed. He quickly took off his shirt and pants as I took off my shirt. He unhooked my bra and sucked my hard nipples. He always loved my breasts and would often ask me to send him pictures of them. His dick poked through his boxers. he took off my jeans and I rolled him over so I was on top of him. I slid his boxers down around his ankles and he kicked them off. I was wearing a black lacy thong and he was grabbing my bare ass as I sat on top of him and kissed his neck.

I made my way down so I kissed his chest, then abs,and then the tip of his dick as it leaked precum. I slowly started to stroke it, occasionally holding his balls in one hand while I jacked with the other. I got faster and faster and started to grind him from my own horniness. I was soaking wet and my wetness leaked through my panties on to his upper thigh. he moaned loudly and grunted as he said "ohhh El" this made my pussy pulsate on his leg which set him over the edge. He shot his load up in the air and it landed on his toned abs. I started to lick it off of him and he shot another load on my stomach.

Then he rolled me over and got on top of me. he pulled off my soaked thong revealing my freshly shaved pussy. he kissed me passionately and told me how much he needed me. He slowly went down to my pussy. he licked my clit which made my pussy twitch, then he got my jizz on his finger and rubbed it around my nipples. "i gotta have it babe" I told him. he went back down to my pussy and slowly slipped two fingers into it. he began pumping it as he licked my clit. I was in heaven. "ohh ohhh ohhhh" I got louder and louder as he pumped faster and faster. I gasped as my pussy began to contract around his fingers. I squirted for the first time with him which made him blow another load all over.

He finally took his fingers out and leaned over me as I was still breathing heavily. His cock pressed against my tender clit. We rolled over once more and I layed on top of him as he went soft. He kissed my forehead as I layed in his arms while we drifted off to sleep.



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