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Watchin My Wife

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this happened one day soon after we got married. My wife liked to write erotic stories about light bondage. I think she secretly wanted me to act these out on her.


One day not long after our wedding, we were sunbathing in out backyard. Anne, (as I'll call her here) decided to go topless. (She has exceptionally great 34-b breasts, which I'd jacked off and cum on many times) Took off her bikini top and exposed them to the warm May sun and covered them in lotion. I loved watching her cover herself in lotion after every shower and this time I got hard. For her, being in the sun Is like an aphrodisiac. She gets very aroused. After 30 more minutes of torture, we went in to get ready to go out to dinner. I got in the shower with a semi-hard cock. While she just sat in the papa-san in our room with a book. I was teasing myself and would get myself hard while stoking my soap slick cock and balls. Especially after shaving my balls. I really love the slickness of my scrotum for masturbating and when she gave me blowjobs.(we are now divorced) I had to get out of the shower to go to the toilet. She didn't hear me and what I saw turned me on IMMENSELY. SHe was across the room in the chair, bikini top still on, but her bottoms were on the floor beside the chair. she was reading one of her favorite bondage books. Her right hand was under the towel around her waist but had ridden up due to her feet being propped up on the ottoman and spread very wide. Her middle finger was sipping up and down in circles around her clit, dipping into her very wet hole to pull out more juice to keep her fingers and clit well lubed. (Anne gets EXTREMELY wet, which I absolutely love and miss about her pussy) At the time she didn't shave her pussy completely, but kept her pubic hair trimmed very short and I loved it that way. Since it always gave me great access to her wet slit with my tongue. Her pussy was absolutely made for licking. Thinking about it always got me hard. Anyways, the angle she was at gave me a perfect view of her selfloving. My cock became completely hard and without knowing it, I started stroking myself. I continued to watch her. She would get herself to the edge and back off. THis was making even more juice seep out of her tight hole. I could see it coating her from where she was rubbing her clit madly to where it was leaking down her slick lips, coating her pink asshole and bginning to pool a little bit before soaking into the towell under her ass. God it was more than i could handle. I wanted to cum all over her bikini covered tits watching her rub her petite clit to a massive orgasm. Instead I said 'do you need any help with that, you sexy thing' She just looked up at me, smiled and said 'do you want to fuck me' Of course I said 'YES!'I walked over, grabbed her hand, stuck her pussy coated fingers in my mouth and sucked her sweet juices off. she grabbed my hot and bouncing penis and stuck it in her mouth. I almost came after 30seconds of her hot mouth and tongue on my head and shaft. I had to make her stop before doing so. I pulled her up, untied her bikini top and pushed her back on the bed. Crawled on top and sucked and pulled at her ultra sensitive nipples while she continued stroking my cock slowly so I wouldn't cum yet. Her deep ragged breathing and moaning told me she was going to have a massive orgasm. I worked my way down her body and slowly slid my tongue from her niplles to her navel, to the beginning of her cleft. theI slowly licked all the way down one lip to her pink bud, then back up the other side avoiding going between her slick, pouty cunt lips. I eased my hips forward so the head of my cock was sliping up and down the length of her wetness. when i get to the top of her pussy, I grabbed mypenis and rubbed the very large engorged head all over her sensitive clit while sucking a nipple. she was writhing almost uncontrolably evertime I would suck hard on her nipples. I got off her, pulled her to the edge of the bed, I stood between her legs, and continued rubbing my head all over her hot, VERY wet (dripping actually) pussy. She kept telling me to let her cum. I loved teasing her to the extreme point of no return. I got on my knees, put her feet on my shoulders and dove in tongue first. she sucked in a really deep breath and arched her back sharply, pushing her pussy into my face hard. While I continued licking her in little cirlces occasiopnally sticking my tongue into her little hole to feel it squeeze and contract involuntarily. I kept stroking my straining penis. My scrotum was still slick with her pussy juice. occasionally I reached up and rubbed my fingers and palm all over her pussy coating it with her slickness to lube my cock. after torturing her for 20 minutes or so, I finally gave a little extra pressure to her clit and she stared coming. My mouth was rewarded with a flood of juicewhile my ears heard a very squish sounding pussy raubbing against my lips and tongue, and her deep moans and quick breathing, her hands grabbing at my head to press harder against her clit. After a t least 2 minutes she began to come down from that hard cum. I couldn't help but keep licking the juices oozing and dripping out of her. Her clit is extremely sensitive after cumming so i avoided it. But for some reason, I concentrated on her little hole, pushing my tongue in and letting her get more satisfaction from sqeezing it with her post orgasmic muscle spasms. My nose kept nudging her clit gently, she began to start moaning again and told me to 'keep tongue fucking' her. I let my tongue slip out of her hole and up to her clit again, SH e basically jumped and let out a low scream of pleasure saying 'OH MY GOD!!! I'm cumming again!!' I pressed my tongue harder, reached up and squeezed her breast, lightly pinching her nipples. her hands joined mine and squeezed harder, which turned me on even more. I knew I couldn't keep stroking my cock and hold out til her second orgasm. SO I let go of it and concentrated on her. She exploded on my face, coated my tongue, lips, cheeks and chin with her juices!!! when she was coming down I stood up, rubbed my cock against her swollen slick lips and pressed the fat head agianst her visibly opening and closing hole whick was still squeezing out juices. as her hole was opening I slippe the head and first 2 inches just inside her, making her jump and writhe even more in post orgasmic bliss. Her pussy muscles contracted so hard the pushed me out after a few contractions. I couldn't wait, I got up on the bed, rubbed my cum covered cock on her breasts and nipples. then she took me into her mouth, sucked the head and stroked the shaft and balls slick with her pussy juice and her added saliva, I was in heaven, I was so close to cumming. reached down and started finger fucking her. her wetness excited me even more. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, got between her legs, slid easily into her wet and relaxed pussy(normally she is almost too tight to get my cock into)pumped her with long slow strokes, then short fast strokes. she reached down and slowly rubbed her clit. I pulled out and sat back enjoying the vision before me. Grabbed my cock and pumped my fist humping my hips back and forth. I felt my balls tighten, my head swelled even more, and my orgasm hit me. I shot 2 long streams past her head and onto the headboard, the next 3 or 4 shots landed on her breasts, nipples and stomach. then her 3rd orgasm hit as I stuck my still hard and spasming cock back into her wet depths. her spasming cunt felt wonderful around my slowly shrinking penis.I slipped out shortly after her last contraction. We lay the laughing as we realised I had left the shower running. So we both went and i showered off in the cold water. But I got hard again as I watched her wash my cum off her body in a slow sexy manner. But that my friends is another stor, for another time. I hope you enjoyed my reliving of my most memorable sex and masturbation experiences with my ex wife. Whom I still love and would take back. not sure if she reads this page, BUt Anne M.(wink wink, you know who you are), if you do. I would love to see you again sometime soon.



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