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Watching Sis Masturbate

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Watching Sis MasturbateSubmitted by David

The story below is absolutely true. This is how I used to peep on my sister as she masturbated, and how I discovered masturbation myself.
I was 13 years old, and my bedroom was right next to my 17-year-old sisters bedroom, her name is Carol. Between our bedrooms was a door which always remained closed, and she usually (but not always) checked it every day to make sure it was locked. There was a slight gap between the door and frame, and one day out of sheer boredome I discovered that I could peep thru the crack and see almost all of her room. At first I wasn't really looking for anything sexual, I just looked to see what I could see, I was bored.
The first few times, I just saw her doing normal stuff... homework, reading, watching TV. Then one afternoon, I just happened to look and found she must have just returned from the shower. She was laying on her back wearing nothing but a towel, and she was watching TV. (Depending on how she had her bedroom arranged, I often had a clear view of her entire bed, head to toe.) Then, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, she opened up her towel from the waist down and, still keeping her eyes on the TV, she was rubbing her pussy fast and frantically! She would do this for about a minute at a fast pace, then she would slow down to a slow caress for a minute, then she would go frantically, keeping her eyes on the TV the entire time. Now I had not yet learned about masturbation and didn't really understand what she was doing, but I knew it was turning me on! This was also the 1st time I had seen a real live nude female. She kept this up for about 10 minutes, then suddenly her body seemed to fold up in half, she stopped rubbing and started rocking, and her body began to jerk. Again, I wasn't sure what happened but I could tell it was something spectacular! After about a minute of catching her breath, she closed her towel, got up, and started to dress.
I thought about this all day, and I knew I would be watching her more regularly, but I also wanted a better view. I thought maybe at night, if I was quiet, maybe I could slowly sneak the door between us open and get a better view, so I would often sneak into her room and unlock the door. She made a routine of hitting the button lock almost every day, so she didn't really know if it was locked or unlocked when she hit it. But sometimes I got a chance to unlock it after she already locked it for the day. I couldn't wait until these nights for bedtime to come!
Here's what happened most nights for about the next year. While I'd sometimes catch her nude or even masturbating various times during the day, I really looked forward to when she went to bed at night. I felt I would have less chance of being caught. She was 17 and was dating, and often they would go to her room to "watch TV" or "study" but they usually ended up kissing and fondling... nothing hardcore but she would unbutton her shirt and let him play with her boobs. But when he went home, she would then go to bed and I knew it was SHOWTIME! She must have always been horny when he left, because she would quickly change into just a t-shirt and panties, turn all the lights out except for the TV, lay in bed, and watch TV while she slid her hand inside her panties and caressed her pussy. Within 5 minutes she would either raise her panties up with her other hand, or pull then down to her knees, and masturbate frantically. Since the lights were off and she was "blinded" by the TV light, I could sometimes slowly ease the door open and get a much better view. Even with different room arrangments, her bed was always within view. I also found that when my bed was next to the door, I could stand on my headboard and peep over the top and get a great full-length view. And man was she a horny teenager! I saw her masturbate regularly, morning afternoon and night!
I still remember my absolutly BEST view I ever had, and it only happened once. One time she had her bed right by the door, and one day in the middle of the day, I looked and she was laying in bed with her panties pulled down to her ankles and was going at it big-time. Now it was the middle of the afternoon, so everything was in daylight, and I even took the risk and slowly opened the door (which was right at the foot of her bed), and there was her pussy just INCHES from my face! She was going to town like there was no tomorrow, going faster and faster and never letting up...and the looks on her face were priceless!.. her eyes rolling, bitting her toungue, I could tell she was totally unaware of her surroundings (althought since then several people, including girls, have said they wonder if she knew I was watching and maybe that was a turn-on for her). GOD I wish I had a video camera back then! (but this was 1974) I watched her masturbate for probably 20 minutes straight, and I could tell she was about to cum... her body tensed up, her face was full of anticipation, and she was thrusting her hips up as her fingers were jammed in and out of her pussy (she usually just rubbed her clit), then suddenly she must have had the most explosive orgasm of her young life! She folded and shook and jerked for at least two minutes before rolling over and going to sleep. MAN she must have needed that one!
Oh yes, believe it or not, watching her is how -I- learned to masturbate. She was having so much fun rubbing herself, especially there at the end, that I just had to try it. So while I watched her masturbate, I was rubbing myself just a few feet away. At first I didn't see what the big deal was, until I started to get more erect, more then I had ever been before. So I kept rubbing at a slow, steady pace but didnt know exactly what to expect, and wasn't prepared for what happened. Suddenly this strange feeling snuck up on me, and I knew something was about to happen... I was a little scared but it felt good and I couldn't stop, so I jerked faster and faster and suddenly, BOOM, I felt like I was going to pass out! I was standing on my headboard the 1st time (peeping) and my knees went weak and I thought I was gonna fall, and I was shooting cum (which I didn't expect) all over my bed beneath me! I couldn't believe this feeling, it was not of this earth!! Haha But I knew I was going to be doing this a LOT! (And I was right!)
This went on for about a year, until she moved to a different bedroom and eventually moved out. I would say on average she masturbated about once a day... some days not at all but some days several times. Now I'm certainly not into incest, but I often fantasized about asking her to masturbate together with me, but I never had the nerve. I never did get caught, but I sometimes wonder if she knew. I'm 36 now, and two of my favorite "fetishes" have remained peeping and female masturbation !!!
Happy Stroking! :-)



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