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Watch Me II

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Another story of me being watched, this time with a girl watching me.


I was in a changing room in a swimming pool. I saw her watching me as I padded about in there, getting what few street clothes I had brought with me from the locker. 

I wondered why she had taken such a liking to me. My costume isn't, sadly, anything too sexual...they don't allow that kind of thing. But yes, I made sure I bought one too small. It hugs everywhere, and creeps up where it can. 

I looked, smiled, and she returned the smile. I am sure I didn't incline my head in an invitation for her to follow. Nonetheless, when I locked my door, I heard the next cubicle lock. 

Then, after a few moments, I saw it. The white iPhone placed almost carelessly on a towel.....almost carelessly, but I knew if I can see the lens, the lens can see me. A show then? But a show of what, just me getting changed?

I gave myself a moment to think about her. Young? Certainly. About my age or possibly a year or two younger. A voyeur? Obviously, but what did she want to see? Just another girl's nakedness, or was she hoping for more? 

A decision. 

I stripped my costume off in one quick movement, exposing my nakedness to the camera which, I noticed, had been moved slightly,so that I would appear the right way up in the frame. I towelled really thoroughly...let's make her wait for the main show.

Then, leaning back against the wall, I began an unmistakably sexual caress of my breasts. This was no mere light massage after the confines of my costume. I plucked and rolled the nipples in my well-practiced fingers, and felt that delicious warm glow between my legs.

I placed a leg up on the small bench at the back of the cubicle. For a moment, I wondered how far that camera could see inside me. Then, on an impulse, I reached down and grabbed it. 


The sort of silence that permeates everything. Even though there was the usual noise of people surrounding us, it felt like there was only her and me in the world. My voice.

"If you want your phone, come and get it. It's ok."

I managed as much softness as I could in the last two words.

A timid knock.

I ignored it.

Then another.

I unlocked the door and she stepped in. She blustered an apology which I instantly silenced, with a finger on her lips.

Placing both my hands on her shoulders, I turned her so that she sat on the bench.

"Well then. You wanted to watch me, so, watch me."

My hands resumed their exploration of my body. My firm tits were agonisingly hard, as were the erect nipples. Between my legs, wetness was forming and tainting the air with my scent. I lift a leg, and place it on the bench beside her. My quim is inches from her face as my fingers begin their work. 

I make sure she hears the wetness, and now and then, I waft wet fingers tantalisingly close to her nose and mouth. What this is doing to her, I can only imagine. I would never have been able to bear it myself. 

The noise outside allows conversation. "I'm so wet! I haven't had a cum for two days, and I feel like I could cum any second, but I want to hold on first. I might squirt.....or piss when I cum.....do you mind?" She can't talk, she is so aroused. Her hand goes between her legs, but I gently move it away. "No. Just watch me." 

I make sure she can see the two fingers I push inside myself and the finger working my clit. It's no good, I won't be able to hold that much longer. "I'm going to cum any second. I really want to spray you when I do, is that alright?" 

She finds her voice. A husky, barely audible whisper. "Oh....yes!"

I feel inside myself. I can feel when I'm going to squirt and how big that squirt will be. I can also feel if I am going to pee simultaneously. Today, I am not sure, but she gets what she gets. 

The orgasm rages forth and with it a squirt of girl cum hits her chest just above her costume. She tugs the material forward and off her shoulder so now I'm cumming on her bare tits. The orgasm is huge and makes my legs tremble. 

Again, her soft voice. "More?"

I know what she means, but I have to be sure. "There's only pee left, I think."

Again, one word. "More!"

I relax and let myself pee onto her chest. She opens her legs and I see it run down the inside of her costume and emerge between her legs and drip onto the floor. 

Now, a twist. 

She stands and quickly peels off her costume dropping it into the puddle I've just made. She is trimmed neatly. A small V just above her slit. 

"Watch me?" It's a question, not a demand. 

Her fingers rub her pussy rapidly, and I know that she is close, closer than I was when I started. 

"Shall I talk to you?" I don't know why I ask. I just sense she needs it!

"Yes. Talk about pissing on me."

I tell her how erotic I find pissing on a girl, and being pissed on. I tell her I thought she was going to lean forward and take the stream on her face, in her hair, in her mouth even. This makes her masturbate faster....much faster. "I wanted to....but I didn't know how you'd react" 

I tell her I would have loved it, and then I ask her if she'd like to piss on me...while she finishes. "Don't try to squirt.....I would love it if you deliberately pissed on me while you cum....at the moment you cum."

Again, a change of speed and I know she is about there. Her pelvis tilts in toward me and I lean forward. I sense she is right on the brink. She needs one more thing from me to tip her over. "Where?" She can barely speak now! But I know the words she needs from me. "Here" I say, kneeling naked before her. "In my mouth."

It was exactly what she needed and the orgasm shakes her to her very core. I open my mouth wide and push my lips forward to cup hers, and my tongue receives the benediction of her climax. 

In the corner of the bench where I put it, her camera silently records the whole thing.

I later learned her name is Jane, she is 18, and has a real passion for 'wet sex' as she calls it. She has had two boyfriends so far, but neither could cope with her particular interest. Girls? Yes, she's had sex with three girls, but only one was interested, and even then would only pee on Jane. She wouldn't allow it the other way around.

We spent the afternoon together, and finished up where we started, back in the leisure centre. There is no need to ask what we did there, but it was a lot more than mutual masturbation. I discovered Jane's all time desire was to be fucked mid-period, and with a girl, she wants to have really 'dirty, kinky sex'. 

We are meeting up next week when both of her desires are possible! 



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